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Rules For Thee, But Not For Me.

I heard an interesting point made by political commentator Steve Hilton the other day in regards to Joe Biden. He pointed out that during his campaign, Biden portrayed himself as a centrist, someone who would be a "uniter" in the face of all the divisiveness that occurred during the Trump administration. “Come on man! Do I look like a socialist?” He told his audience. Now, I for one didn’t then ,and I still don’t now, believe a word that comes from his mouth. I’m sure that a lot of voters on the left, bought his schtick, hook, line and sinker. I’m sure that they thought that he was the cure for all the evils of “The Orange Man”, and Good ‘Ol Uncle Joe would be the right man to bring sensibility back to Washington D.C.. After all, the mainstream media (MSM) news had been assuring everyone for years that Trump colluded with Russia, that he was a serial liar, a racist, a homophobe, basically that he was the devil incarnate. The MSM claimed he used the park police to clear Lafayette square for a photo op. That he embraced, wholeheartedly, white supremacy, and that if re-elected it would be the end of America. On and on it went, anything that Trump did or said was instantly slammed by the mainstream press. They had no problem with pushing stories or narratives that hurt his administration, it didn’t matter if they were completely bogus, as long as Trump was defeated. Project Veritas documented that with their expose’ on CNN’s tactics. The scamdemic of Covid for example, Trump touted hydroxychloroquine as a possible treatment and postulated that the virus could have come from the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV). Both of which now, are being treated seriously by the MSM, albeit begrudgingly. Together with their collaborators in social media, they managed to censor or downplay any story that made Trump look good, like the amazing employment numbers for minorities and women, the peace treaties his administration negotiated in the middle-east. Stories like the U.S. achieving energy independence, or an economy that was booming. Ignoring stories that made Biden look bad or compromised, his son’s laptop, and Biden’s connections to both China and the Ukraine being prime examples that had a direct effect on the election. They were all a long series of lies and propaganda, perpetrated against the American people. From a media perspective there is one set of rules for progressives and an entirely different one for conservatives, rules for thee but not for me.

Now we are seeing the fruits of all of these lies. Good ‘Ol Uncle Joe, is certainly not acting like a centrist, let alone being a uniter. The first day in office he rescinded all of Trump’s policies through executive orders, signing an astounding 28 of them by February 3rd. Stopping the construction of the Keystone pipeline, and the border wall. This gave proof to yet another one of his campaign lies, that if elected he would not govern by executive order. Pundits on the right predicted all of this, from open borders, to proposed statehood for Puerto Rico and Washington D.C.. They predicted that the idea of Supreme Court packing and fighting against any voter integrity legislation would be part of Biden’s agenda. Pundits and commentators like Mark Levin and Dan Bongino said all of this would happen if Biden was elected. The MSM blew it all off as, you guessed it, a conspiracy theory! But guess what, it wasn’t some outlandish conspiracy theory, it was a logical assumption based on reality, on facts. The media and the left never let the general public know the real truth, that hydroxychloroquine works, the Hunter Biden laptop was real, that Joe is in cognitive decline, that they want open borders and no voter I.D. with massive mail in voting, with 2 additional states so they can assure themselves political power for the foreseeable future. For the left, it doesn’t matter how all of these are achieved, the ends will always justify the means. So now we have basically an open border with Mexico. The cartels are in charge, making huge profits from drug smuggling and human trafficking. (When I say human trafficking always remember that that includes women and children and sex trafficking.) Inflation and unemployment are going to cripple our economy. The Fraud Fauci has been shown to be a totally despicable creature, I can’t dignify him by calling him a human being. The failures of our so called scientific community have resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people that could possibly have been saved by drugs readily available. One woman “scientist” saying that she went along with Fauci’s lies because they didn’t want Trump to get any credit. Unbelievable! And now they want to vaccinate everyone with a drug that studies are finding to be far more dangerous than advertised, especially for our youth, who DON’T NEED IT. If they were truly “following the science” as these so called scientists screamed at everyone on the right, there would be a moratorium on vaccinating anyone under the age of 25. For the progressives, any action is ok as long as the “Evil Orange Man” is gone, "hey ya gotta break a few eggs to make an omelet", right? There is a special place in hell for these people, and when they get there, I don’t think they will like the “rules for thee” in store for them.

The latest evil being perpetrated by the progressives, is the lie of white supremacy. Biden went on T.V. and said the greatest threat to America is white supremacy, yet he couldn’t or wouldn’t give the names of which white supremacist groups are responsible for this existential threat. We know about Russia, China, Isis, Al-Qaeda, Antifa and BLM, but who and where are all of these white supremacist groups. There are ABSOLUTLEY NO statistics to back up his claim. Instead, what Biden did was to issue an order to have people report on their neighbors if they believe they have racist or anti government views! And Trump was called a fascist, a Nazi? Really? Doesn’t this sound exactly like Nazi Germany? Censorship? Promoting race hatred, with their talk of “systemic racism and Critical Race Theory (CRT)? Trying to disarm the people? All of this is being done to not just divide us even more, but to silence the opposition. When I read Biden's proclamation, I had to admit it sent a shiver down my spine. My blogs certainly qualify as anti-government. A great many of the people who were arrested for the January 6th “insurrection” are still in jail, while Antifa and BLM looters and rioters, actual groups who actually participated in an actual insurrection by burning down, or trying to burn down federal courthouses were released almost immediately. We saw that during all the lockdowns, politicians like Michigan Governor, Gretchen Whitmer, Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, Governor Hairdoo Newsome all violate the rules and laws they inflicted on the American people. “Peacefull protests” were fine and deemed essential for BLM and Antifa, but you can’t protest against lockdowns or go to church, or you would be fined or in some cases arrested. Rules for thee, but not for me!

Biden’s administration governs like he thinks he was given a mandate by the American people, when he supposedly won by 40,000 some odd votes, Already he is seeing that the American people are not buying his B.S.. His poll numbers are sinking fast, parents and governors are fighting against the absurdity of CRT. States are banding together to combat the Biden Border Crisis. This stat I found revealing, upwards of 30 % of people leaning to the left think that he did cheat to “win” the election. Joe the “uniter” is a total failure, and slowly but surely the American people are realizing it. There are millions of us who already aware of this, we’re just waiting for the rest to wake up and smell the coffee. It’s happening, the progressive left can’t conceal their lies forever. As more and more information gets revealed, so called “news” outlets like CNN and MSNBC are seeing their ratings plummet. You are seeing comedians and commentators like Bill Maher and Jon Stewart go against the liberal orthodoxy. There is a beginning, finally, of a backlash against the fascistic cancel culture crowd, and the treasonous censorship of big tech. Voices on the right have found ways to get around that censorship, and are finally being heard, and more importantly, believed. Democrat politicians like Joe Manchin are not going along with the program, and as a result, key elements of the left takeover of our country are being stymied. Rinos like Liz Cheney and Mitt “the dip” Romney are being called out and booed. People are getting sick and tired of being called racists. I love seeing all these “people of color” talking about how they are sick of it as well. Everywhere people are seeing the blatant hypocrisy of the left, the “Rules for thee, but not for me” crowd. Hunter Biden lies on his firearm application, a federal offense, and nothing happens, virtually no prosecutions for the Antifa BLM looters and agitators, Hillary Clinton bleached and destroyed the hard drive of her personal laptop to hide her classified emails and nothing happens. All of these prove that these liberal elites have a different set of rules than the rest of us. They are fine with bail reform, letting dangerous criminals back on the street so they can commit more crime, defunding the police, demonizing the police! Cops are retiring in droves, but that doesn’t matter to these progressive elites, they can always hire or have provided at tax payer expense, personal security. Another telling story, is that in spite of Good ‘Ol Uncle Joe calling voter I.D. laws “Jim Crow on steroids” 80 % of the people favor voter I.D.’s! He is out of touch with his own base! Biden, actually is just out of touch with reality, he is certainly in a cognitive decline, to put it mildly, and the media is having hard time covering for him. So now that the “For The People Act” HR1 bill that would go a long way to ensuring Democrats staying in power, by basically federalizing national elections, looks like it won’t pass, you have idiots like Stacy Abrams now saying that she has ALWAYS supported voter ID’s, when before she called it racist. These people will say or do anything to retain political power. Abrams should stick to writing romance novels. Now they are going after the filibuster, saying that it’s, yes you guessed it, racist, even though Democrats used it hundreds of times during the Trump administration. It seems however that all of these shenanigans are backfiring on them. The people are starting to see through the hypocrisy. Even CNN criticized Biden for being over-managed by his handlers who are terrified of him going “off script”. I don’t believe he is actually calling the shots, and more and more people are realizing that. They didn’t elect his handlers to run the country, they elected him, for some insane reason, and are now suffering a severe case of buyer’s remorse. I know that most people are too busy with the day to day problems of life, to pay attention to the political/social issues this country faces, but I think that more and more of them are beginning to see what a disaster these manipulating liars are inflicting on our country. I believe that the average citizen just wants to be free, to live a life free of governmental over-reach that wants to control every aspect of their daily lives. The American people are basically patient, and, compassionate, and will endure this b.s. for a while, but sooner or later that patience will run out. We are getting tired of being called racists, of being called un-compassionate, tired of the cancel culture, of losing our jobs, our businesses, our homes, our lives! I don’t know what the future holds, whether the forensic audits will show the election was fraudulent, (my sincere belief is that they will do exactly that) There are so many scenarios and “conspiracy theories” that it’s impossible to guess. At the very least, I hope that somehow, peacefully, we can bridge the divide that threatens to engulf and destroy this country. One thing for sure, big changes are coming, one way or another, it’s an interesting time to be alive to say the least.


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