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Return Of The Son Of Manipulating Liars

I woke up in America this morning, August 9th, at least I thought I did. I wrote a blog a while ago that asked the question, why do we hate our children? I wrote that in response to the teacher’s unions holding up resuming in-person classes, so that their agenda, their political demands could be implemented. It had very little to do with Covid. Yet the C.D.C. kowtowed to their demands. The one thing that became clear at the start of the scamdemic, was that healthy children were safe from the Wu-flu. Now our health officials want to make them continue to wear face coverings all day. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that putting a mask on a kid all day can’t be a good idea. Even if your child is the most fastidious, health-conscious kid that was ever born, that child’s mask at the end of a school day will be filthy. Aside from the fact that the cloth mask itself is useless, the amount of Co2 your child is exposed to while wearing it far exceed the levels established by the C.D.C. as being safe for adults, let alone children. Now pediatricians are finally sounding the alarm that kids wearing masks will not only retard their social development, but also with the lockdowns and remote classrooms there has been a significant spike in cases of depression and suicide in children. The C.D.C. along with all their cronies in the media, are NOW advocating the mandatory vaccination of our children. Why? It makes absolutely no sense from a medical standpoint. First, as I stated earlier, every study since this scamdemic started has shown that children with no pre-existing serious health concerns are safe from the Wu-flu, far safer than even the seasonal flu. Secondly, studies out of Israel have shown a sharp increase of Myocarditis among young men over the age of 13 who have received the jab, so much so that they have stopped administering the vaccine to that group of kids. Thirdly, there have been more and more reports of vaccine breakthrough, people who have gotten the jab are not only getting the Wu-flu again, they are also infecting others! Peer reviewed studies have shown that when a vaccine doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do, that is teach the body’s immune system to eliminate the virus, then the bug mutates into a “super-virus”, more virulent than the original. Fourth, the government’s own Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) has over 10,000 people dying from the vaccine. Now their official line is that these are just reports, and have not been verified, but one whistleblower from the C.D.C. is alleging that over 45,000 people have died as a result of the vaccine. Guess what? That data was scrubbed from the C.D.C website. Agencies in Europe are reporting over 20,000 deaths! Why isn’t the F.D.A pulling the authorization from these EXPERIMENTAL drugs? Remember the Swine Flu? 25 people died from that vaccine, and it was immediately pulled from distribution, now thousands are reportedly dying from the jab and the F.D.A. is doing NOTHING! As a matter of fact Big Pharma is pushing them to fast-track approval for their vaccines, so they are not tied by the emergency use order.

It’s not just kids we’re trying to kill however, but thousands of adult Americans as well, that is what it really boils down to, depopulation. Bill Gates is part of the answer. Most people are unaware that Gates is a firm believer in depopulation. At a “Ted” conference in 2010, he stated that vaccines can reduce the worlds population by 10 to 15%! You can find the video easily on YouTube. Guess who’s heavily invested in Big Pharma, that’s right, good ‘ol Bill Gates, who by, is also the owner of more farmland in America then anyone else, and also a major share holder in Bayer, the company that owns Monsanto. Do a little investigating into Monsanto and you will find a number of very disturbing stories. Big Pharma has reaped enormous profits from the Covid vaccinations. Johnson and Johnson reported a $12.59 billion profit year over year. Moderna has reported a $1.7 billion profit in the first quarter of this year, the first time that company has shown a first quarter profit. Pzizer reports $3.5 billion first quarter profits, with a profit margin of 20%. Can it be that these companies are putting profits over human lives? Well one thing you have to remember, all of these companies were exempted from being sued because of the emergency use declaration. I remember when I worked in the dealer auto parts biz, and inevitably there would be a recall on a vehicle. I found out that ALL the auto manufacturers, and you can put the insurance companies in there with them, calculate the financial loss of the recall, against the potential lawsuits if they do nothing. That is why somethings are recalled, and some aren’t, I can think of quite a few instances of this just off the top of my head. Big Pharma doesn’t have to worry about that though, they’re exempt! Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, have been shown to be effective therapeutic and prophylactic treatments for Covid. The problem with both of these treatments, at least in the minds of Big Pharma and their allies, is that not only are they more effective than the poisons they are pushing, they are FAR less expensive. I read a report on Forbes magazine that during the lockdowns that 98 people became billionaires. I’m sure that most of them did so honestly, taking advantage of the situation by changing their marketing strategies, but 9 executives in Big Pharma are among the 98. It makes you wonder, well not really, it seems fairly obvious.

I ask myself, how can Americans be forced to take this experimental drug. A drug, that when it was being tested on animals, had to be stopped because the animals were dying! It hasn’t been tested on pregnant women either, so basically the general population is being used as Guiney pigs. A hospital in Israel reported the 97% of the new cases they were seeing were people that had been vaccinated. According to the C.D.C.’s website there have been over 8,000 breakthrough cases, and over 1,500 deaths. I for one will not be taking the jab. The Secretary of Defense has ordered the military to get the vaccine, even though that’s illegal. Remember the Anthrax vaccine story in the early 2000’s, the Secretary of Defense cannot mandate a vaccine that is under an emergency use declaration, the president has to issue a waiver for that to happen, and so far, Uncle Joe hasn’t done that, but he probably will. I wonder how the troops are going to react to being forced to take an experimental drug that has so many emerging side effects. My hope is that there will be a massive outcry and resistance to this stupidity. The thing that really chaps my hide is how can this administration justify mandatory vaccinations when they are letting hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants from around the world pour through our southern border without testing them? Flying and busing them to towns all across America, without the say-so of those communities. I saw a story where up to 20% or more of them potentially have the bug.

Every day another story comes out about a policy or a bill that erodes our liberty. The “infrastructure” bill, that will enable our government to see how many miles you drive, and tax you for that mileage, as well as mandatory breathalyzers. There is so much pork and nonsense in this bill, that it amazes me that any responsible Senator would possibly consider it, of course all the Democrat Senators voted for it, they gave up any integrity they may have had long ago, but it recently passed with the support of 19 REPUBLICAN Senators! On and on, our right to free speech has been handed over to Silicon Valley. They apparently now have the right to choose what we read or say, so bye-bye, first amendment. As the violence explodes in Democrat controlled cities, especially the ones that want to defund the police, you have dangerously incompetent Mayors like Chicago’s Lori Lightfoot and N.Y. City’s Bill DeBlasio, saying that guns are the problem. I saw one comment that really put this lunacy into its proper perspective, he said “I can’t ever remember my gun getting up by itself and shooting someone.” Couple that with Biden’s agenda to crack down on gun store owners and you can see that the second amendment is now under a heavy assault from the left. I guess the progressives are just going down the amendments in the Bill Of Rights. Remember, freedom is never free, it has been bought with the blood of countless soldiers, citizens and patriots. For far too long, we Americans have been sitting fat and happy, confident that our freedoms were unassailable, even if politicians tried to take them away, the courts would defend us. That was incredibly short sighted of us. The progressives have been at work for decades to implement their agenda of fundamental change. You see it in our universities, where teachers have been indoctrinated in socialist philosophies. Ivy league schools that are producing lawyers, who later become judges and politicians, who have been taught to hate American and the idea of American exceptionalism.

Our country is under assault, not just from the obvious external enemy, China, but from within as well. The C.C.P.’S policy of “unlimited warfare” is a prime mover in this assault. This policy has seen them infiltrate our country, not just politically but socially as well. Their goal of destroying American from within is now within their reach. Think of all the corporations, schools, sports leagues, athletes and celebrities that have ties to China, and promote their propaganda. 23 members of Biden’s cabinet have ties to China, and then of course there is Biden’s son Hunter, whose business dealings with China, (which, by the way have made The Biden Crime Family a ton of money), have been well documented. The Chinese government has been very successful in getting us to destroy ourselves. Then you add George Soros, a man so evil that his own country expelled him, to the mix, with all his Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s), and election funding of leftist district attorneys, and Attorneys General. D.A’s and A.G.”s who won’t prosecute actual criminals. People like New Yorks A.G. who got elected promising to indict Trump, even though she had no evidence. Meanwhile, crime in N.Y. City and Chicago is exploding. Criminals are released without bail, to re-offend. Their solution? To defund the police, and release criminals without bail. Those are just a couple of examples, there are many more such stories around the country. It is clear that the strategy is for us to destroy ourselves, and it is working.

The divide between Americans has never been so wide. I’ll use the new idiotic mask mandates that have been implemented here in Sonoma County illustrate that divide. I wear my mask around my chin, (the signs at stores say I have to wear a mask, they don’t say how I have to wear it). I’m doing my shopping, and some guy, who looked like he still lives in his parent’s basement told me I wasn’t wearing my mask correctly, I replied, “actually yes I am”. 99% of the people where I live are just going along with this lunacy, even if they know the truth, they are just going along to get along. I’m tired of doing that. I’m tired of complying with senseless rules that are only being implemented to keep people living in fear. I am tired of one set of rules for the “sophisticated” elites, like those who attended Obama’s birthday party, and a completely different one for the rest of us “deplorables”, like the people going to Sturgis. I am sick to death of the “rules for thee, but, not for me”. I watched an interview with a man who was released from the D.C. jail after being arrested for “parading” in the Capital on Jan. 6th. He said he went in through an open door, a door the Capital police had opened. He even had pleasant conversations with the police, and then paraded around the inside of the Capital building with an American flag. For this he was locked up for over 6 months. Until recently he had to stay in his cell for 23 hours a day, locked up like he was a convicted murderer on death row. It wasn’t until Congressmen Matt Gaetz, Louie Gohmert and Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green tried to inspect the D.C. jail, that he was allowed 5 hours out of his cell every day. Yet the Portland and Seattle looters were caught and released. Our wonderful Vice President actually helped fund their bail! Most of all I’m sick and tired of all the Covid lies. Candace Owens shared an amazing video of a doctor talking to his county supervisors. He made some very basic scientific points. Number one, cloth masks don’t work, the Covid droplets are too small to be stopped by a cloth mask. Number two, the vaccine is actually causing the new round of infections. He also made a very good point that respiratory diseases like Covid, the flu, even the common cold will never go away with a vaccine, because they all have “animal reservoirs” meaning you can’t eradicate them with a vaccine, like what was done with small pox which has no animal reservoirs. Think about it, every year there is a new flu vaccine, because guess what? Viruses mutate! Who knew? Not only that, when a vaccine doesn’t do its job in the host, it makes the virus stronger. What we are seeing is that it’s the vaccinated people who are spreading the bug far more than the un-vaccinated, mostly because a lot of the people who don’t want the jab either have natural immunity, and getting the shot is a health risk, or they have actually educated themselves and don’t trust a government that is trying to shove the vaccine down their throats. There is mounting evidence that shows there are serious problems with the jab.. The PCR test is as useless as the masks, with its manipulated cycle counts, and it’s inability to actually differentiate Covid or a Covid variant from the flu or even the common cold. In Canada a man managed to get the state to admit that they haven’t isolated Covid in a human, only in a lab. The C.D.C. has even admitted under a freedom of information act request, that they have been unable to isolate Covid 19. If you do a web search under "Bombshell; HHS documents admit CDC has never isolated any Covid 19 virus", you'll see what I'm writing about.

I’m tired of being lied to, I expect it from the main stream media, it’s what they do. Now, even news sources that I thought were reputable, (no, not Fox news, I gave up on them long ago), are not giving us the straight scoop, like Tony Fauci, they seemingly change their story every day. The truth has become fungible, depending on the narrative being propagated. I can only put my trust, first of all in God, and secondly in news that I verify through multiple verifiable sources. There seem to be two separate realities, one on the surface, where all of the crimes of the Biden administration, the lies of the main stream media, and the censorship by big tech reside. Where you have guys like Dan Bongino, and Tucker Carlson, doing their best to expose these crimes and lies. In this reality the election is being treated like it was actually legitimate, that Biden, despite the tremendous lack of enthusiasm for his candidacy, despite all the “non-cyber” problems on election day, despite his obvious cognitive decline, actually won. Then there is the conspiracy theory reality, where there is a raging battle between the “white hats” and the “black hats” of the New World Order. In this reality the election was hacked by foreign nations like China and Italy. Mike Lindell is a prime mover behind this, along with Trump allies, General Michael Flynn, Sidney Powell, Lin Wood and former aide Dan Scovino. Lindell’s “cyber symposium” is supposed to provide irrefutable proof that the election was stolen by foreign governments and he is posting a $5 million reward for anyone who can prove him wrong. Probably somewhere in between these two realities lies the actual truth. Will we the people ever find out? I have my doubts, there are so many sheeple out there, who still believe the lies of the mainstream media. There are so many complacent, complying fools, who don’t see the runaway freight train of this despotic socialist dictatorship roaring down the tracks. There is one thing that can’t be denied, no matter which reality you subscribe to, the progressives who occupy the Whitehouse and Capital, the “Demicans” and “Republicrats” are hell bent on transforming America into this socialist state, to be ruled by the progressive elites. Mark Levin correctly calls it “American Marxism” in his new book. Where are our leaders? Where are our new Thomas Jeffersons and Sam Adams and James Madisons. We have a few, but only a few, and far too few. I woke up in America this morning, a place where freedom of choice is ours to choose. Tomorrow? Who knows, only God does, so we had better be getting on our knees and pray, I know I have been.

“I get on my knees and pray,

only love and peace can save these days

in the end, all we want is to be free

not be a slave to manipulating liars!”

From the song “Manipulating Liars” by D. Scott copywrite 2021


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