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Racoon Dogs (and other absurdities)

So I’m scanning through some YouTube videos the other day when I came upon a story from ABC News that scientists are now looking at an animal called a “Raccoon Dog” as a possible source for Covid. Wow, so let me get this straight, former CDC chief Robert Redfield goes on record as saying that Fauci, Ralph Barick and Peter Daszak, were working with the Wuhan Institute of Virology along with the Department of Defense doing gain-of function research. Both the Department of Energy and the FBI say the lab was the probable source of Covid. Then you have ALL of the facts laid out in painstaking detail by RFK JR in his bombshell book, “The Real Anthony Fauci, and all of the sudden a report comes out about Racoon Dogs at the Wuhan wet market? I wonder if all the Pangolins are breathing a sigh of relief that they’ve been let off the hook. This is about as ludicrous as the whole Jussie Smollett hoax. If I had to guess I bet somewhere in the “study” and I use that word loosely, you’ll find the fingerprints of the CCP, the WHO, Big pharma and Fauci’s minions all over it. Given the fact that big pharma spends billions on advertising on all the “legacy” news networks, can there be any doubt whatsoever that this story is complete garbage, put out to deflect from the obvious collusion between Fauci’s NAIAD and NIH with the WIV and the CCP to develop Covid. The thing is there are people out there who will actually believe this claptrap. It would be comical if it wasn’t so disgusting. Over and over we see it play out in the media, a story comes out that is unfavorable to the regime, and the immediate response by the MSM is to find anything they can to counter the story. They don’t do what they should, which would be to investigate and discover the truth, they automatically go into attack/cover mode, to deflect attention to somewhere else. It reminds me of P.T. Barnum’s famous quote “No man ever went broke overestimating the ignorance of the American people.”

There are so many stories that would be laughable if they weren’t so detrimental to society. Resident Biden came out on St. Patrick’s day making some of the usual remarks about the Irish, being drunk, stupid and criminal while celebrating his Irish heritage. Wait a minute didn’t he say that he was raised in a Polish Italian neighborhood where he regularly attended a Synagogue on Saturdays, while spending time in a black church on Sundays with Puerto Rican’s who were gay or some such nonsense. (I get confused by all of his “tall tales.”) They should label his speeches as “Story Time With Uncle Joe,” the stories would be humorous, if he wasn’t our supposed leader. Instead, he just makes America look like fools and imbeciles. His pandering is so obvious that I can’t believe anybody would take anything he says seriously, yet people do, it goes back to the P.T. Barnum quote. Now we’re supposed to believe that a man can get pregnant and can actually menstruate! I’ve watched so many clips of people being interviewed where they are asked the questions “can a man get pregnant,” and these woke idiots say yes, of course! There was a story on Gutfeld where Wellesley college, an all woman institution is accepting men who identify as women, but won’t accept women who identify as men. The best part is they advocate these biological males to see a gynecologist and have pap smears! I love the clip of Piers Morgan debating one of these “wokesters”, who proudly proclaimed that anyone can “identify” as whatever they choose, in response Morgan asks, “so can I identify as a black lesbian?” What really made me laugh was the reaction of the other panelist on the show, she totally busted out laughing, she was black, I don’t know if she was a lesbian, but it showed the absolute absurdity of it all. A great rumor has been floating around, which some are attributing to Trump, I don’t know and I don’t care, I just sincerely wish someone would do it. The rumor says that Trump or someone wants to buy a WNBA team and then fill all the positions with men who identify as women! If anything could put an end to the patent absurdity of “trans-women” playing in women’s sports, that might do it. Years ago, we had the attack on men, toxic masculinity was being blamed for all the worlds problems. Now we have the attack on women, with the brain surgeons at the White House honoring a man wearing a dress as “the woman of the year.” So, let me get this straight, women are men and men are women, or cats or dogs or whatever, and people wonder why our children are confused and depressed and resort to drugs and suicide, yeah great job, idiots!

Another great laugher is the whole Sam Brinton fiasco. This guy is supposed to be really smart, but was stupid enough to get caught stealing luggage at an airport, did he not see all the cameras around? Not only that, but apparently, he wore some of the clothes he allegedly stole in public photos, and some of those were one-offs by Tanzanian fashion designer Asya Khamsin. (that has to earn him a Homer Simpson “DOH”!) To me it shows how mentally ill he is, which is sad, you don’t want to make fun of someone with mental health issues. The real blame for his becoming a national joke should fall on the people who hired him. When diversity is your prime requirement for getting hired, you get clowns like Karine Jean-Pierre or incompetent court jesters like Pothole Pete Buttigieg. Speaking of diversity, does anyone else wonder why the whole DEI scam (diversity equity and inclusion), was labeled as such when instead it should really be called, DIE (diversity inclusion and equity)? A story came out about how the medical establishment is saying that doctors should treat people based on their race, in other words black doctors should only treat black patients and so on. That one’s a real head slapper. It goes along with a piece I read about a perspective airline pilot who couldn’t land a plane in the simulator but was promoted because of his skin color. I don’t care what skin color my doctor or pilot is, all I really want them to be able to do is their job, and do it well, because if we rely on DEI to hire these people, there’s a very good chance that we might DIE because of that, DOH!

In the realm of Idiocy, is there anyone as stupefyingly stupid as Lindsey Graham? He came out the other day saying that we should shoot down Russian planes if they shoot down another drone, and then asked “what would Ronald Reagan do?” Well for starters, Reagan wouldn’t have wanted to start WWIII. Reagan won the cold war by economically ruining the USSR. He built a strong U.S. economy and a strong military which bankrupted the Soviet Union without starting a hot war. Secondly, doesn’t this f-ing war-monger realize how depleted our military has become because of all the arms we’ve sent to the tinpot dictator he supports wholeheartedly in Ukraine! Like his compatriot Bitch McConnell it makes me wonder how people this stupid get elected, and then sadly, I go back to the P.T. Barnum Quote. What actually makes me sick and incredibly angry with Graham and all these other war mongering asswipes, is they are more then willing to send our sons and daughters off to war to die, but you can bet they and their families will be safe and sound. Monsters like McConnell, Graham, John Bolton and the Bushes are called “neo-cons” but that term is a misnomer, there is nothing conservative about them, they have aligned themselves with the war hawks on the left to launch America into an apocalyptic world wide conflagration where there will be no winner. But hey, maybe these vermin will survive in their shelters and bunkers while the rest of us perish in a nuclear war, I hope so, so they can live in the dystopian hell they created, not so funny is it, Lindsey.

The attacks on average people around the world are multifaceted, but they all fall under the disi bngenuous label of ESG. Environmental Social Governance. I had forgotten what the acronym stood for so I did a google search. What I found astounded me, I had to re-phrase my search a half a dozen times before I found the answer. What I initially found was page after page touting the benefits of ESG and how it’s changing the world for the better. Companies and countries are striving for a high ESG score, by implementing strategies, like DEI and the whole Climate change agenda, I guess it makes them feel warm and fuzzy at night. Who cares if the average family is suffering and dying because of it. I wonder how the citizens of Sri Lanka feel about ESG ruining their country and inciting a rebellion. Maybe we should ask the Dutch Farmers how they feel about having their land confiscated by their own government. (it was very satisfying to see the party representing Dutch farmers won in a landslide in their last election.) ESG is being partially blamed for the recent failure of SVB and Signature banks, as the so called “bankers” were more focused on ESG and DEI than on doing their jobs. The Environmental religion, the woke social culture and governments that are doing their level best to destroy countries world-wide and bring forth the New World Order, are really what ESG is all about.

That is why groups like #GlobalWalkout #StopGlobalism are so very, very important, and I can’t urge people strongly enough to join this group. Reignite freedom has useful strategies and tips to help the average person combat the evil of ESG and the globalist monsters. Strategies like keeping cash alive so we don’t get subjected to the total control of Central Bank Digital Currency. Steps to separate you from the oppressive tracking done by credit-card companies and e-mail services at the behest of the government. To get your neighbors to start asking questions by doing things like passing out flyers or flying your flag upside down as a sign your country is in distress. What’s happening today is certainly no laughing matter, and as another old saying goes, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, I’ve done both. My last essay urged everyone to become non-binary politically. I believe that is so important. We need to come together as a people, understand that what we have in common vastly overpowers our differences and that we can’t rely on governments to save us. We can’t let ourselves be deceived by a vocal minority that is at it’s core self-serving and doesn’t give a damn about “we the people.” The only thing they care about is their own agenda of sowing division and obtaining power over the rest of us. You can’t fix stupid. No, you can’t, but ignorance is not stupidity, and you can fix ignorance by being informed and educating yourself and by using plain old common sense. Another great saying is “The people united, will never be divided.”

Unity, not division my brothers and sisters

Rock on Y’all!

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