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Never Forget, Never Forgive!

“Get up, stand up, stand up for your rights

Get up, stand up, don’t give up the fight”

Bob Marley and The Wailers- Get Up, Stand Up

Over the weekend I watched a bunch of videos about protests against the authoritarian policies of the governments in Canada, Australia, France, Italy and Israel. The massive protest in Canberra, the capital of Australia was incredible. On one was time-lapsed drone footage that lasted 20 minutes, showing hundreds of thousands of flag waving patriotic Aussies protesting the unjust actions of the Australian government. In Israel there was a trucker convoy, in France and Italy thousands of people marched in defiance of state orders, and of course the Freedom Convoy in Canada. These are just a few of the protests going on world-wide as people are expressing their disgust over the repression that has gripped countries all over the world. They have had an impact, one that has been extremely gratifying to see. So far, five provinces in Canada have said they are dropping Covid mandates, and several states in America are following suit. This is all great news, I wish the lunatics in California would start rescinding some of their stupidity, but no, they are doubling down. I read where our state legislature is introducing a bill requiring all workers in California to get the jab, and the L.A. County school district is implementing KN95 mask mandates for all school kids, (I’m not sure if it’s for all kids, maybe the offspring of L.A.’s elite class don’t have to, since their parents certainly don’t have to, as evidenced by the photos coming out of the “Stupid Bowl”.) What makes even less sense is, as of today, February 16th , California’s indoor mask mandate has been lifted, but only for the vaccinated. If it’s anything like the last time they did this, it basically means you don’t have to wear one because no one can ask you your vaccine status. Unfortunately, our kids still have to wear them for at least 2 more weeks, which shows you how strong the teachers unions are. Still, the wins in Canada and some states are a good start, but we have to be very careful not to let these politicians and bureaucrats off the hook just because they have given some of our rights back. Rights which should have never been taken away in the first place. To me it’s blatantly obvious what the progressives are going to try and do. Faced with polling that shows them getting their collective asses handed to them in the next round of elections, they are going to rescind their unpopular Covid edicts. You can safely assume that their talking point will be, “well we’ve been following the science, so accordingly, we now feel its time to relax some of the Covid restrictions”. As more and more people wake up and face the facts that lockdowns and masks don’t work, coupled with the incredible failure of the Biden Regimes policies, the progressives are realizing they have to do something to save their jobs and the power they seized during the scamdemic. They are counting on the people being grateful for being able to take their mask off and not have to take a poisonous experimental gene therapy to continue working. They are counting on the epidemic of apathy that has allowed them to proceed with “the Great Reset”, counting on the people having a short memory about all the harm their useless, ineffective, tyrannical policies have inflicted on society. To be honest, at least here in California, I think that isn’t too far fetched of a thought. I think a lot of sheeple-ish Californians will still continue to wear a mask, outdoors and alone in their cars, even after the mandate has been lifted today. My fervent hope is that the people don’t forget the harm that has been done to them by the useless lockdowns and heavy handed policies. The closing of small businesses and resulting job loss, the despair that has led to so many suicides, the increased drug overdoses, our children being deprived of socialization and schooling for 2 years, of people not being able to see their loved ones in the hospital, or even worse, not being allowed to attend their funeral are a partial list of the evils perpetrated by this gang of political thugs. You can bet the ranch that if they are successful in hoodwinking the public again, and retain their political power after the mid-term elections, they will resume their tyranny, probably intensifying it. One thing I know for certain, I won’t forget any of it, and just as certainly, I won’t forgive any of it. I’ve written on prior blogs, that I feel we are already engaged in a Civil war. Obviously, it’s not a conventional conflict, it’s a Civil/Cultural Infowar. In this war it’s a battle of controlling the flow of information. Real freedom loving people savor free speech and have no problem with people expressing opposing views. Autocrats, fascists and despots need to control information, freedom of thought and speech are their greatest enemies, hence all the crackdowns on “mis-dis or mal information”. They are labeling it as domestic terrorism. Recently, however, we’ve seen cracks in the “Legacy Media” stranglehold on controlling the narrative. On Sunday you have CNN anchor Jake Tapper saying Bidens rejection of the Afghan After-action Report was “insulting”. A recent Gallup poll showed that a meager 16% of people have any trust in television news, a low only surpassed by Congress’ 12% approval rate. The failure to kick Joe Rogan off the air backfired, with Rogan apologizing and (for the moment) getting away with it, something no one cancelled by the Woke mob has been able to do. As a result of his persecution, we found out the Neil Young is a homophobe as well as a hypocrite. We found out that the move to cancel Rogan was a political hit job perpetrated by a “Super PAC” called Mediastouch and a leftist organization called PatriotTakes which has a big time Hilliarly Clinton supporter pulling the strings. We also learned that Spotify’s major shareholder is also the major shareholder at Moderna.

I find it fascinating how certain factions of the progressives are dealing with the ever-widening cracks and faults in their precious narrative. Some Dems are retiring, I think at last count 30 Democrat members of the House of Representatives are calling it quits. Others, who are up for reelection are distancing themselves from Biden, while others, like our fabulous Governor Hairdoo are doubling down on the insanity. These cracks in what has always been a solid front of leftist unity are a welcome sight. Democrat Senators Manchin and Semina derailing the “Build Back Better” stupidity, was incredible, I guess even some liberals realize that printing and spending trillions of dollars while inflation is reaching historic numbers is probably not a good thing.

For the most part, I’m a pretty forgiving person, my wife will probably disagree with that statement, always reminding me The Bible calls on us to forgive one another. Forgive, but don’t forget, she says, but generally I think I am a fairly forgiving person. That being said, what has been going on around the world for a long time, the last two years especially, is unforgivable, it also has to be unforgettable. These vermin can’t be let off the hook, we can’t say thank you for letting us have our freedom back without them paying the price for taking it away in the first place. I can’t speak for anybody but myself, but I will not be satisfied until the entire swamp is drained. There needs to be a fundamental, global awakening, the epidemic of apathy needs to end. All of the politicians, the so called journalists, pundits, the “crony capitalists”, the fascist communists, the big tech oligarchs and especially all of those in the medical/industrial complex need to be punished for the evil they have done. Somehow Dr. Mengela-Fauci survived the AIDS fiasco, (the public was so much more naïve then), but this time he needs to face real justice for the hundreds of thousands of dead bodies that lie squarely on his doorstep. Everyone at CNN, MSNBC and all the “Legacy Media” frauds that perpetrated this years long sojourn into hell, need to go away and never be heard from again. The Obama, Clinton and Biden crime families need to be tried for treason. I totally agree when Trump said that in earlier times traitors like these were executed. George Soros needs to be tried for crimes against humanity and face justice for all the evil he has unleashed on civilization. All of the swamp rats in D.C. need to go. If Bitch McConnell, Chucky Schumer, Wimpy Graham, Vodka Skelator Pelosi, Pocahontas Warren, The Evil Squad, Dick(head) Durbin, Adam Shi(f)t, and Jerry “poopy pants” Nadler, to name a few of these detestable rodents, ever get re-elected we have only ourselves to blame. There needs to be a reckoning at the Department of Justice, dismantle the FBI, ATF, CIA and NSA, bringing indictments against these agents and agencies that are acting like the Nazi Gestapo. Then we need to push newly elected representatives to participate in the Convention of The States movement to re-establish our constitutional Republic.

It is certainly welcome news that we have made some progress in our battle against the diabolical forces that want to turn the world into One World Government dystopia. Yet, we have to keep in mind that this is just one battle in the Civil/Cultural infowar, and even though we’ve come a long way, we haven’t even won this first battle yet. The seeds of freedom, planted by the Freedom Convoy and world-wide protests are starting to sprout, and they will need to be continually watered and fertilized with more and more voices of protest and civil disobedience. Trudeau’s fascist response to the Freedom Convoy revealed his, and therefore his masters, tactics for trying to deal with a legitimate protest. Trudeau’s lies about who the truckers really are, demonizing them as misogynists, Nazis, white supremacists, and a fringe element, his use of illegal unnecessary and overwhelming force, are all part of his effort to try and incite a violent reprisal from the protestors. So far, he has been unsuccessful, and as his efforts continually fail to instigate violence, his popularity continues to free-fall. I have believed for a while that eventually the Freedom Movement will be forced to resort to violence, and that might still happen, but after seeing the success of the Freedom Convoy, I have since changed my thinking. I fully believe that peaceful non-violent protests are the right way to go, the only way to go. Civil disobedience, mockery, resistance to mandates, peaceful marches and protests will show everyone that we’re not racists, terrorists, misogynists, science denying deplorables or whatever other incendiary term they choose to use on us. Everyone will see that what we actually are is people who believe in individual freedom, and in the end I believe that 99% of the world’s population believe exactly that . We The People, united by our desire for individual freedom, protesting peacefully but also relentlessly, will prove to be an unstoppable force against the cabal of evil. I opened this blog with a line from Bob Marley's song “Get up, Stand Up”, I want to close it with another lyric of his from his great song “One Love”.

“One Love, one heart, let’s get together and feel all right

Hear the children crying (one love)

Hear the children crying (one love)

Saying “give thanks and praise to the lord and I will feel alright”

Saying “let’s get together and feel alright”




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17 févr. 2022

Well, Well, Well

i must say that in November of 2016, we were staying in Sebastopol with an old friend and we watched the election returns with genuine glee…all of us in the room that night were united in our disgust for HildeBeast…this, back then as it is now, is quite unusual in the bastion of wokeness that is Sonoma County…hang in there and keep the faith, as my dear ole Dad (RIP) used to say

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