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My View From North Carolina

God’s cheerleading squad.

Hyperbole is word that gets tossed around quite a bit these days. The basic definition of hyperbole I gathered from the web is “exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally”. I realize some of my readers might accuse me of using hyperbole when I call the progressive-globalists, or the New World Order cabal, completely evil and unrepentant monsters. I’m not. I’m absolutely sincere in my statements. When you hear The Biden Regime call patriots a threat to democracy or domestic terrorists, who want to take away a woman’s right to kill their unborn child, or if you vote for a Maga Republican they will take away women and minorities voting rights, or that we’re fascists who want to do away with the constitution and democracy, they are the one’s praying on fear through hyperbole.

I woke up Wednesday morning and perused the headlines of Citizen Free Press and The Bongino Report to see what form of insanity this day will bring. When I use the word insanity, I don’t use it carelessly, or as hyperbole. I truly believe these people truly insanely demented! I read that the Nordstream pipelines have possibly been sabotaged. Of course, all the MSM sycophants immediately blamed Putin, which is complete idiocy. I’ve heard all the theories that purport to explain why Putin would blow up his own pipeline, but none of them pass the smell test. Especially when consider that The Puppet, “Slow” Biden and the demonstrably wicked State Department Lizard Queen, Victoria Nuland, have both gone on the record as saying that if Putin invaded Ukraine, then the Nordstream Pipeline would go away. Also remember back in April, when Biden called for regime change in Russia? Well, I know that math is supposed to be racist, but I’ll take my chances here. 2 + 2 still equals 4. Putin invades Ukraine, months later the pipeline is sabotaged. Nothing to worry about here is there. My only hope, and it’s a very slim one, considering the state of our military under The Biden Regime, is that if they did do this, they were able to cover their tracks well enough to achieve plausible deniability. Even if they were successful in doing that, I don’t believe it’s going to make much of a difference. Our ruling class of elites have turned America into “Dr. Evil” caricatures who are pushing the world to the brink of NUCLEAR WAR! These idiots actually think that such a war could be won! I think, who the hell cares who wins, because even if in some way life on earth survives a nuclear war, who would want to live in that dystopian hell. To call these monsters, insane, doesn’t go far enough. To call them evil is an understatement, not hyperbole.

Another headline that sent my head spinning, was that mRNA from the jab was being found in breastmilk. I knew that the jab hadn’t been tested on pregnant women, big pharma stopped all human testing after the test subjects started developing “complications”. The FDA doesn’t test the products they regulate, they rely on the studies from the companies applying for approval, and base their judgment on those studies. Talk about the fox guarding the henhouse. Robert Kennedy’s book “The Real Anthony Fauci” goes into great detail about the corruption between the FDA, CDC, and the NIH. The thing that got me, was my year and a half old granddaughter, whose mom had received the shot. What effect is this going to have on her as she gets older? Will she suffer from immuno-deficiency problems, myocarditis? Those might be the least threatening things she is going to face, after seeing the reports of over 900 athletes in peak physical condition suddenly die of cardiac problems. Father God have mercy on not only my children and grandchildren but all of the children who have all now been exposed to this intentional evil. In my mind there ain’t a place in hell hot enough for all these vermin, (I won’t give them the dignity of calling them human) the scientists, doctors, lawyers, bureaucrats and politicians who are responsible for this atrocity.

I’ve noticed that when I start writing a new blog, even though I always try to find a subject that is relevant, and timely, it seems like I keep returning to the same issue that has been at the core of this monumental struggle, which is good vs evil. Maybe it’s because, despite what we are being told by our “leaders”, good is still good, and evil is still evil. That perspective comes into direct conflict with today’s society. Just because someone of influence, or some “expert” says that something which has always been seen as wrong, isn’t, that it is actually a good thing, just misunderstood, doesn’t mean it is the truth. Are we so far down the road to oblivion that we trust the words of actors, people whose job is to make-believe? Or pampered athletes who surround themselves with “yes-man” entourages of hangers-on that form an impenetrable echo-chamber? Or worse yet politicians, pundits and journalists who lie like normal people breathe. We’ve all heard the lies and narratives of these types, that have made “truth” a fungible commodity.

As a Christian conservative I try to view issues through that particular lens. I don’t always succeed because I’m also human. As humans, whatever ethnicity, whatever paradigm we might hold to be true, we are all endowed with the capability of discernment. Discernment can come from a moral, ethical base or an immoral, unethical base. Like any trait, it is something that needs to be exercised constantly to be effective. The prog-globs use unethical, immoral discernment. They figured out that they could convince, through the use of social and mass media manipulation, the sheeple they are godlike, they see all and know all, so you can trust in their judgement. Morally discerning people can see through the lies, and therefore are perceived by the prog-globs as a threat, and rightly so. If people were capable of discerning the real truth behind the progressive-globalist agenda, the prog-globs would at least, lose their phony baloney jobs, at most, their phony baloney lives. There is an innate sense in most of humanity that can differentiate between good and evil. So, when the “powers that be” tell us that math is racist or pedophilia is normal, or if we don’t kowtow to the woke ideology, we are “unenlightened”, bigoted and extreme, the morally discerning person knows that there is smoke being blown up someone’s rectum.

If moral discernment isn’t continually practiced, it may cause some to question their own morality. Could it be wrong that pedophilia is one of the most disgusting crimes someone could commit? That voice in the back of our conscious screams, No! We need to listen to that voice. Decent people will always react in horror when they see the sexualization, and mutilation of children. When they see crimes that are advocated by TEACHERS AND PEFRFORMED BY DOCTORS! Any decent moral human knows it’s abhorrent, that its completely EVIL! It always has been, and always will be. They can try and justify it all they want, but it is, exactly what it is. EVIL. (in my head I picture Gods cheerleaders going, “E.V.I.L., Y’ALL ARE GOING TO STRAIGHT TO HELL!”, yep I’m kinda weird)

The sad fact though, is that because we are human, because we are not perfect, because, as the Apostle Paul says in Romans 3:10, “there is none righteous no not one”, we sympathize with sinners, because in our hearts we know we are sinners as well. So, we try to see the best in people, to avoid seeing the worst in ourselves. Or we avert our eyes and hide from the worst of humanity because sometimes evil is so hard to believe, so unimaginable to contemplate. We watch a movie like “Silence Of The Lambs” and say to ourselves “Thank God that is just a movie, no-one could be that much of a monster”. But there are monsters out there that make Hannible Lecter look like a schoolboy. We make excuses for evil, laying blame somewhere far from where it needs to be laid, It's not the criminal’s fault, its societies’ fault, it’s the parent’s fault or whatever. Because laying blame where it should go would be an admission to the basic fact that there are certain core human values where there can be no equivocation. We would have to accept the fact that we, ourselves are responsible for our own actions. That fact is not socially acceptable in today’s “play the victim card” world, and because humans have a strong desire to be socially acceptable, we hide from the basic truths of life.

The sanctity of life is the bedrock of those values. It seems so unnecessary or ridiculous to write that. Of course, it is, right? How could it not be? If a culture doesn’t respect the sanctity of life, it’s doomed. (DUH!) Yet modern society has abandoned that concept. Look around and you see it everywhere. There are people out there who think that aborting/murdering a child up to nine months or in some cases even after being born is a “mothers right to choose”. That one makes me want to throw-up. Today’s Democrat party won’t concede that a fetal heartbeat can be detected after 6 weeks, (some doctors say even after 4 weeks). In their attempt to abort as many humans as possible, they object to “heartbeat” laws by saying it isn’t really a heartbeat it’s just electrical contractions of muscles that push blood through an embryo. Ah, excuse me but isn’t that basically what a heart does? I might concede somewhat on the issues of rape, incest and if a mothers life might be in jeopardy, but I will not accept decent moral people, no matter what religion or belief system they adhere to, could possibly believe in their heart of hearts, that abortion or something as disgusting and horrific as partial birth abortion, could ever be labeled as “a mothers right to choose”. Believing that qualifies you for psychopath, sociopath, or serial killer status, and as such you cannot be considered anywhere near sane or human. If you think infanticide is ok, do this, kill yourself, we’ll all just call it a late term abortion.

We shouldn’t be afraid to call out evil. No matter what lies are being shoved down our throats, we should always say WTF and seriously question when something that goes against our moral compass is suddenly being labeled as ok and virtuous. Grooming children is not virtuous, infanticide is not a woman’s right to choose, human trafficking on at levels never seen before, does not align with our country’s core values. (The Biden Regime will go down in history as being the biggest purveyor of human trafficking). Socialism and “equity” are not the answer to humanities problems, they are lies meant to enslave the people. These truths, like the truths listed in our Declaration of Independence are self-evident. We all know this, at least those of us who have a conscious, anyway, even if we lack the guts to say it out loud. Yes, humanity sins, none of us are perfect, but in today’s society, instead of confessing our shortcomings and asking God for forgiveness, we try to rationalize our misdeeds to give our conscious a life boat. “I’m not a bad person, I’m only trying to help, or I didn’t realize the consequences of my actions”. People will tell themselves anything to assuage their guilt. The truth is, maybe they aren’t a bad person, they are probably, like the rest of us, just an imperfect human, but unless you face your misdeeds and learn the lesson they provide, then as the old saying goes “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”.

Sorry for the sermonizing, I most certainly don’t want to come off as being “preachy”. I will never be confused with a pastor or a preacher. I make mistakes all the time, and I tell myself, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot did you do that for? That was hurtful, that was wrong. I can only hope and pray that our leaders, and maybe some of the less indoctrinated prog-globs, ask themselves that same question, and come to the simple answer about the real nature of good and evil. Ask for forgiveness not just from the people they have hurt, but more importantly ask for forgiveness from God.

In the end, it’s all a matter of God’s will for us. It can be argued that this generation is as bad or even worse than the people in Noah’s time, and although God promised to never flood the Earth again, it doesn’t mean that with all the atrocities that humans are inflicting on their fellow humans, God would not be completely justified in wiping us off the face of the planet, and starting all over…again. The only thing I can hold on to, is that contrary to the prog-globs who envision themselves as gods, the real God knows all, and sees all. God allows evil, so he can teach us stubborn humans right and wrong, maybe God is allowing all of this insanity to show us what pure unadulterated evil is, so that we may learn from it and turn away before it’s too late. There are a lot of people out there that believe what’s going on these days will lead mankind to a “great awakening” and the future will be one of peace, love and harmony. I could dig that. It sure beats the alternative.

Some soul food for thought my brothers and sisters


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