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Multiple Fronts

One of the issues that come with writing or saying anything from a certain political perspective is that oftentimes you are preaching to the choir, writing in an echo chamber, where you don’t really get any opposing or differing opinions about whatever topic is being discussed. That’s the reason why I’ve been imploring my readers to share my blogs and webpage ( to those friends and family who may be asleep or have those differing opinions. Unlike the social media giants that censor anything that doesn’t fit the progressive/globalist narrative, I welcome any and all opinions. I believe the best way for this country to reunite, is for all of us to actually talk to each other like adults. Big tech censorship, (which more and more is being shown to be illegally orchestrated by the Biden regime), is being done on purpose to not only keep the people divided, but to keep the people ignorant, which goes hand in hand with purposeful division, because ignorant /people can be easily duped.

One of the most successful tactics the progressive/globalists use is the old magician’s trick of sleight of hand, distract your audience with one hand while you perform your trickery with the other. With that in mind, whenever a news story captures and dominates all the MSM and cable news channels, I start looking at what is not being covered. What stories have slipped from the newscasts, stories that a few weeks ago were being touted as being nothing less than “existential” threats to America, democracy or the whole world. Stories that have now been “back-burnered”, as the latest crisis gobbles up all the attention. Granted what is happening in Ukraine certainly deserves all the headlines it is getting, but that coverage has the unmistakable stink of propaganda all over it. With that being said, what is not being reported on needs to be looked at.

One thing is the situation at the southern border, and even that coverage suffers from the same malodorous aroma of the Ukrainian story. The MSM wants you to think that all of these hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants are good people, desperate refugees from 3rd world countries seeking refuge in America. Undoubtedly some of them are decent people looking for a better life, but what happened to the story of planeload after planeload of single young men, being transported in the middle of the night to airports around the country? It’s disappeared, I’m sure it’s still taking place but the story has gone away. Whatever motive the Biden regime has for its blatantly illegal border policy, (most certainly it is not for the benefit of America, nothing the criminal Biden regime does benefits America), it brings into focus a real pandemic. It isn’t Covid, it’s human trafficking. Even when Fox news, who has been the only major news outlet even covering this disaster, reports about wave after wave of people illegally streaming across our now non-existent southern border, they rarely talk about the human trafficking aspect of it. Actually, I’m amazed that they have done as much as they have, after the revelations that Fox News, Newsmax and of course all the legacy/MSM news platforms accepted government money to only provide positive vaccine stories. (Did you see that? It’s our beloved 1st amendment flying out the window, and no one cares, let’s just accept that whatever the government says is true, because that’s worked out so well so far)

Okay, for the record, what is happening to the average person in Ukraine is tragic, it’s unnecessary, it needs to end ASAP, before the non-existent-but really do exist bio(weapons) labs in Ukraine are blown up and release God knows what around the world. But let’s look at what is happening to all of these people coming across the border. First, and this needs to be understood by everyone, on both sides of the political fence. The Mexican Cartels are in control of the border. You cannot cross over without paying them. The Biden regime’s open border policy therefore is nothing less than state sanctioned human trafficking. It really is that simple. You can question why they are doing it. Tucker Carlson speculates that it is to change the voting demographics in “red” states, and that is a valid point, but I think it goes far deeper than that. I believe our government is intimately involved, not just with the human trafficking at the border, but is actively engaged in child trafficking. Back in April 2021 I wrote a blog titled “A Blind Eye” which discussed the whole human trafficking worldwide epidemic. This brings me to my second point. The people being allowed to cross into America are being horribly exploited. This is the nasty little secret no one in news media is seriously talking about. The adults are often forced to work in what can be politely described as forced labor conditions in order to pay off the Coyotes who facilitated their immigration. They are often farmed out by the cartels to willing American companies wanting access to cheap labor. That is only one aspect, and while certainly appalling, it is nothing compared to what is happening to the “UAC’s” unaccompanied children. In a report dated October 2021 on Daily News Break, an estimated 40,000 of the 114,000 missing persons at that time were children! Does anyone think that they were just misplaced? No, they were and are still being trafficked, most often for sex. A linked article to the Daily News Break Story, by an organization called “Humans Are Free” quotes USA Today as saying that “adults purchase children for sex at least 2.5 million times a year”! Let that sink in, “adults purchase children!” The statistics for child sex trafficking are so horrific they are beyond the imagination of most ordinary people.

I’m going to go off on a tangent, but hopefully I will be able to link my thoughts together at the end to make my point. When you couple the increasing pressure by leftist activist groups to teach and indoctrinate our children into their “new morality” with transgenderism and C.R.T. among other subjects, with the massive influx of missing immigrant children, it paints a horrifying picture of yet another grim aspect of the agenda of these p.o.s. leftists. They realize that currently, normal society will never condone their deviant, pedophiliac behavior, so they need to indoctrinate our children in the hope that in the future, society will somehow embrace the idea of pedophilia as being natural and normal. (I’ve already seen stories of what is being labeled as “MAPS” minor attracted persons). Having an ample supply of children to feed these deviant pedophiles, a great many of which reside in our halls of power and Hollywood, is essential. I liken it to a drug pusher, who gets his clients hooked, but to keep the money train rolling forward, they need a constant supply of “product” and in this case it’s children. The story about the so-called “don’t say gay” legislation in Florida is a prime example of their wish to inculcate children as early as possible into their obsession with transgenderism and premature sexuality. I’ve listened to what exactly is in the bill and it doesn’t mention the word gay anywhere and to my way of thinking, doesn’t go far enough by a long shot. Teachers have no business discussing sex with young children. Any type of sex or gender conversation should be the prerogative of parents, but the extremist leftists want to ensure that teachers have the ability to coerce very young children to their belief system. The legislation seems like such a no-brainer, especially in the light of the failure of our public school system to properly educate our children in just the basic fundamentals of “readin’, writin’ and ‘rithmetic”, let’s fix that first before we start conversations with our children regarding something as individual and personal as sex, which shouldn’t even be considered until the teen-aged years at the earliest. Still, all the usual nut-jobs on the left started screaming that this weak-assed bill would make it illegal to say the word gay. It’s so preposterous that it defies belief, but I’m sure there are a whole lot of people that have bought the b.s. hook line and sinker. In the meantime, the cartels and the scum sucking maggots in our government will continue to exploit and profit from their evil, all the while promoting harmful, destructive teachers and school administrators to advance the agenda of changing the morality of America and the world.

In another one of my blogs from March of 2021 titled “Why Do We Hate Our Children”, I bemoaned the effects that all the Covid restrictions were having on our children. These issues are finally starting to be addressed, with some states and communities ending the mask mandates for kids in schools. The question still remains. So off I go on another, hopefully linkable tangent. Where I live, our local school district teachers have gone on strike for better pay. I don’t want to get into the specifics of that situation, although I was incredibly proud of my 15 year old grandson who spoke out at a school board meeting in favor of his teachers. I may not agree with everything he said, although his main point of vastly overpaid administrators was spot on, the fact that he had the courage to get and speak was amazing, and I couldn’t be prouder of him. The thing that struck me immediately was, how can these teachers justify a strike after what they and their despicable teacher’s unions have inflicted on these kids the last 2 years with the masking and remote learning. Issues like suicide and drug overdoses that are now, finally being brought out of the shadows. These teachers may have a just cause for complaint, but in their own selfishness, they are once again failing our kids. In my view they are lucky to still have their jobs, I know a lot of people, like myself for instance, who didn’t survive the “Covid Purge” of older workers. I remember years ago when teachers were looked upon as unselfish, dedicated educators, whose main ambition was to teach, not indoctrinate. They received immense satisfaction when one of their students achieved academic success. Nowadays it seems that a vast majority of teachers, who themselves were indoctrinated at liberal colleges, only care about turning children into “social justice warriors”. Who cares if they can’t read or write or balance a bank account. I used to look up to teachers, and unfortunately a lot of willfully ignorant people still do, judging by the supporting honks of drivers passing by the picket line at our local high school. I’m sure there are still a lot of great teachers out there, but like the doctors and scientists who have coerced by the medical/industrial/complex into submission, these great teachers have been cowed into cowardice by the all powerful teacher’s union. A union that doesn’t give a damn for the well-being of our children, only for the advancement of their leftist agendas. To sum it all up, once more I say “CAN WE PLEASE STOP HATING OUR CHILDREN? CAN WE PLEASE, PLEASE, STOP USING THEM FOR WHATEVER DEMONIC OR POLITICAL PERVERSION THAT SUITS OUR “ELITES”. HUMAN BEINGS, ESPECIALLY CHILDREN ARE NOT COMMODITIES. We have to look beyond all the wag the dog stories about Ukraine. Even though they are not inconsequential by any means, they serve an intended purpose to distract us from issues that are just as important, arguably even more so. All of this, Ukraine, Covid, pedophilia, the ruining of our economy, the dismantling of the fossil fuel industry, all of these crisis’ are the attempt by the progressive/globalists to destroy the one country that has the ability to withstand The Great Reset. None of these issues is more important than another, they are all part of the plan, and as freedom loving humans we need to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time. I realize that it all gets incredibly overwhelming at times, but all of us have to find the strength, the will to fight these bastards on all of these multiple fronts. I believe that we can do it, if fact we are doing it, just like when Hitler opened up too many fronts in WWII, I think the progressive/globalists may have overplayed their hand, and that, increasingly the worlds population is waking up to their plot. Let’s hope and pray it not only continues but grows and grows.





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