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Medication Nation

“Don’t mess with a nation that needs medication.” Christopher Titus. “Depressed, overworked, job sucks, unappreciated, family problems, money worries? Here is a pill for you. Fukital.” Robin Williams. “I’m addicted to placebos, I’d give them up, but it wouldn’t make any difference.” Steven Wright.

One issue my wife and I have had since moving to rural North Carolina has been health care. Tarboro is a small town, around 11,000 souls and there just isn’t the choice of doctors that we had in California. This has necessitated us to be very careful in how we take care of ourselves, as we are also temporarily without health insurance. My wife has been finding a lot a videos about alternative methods to deal with some of the issues we face, and for the most part they have been very effective. Most of these involve eastern forms of medicine. We utilize Yoga, Qigong and for myself Kung Fu to not only deal with issues such as sinuses and sleeplessness, but also to try and maintain our bodies. One thing about Tarboro that surprised us when we moved here, is the astonishing number of fast-food joints, I may have mentioned this before, but in the 2 mile drive from our home to what has become our weekend abode, Lowes, there are something like 17 fast food restaurants. The overall health of Tarboro residents reflect this situation, as there are a lot of obese people here, I myself have gained 15 pounds since we moved here, and that’s without going to any of those 17 restaurants. There just isn’t any decent produce to be found here in town, for that, we have to drive to Greenville.

I’m bringing this up because of the state of our medical health system, especially in light of the disastrous response to Covid. There can be no doubt that the public has lost faith in our public health system, and this is a big issue for my wife and I, not only is there an extremely limited number of physicians, we have to find one that can be trusted. The problem with it started long before Covid. The outgrowth of the pharmaceutical industry is a direct reflection of western medicine philosophy, which simply stated is, identify the illness and find a treatment for it, usually involving some sort of drug. Eastern medicine is holistic in approach and seeks to prevent the illness through proper care of the body and the use of natural remedies to treat an illness if it occurs. One can argue whether one form is better than the other, but in one critical aspect western medicine prevails. That aspect would be financial. In 1-Timothy verse 6:10 the Bible says “The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.” Western medicine generates billions and billions of bucks for drug companies, and their partners in crime, the insurance industry, to name just 2 facets of the medical/industrial complex. A gargantuan entity that has taken over every aspect of western medicine. The love of money has all but supplanted the Hippocratic oath in western medicine. From drug companies, to insurance companies, to medical colleges, from top to bottom, the goal of western medicine has shifted from treating the patient to seeing how much revenue the patient or procedure can generate. A prime example of this is the Vanderbilt story where a hospital admin was caught on tape extolling the profits generated from transgender surgery, truly disgusting. One of my favorite sayings is “drug companies don’t make cures, they make customers.” The conspiracy theorist world is rife with claims that cancer curing drugs exist, but they don’t want to bring them to market, because of the tremendous profits the chemotherapy drugs provide. That is not to say that there aren’t great doctors out there, if anything the Covid scamdemic has dramatically separated the good from the bad. On one hand you have doctors like Peter McCollough, who strive to get the truth out, on the other you have murderers like Tony Fauci, blatantly evil companies like Pfizer, and phony philanthropists like Bill Gates. It really is a David vs Goliath struggle, and you can tell which doctors still care by holding them to the test, do they believe in what’s been labeled as “Fauci-ism,” or do they still hold true to the Hippocratic oath to “do no harm.”

The first amendment guarantee of freedom of speech certainly applies to the drug manufacturers. What I find troublesome, to say the least, is the number of ads they produce. On some of the shows I stream, it seems like 90% of the commercials are for one drug or another. All of the ads are bad in my opinion, but one in particular really got to me, because it was for a condition I used to have, type 2 diabetes. When I was diagnosed, my doc told me the main cause of type 2 diabetes was from being overweight, which I definitely was. He put me on a drug called Metformin and suggested I modify my diet. After a few years of doing that, I got serious about changing my diet and exercising, I cut out a lot of the carbs I was eating and got serious about getting into better shape. The result was losing around 60 pounds and lowering my A1C level to what is termed “pre-diabetic” I stopped taking the Metformin because I was no longer classified as a type 2 diabetic. The point I’m making is that this drug, Ozempic (don’t you just love their jingle, oh, oh, oh, Ozempic, makes me want to vomit) claims to lower A1C levels, and it probably does, what got me was part of the ad said to use it in conjunction with diet and exercise, guess what, you probably wont need the drug at all if you just diet and exercise. I read where a recent appointee to the dietary guidelines advisory committee, a Dr. Fatima Stanford proclaimed that that obesity was mostly genetic. By doing this what she was basically saying is that diet and exercise were useless and you might as well take a drug if you’re overweight. So go ahead, keep eating those Krispy Kremes and have your lunch at Burger King, because it’s not your fault your fat. To my way of thinking, she is just another shill for the drug manufacturers. I’m sure that genetics can play a part, but the plain and simple fact of the matter is that even if you are predisposed to be overweight, you don’t have to give in to it, you can moderate what you eat, and you can get your ass off the couch. Unfortunately for big pharma that doesn’t generate a lot of income.

America has been a medication nation for a long time, and it’s ridiculous, and it’s deadly, there have been numerous studies that show that anti-depressants and other drugs have found there way into our water supply. We’ve become a society where if something ails us, we go to the doc and they prescribe a pill. It’s not even real medicine anymore. What it does is absolve the patient of personal responsibility in maintaining their individual health. It’s why so many people just blindly went along with whatever nonsense Fauci was promoting. Remdesivir, a very costly, very toxic drug was promoted instead of cheap effective treatments like hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin. The jab was better than natural immunity. We’ve been thoroughly brainwashed into thinking our medical system, often touted as the benchmark for the world, is infallible. Our physicians and scientists are worshiped as being godlike in their abilities, and doctors in turn have embraced this philosophy. When my wife had shoulder surgery, the surgeon was completely full of himself, it was disgusting, in his mind he was a god. How about for instance, supreme narcissist and mass murderer, Dr. Mengela-Fauci calling himself “the science.” We’ve been conditioned to think the leaders of our medical system would never endanger the public, and put profit over care. The exact opposite is true. Our medical establishment has become nothing more then a gang of drug pushers sponsored by Pfizer.

One of the basic techniques in solving a crime is “follow the money,” I saw this a while ago and I think it bears repeating, it’s a partial list of some of the TV shows that are sponsored by Pfizer, CBS Sports Updates, Meet The Press, CBS This Morning, 60 Minutes, CNN Tonight, Early Start, Erin Bennet; Out Front, This Week With George Stephanopoulos, Good Morning America, CBS Health Watch, Anderson Cooper 360, ABC News Nightline, and just a few days ago The Grammys. Pfizer spent around $55 million on just TV ads in 2021, all told big pharma spent around $4.5 billion on TV ads. That kind of money will get you very favorable press coverage, as evidenced by the recent censorship of the Project Veritas sting. This is just advertising on TV, think about all the cash being doled out by lobbyists. So, what big pharma wants, big pharma gets, especially censorship. I find the whole concept of advertising drugs that have to be prescribed by a doctor extremely troubling. It makes me wonder how many people after seeing a drug ad will go their doc and say “I saw this on TV and I think it’s the drug for me,” and the doc, who is probably getting free samples of the drug, says “youbetcha!” Of course, that’s exactly what big pharma wants to see happen, more customers. It’s insidious, especially when, at the end of a pharma ad they list all the possible side effects. The side effects are usually worse than the condition they are meant to treat. (I love the Robin Williams bit where he talks about the side-effects of a weight loss drug, that “may cause anal seepage.”)

Big pharma has right to advertise their product. We the people have the right to censor them. How? By boycotting programs that are sponsored by Pfizer. If a news program is sponsored by Pfizer you can bet it’s also being censored by Pfizer. When you see an ad for a drug, turn it off. If you have a problem see your doc, hopefully you have one that isn’t in bed with big pharma. Practice discernment, don’t simply trust what some commercial is telling you, simply because it’s on TV. Look for alternative treatments, they may work, they may not, but the eastern medicine model of prevention of illness instead of treating an illness after you’re already sick, is at the very least, logical. I’m not a doctor, I don’t even play one on TV, so my advice has to be taken with that in mind. Keep in mind, the globalists are hard at work promoting programs through the WHO that will implement their medical policies on all member nations, if that ain’t scary I don’t know what is. Join groups like and globalwalkout so you can add your voice to the ever-growing multitude of pissed-off people. Ultimately, your personal health is the same as your individual freedom, if you don’t protect it, if you leave it in the hands of governments or corporations that definitely don’t have your best interests at heart, you will lose it. My wife and I are solidly pro-life, but one thing the abortionists ironically have gotten correct is “my body, my choice.” The irony being that these were the same people who wanted to mandate the clot-shot, and don’t care about the body that is in a pregnant woman. Letting an organization like the WHO dictate health issues can only have one result, the loss of bodily autonomy, which in itself is the loss of personal freedom and in the end will lead to enslavement at best, to death at worst. We all have a voice, especially when it concerns our individual health, the damage to the public’s trust in our health industry, may never be undone, but on the flip-side maybe it’s time for our doctors and scientists to be brought down a peg or two and deal with reality. There was a doc on Tucker Carlson who wrote an op-ed apologizing for what he did during Covid, the whole medical establishment needs to take that apology to heart, it’s like the joke I love to tell, “what do you call 100 tort lawyers buried up to their necks in sand? A good start.” A hundred doctors saying they got it all wrong, that would be a good start.

Rock On Y’all!

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"We utilize Yoga, Qigong and for myself Kung Fu to not only deal with issues such as sinuses and sleeplessness, but also to try and maintain our bodies."

Fed spotted! Study Old KJV Bible and we'll talk.

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Read the Bible completely numerous times. I prefer my NASB Thompson study Bible, if you are accusing me of being a fed, you haven't read my blogs.

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