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Lying Liars lying in Wait

There has been a lot of stories on the inter-web about a forthcoming “red wave” in the 2022 midterm elections. To be sure there are a lot of candidates that are not a part of mainstream politics, Kari Lake and Blake Masters in Arizona, J.D. Vance in Ohio, Hershel Walker in Georgia and Joe Kent in Washington, who appear to have gotten into politics for the right reason, to change the status quo. To drain the swamp. I’ve been saying for years that, there is very little difference between Republicrats and Demicans, they are lizard people. Liz(ard) Cheney and Cryin’ Adam Kis-ass-zinger should admit they are leftists and get it over with. Bitch McConnell must have to sun himself on a rock like a snake on a hot Kentucky afternoon just to stay warm, to say nothing of the worthless Lindsey Graham who thinks Jan 6th protestors deserve what they get, which is sub-human indefinite incarceration in the D.C. gulag. Kevin McCarthy thinks he’s going to be the new House speaker, says he won’t impeach Biden and won’t endorse Carmen Maria Montiel against the moronic Sheila Jackson Lee in Texas, because of a D.U.I. conviction, or so he says, I don’t speak Rino. It makes my skin crawl every time I see him on tv. These creatures are the face of the current Repupican party, and they are as much responsible for the current state of this country as the Demonrats in charge. There just doesn’t need to be a “red wave” in November, there needs to be a red Noah’s Flood, because that’s what it’s going to take to flush this excrement down the toilet where it belongs. If, God willing, there is a decisive change in Congress, there are issues that need to be addressed immediately. The failure of which will let everyone know who’s on the people’s side and who is still mired in the swamp. Todays Repupican party is known primarily for 2 things, being the party of rich old white men, and being spineless when confronting Demonrats. That’s why it’s so great to see people like Margerie Taylor Greene, Ron DiSantis, Thomas Massie my favorite Louisiana Senator John Kennedy (just because of the way he tells it like it is) and Lauren Boebert, challenge the traditional perception of the Repupican party. If Congress changes hands, and I’m still not convinced they will, especially because of the proclivity of Demonrats to steal elections, there will be some core issues that will need to be addressed before we can have some faith that they are the real deal and not just some more of the same lizards that have made the Republican party the joke it has become. The first is impeachments and then subsequent trials. “Slow” Biden has to go first, this is a no brainer despite what the worm Kevin McCarthy says, there are so many reasons to impeach this poser that it would take a whole blog to list them. Next SS leader Merrick Garland, this p.o.s. needs to go a.s.a.p. and then put into the D.C. Gulag FOREVER! The third is Mayorkas for the obvious reasons. This is what I like to call burying a hundred lawyers up to their eyebrows in sand, a good start. Next is the defunding and re-organization of the F.B.I. There can be no doubt the FBI, once heralded as the premiere law enforcement agency in the world has devolved into a glorified Gestapo, bent on the political persecution of the regime’s enemies. Next, they have to find a way to restart America’s energy independence, there is no other way to get this country rolling again, the “new green deal” is a fraud, a sham and a deliberate attempt to ruin America and must be stopped no matter what.

There are so many things that need to be fixed after decades of malfeasance by neo-con asswipes like the Bushes, and the outright socialist perverts like the Clintons, Bidens and Obama. Say what you want about Trump, the man certainly has his faults, but loving America is not one of them. He was absolutely correct when he said we have to drain the swamp. It’s going to take strong courageous leadership, who can’t be corrupted by the crony capitalists and deep state bureaucrats that have the power to turn even a righteous person into a swamp rat. We the people need to help them do their job. The first thing is to hold them accountable, the time for appeasement and compromise with the left is over. If they falter or turn away from an America first policy, then they need to go, plain and simple. The time for voting for the lesser of two evils is over, we can’t afford to elect another Bush, or have worthless Rino candidates like McCain and Romney. If I had my druthers I’s rather see a DiSantis/Gabbard ticket than see Trump run again just because of the divisiveness he creates. Gabbard would draw tradition liberals into the party, as a veteran she could speak about the insanity of provoking Russia into a nuclear confrontation. DiSantis doesn’t have the divisive baggage of Trump, but is every bit as conservative, maybe even more so, and has shown to be better at putting good people around him which is something Trump failed miserably at. Hopefully the changes states have made to voting procedures will prevent the outright theft of this election. If the polls and Vegas are right there should be a tidal wave of Republicans elected, but after 2020 I’m not holding my breath. That leaves us with 2 questions. #1 If the red wave fails to materialize and the Demonrats manage to steal yet another election, what will the American people do? Will there finally be an outcry of such outrage that the people will demand justice? #2 If the red wave does happen, will those Republicans elected actually do what they promised to do? As Lee Rogers always said, “never fall in love with a politician, they will break your heart every time”. I’m sure a lot of normal Democrats, not the crazy leftists who have usurped the party, are feeling buyer’s remorse at what the Biden Regime has done to our country. If the red wave happens, then we need to make sure this new congress doesn’t make the same mistake and forget about how and why they were elected, and we the electorate need to always remember the axiom-Buyer Beware.

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