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Lies, Narratives, and The Truth (Maybe)

A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on”

Winston Churchill

So I get on my knees, and pray. Only love and peace can save these days. In the end all we want is to be free, and not be a slave to manipulating liars.


The second quote is from a song called “Manipulating Liars” which I wrote last summer after watching the major media calling the BLM-Antifa riots which destroyed vast parts of our cities, “peaceful protests”. One reporter saying exactly that, while in the background you could see a building totally engulfed in flames. Three recent news stories have caught my attention these last few weeks, that I feel really demonstrate how we are constantly being manipulated by the news. How thinly disguised propaganda is being touted as actual news, in order to create a narrative that validates whatever side you happen to believe. The stories I want to examine are the 60 Minutes piece about Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, the controversy about the Georgia election law, and the story about what is going on at the Mexican border.

All three of these stories have been presented in highly partisan narratives. What are we supposed to believe? Which stories are real, and which are lies? Why is our news media not telling both sides of the story in an impartial and unbiased manner? The answer to these questions are as complicated as the questions themselves. On the surface the most obvious answer is political power, and that certainly plays a huge part, but I truly feel the answer lies underneath all that. Now, I’ve said from the beginning when I started this blog, that I have no special credentials, no college education, no “inside contacts” that provide me with confidential, secret information. I’m just an ordinary guy struggling to make sense out of an extraordinary time. That being said, all that I can do is try to look at what both sides are saying and try to glean the truth, separate the wheat from the chaff, without being compromised by my conservative political philosophy.

Let’s look at the first example. On Easter Sunday, 60 Minutes ran a story about an alleged “pay for play” scheme by Florida governor Ron DeSantis involving the chain store Publix, who had made a contribution to his campaign. The accusation said that DeSantis rewarded Publix for the donation by choosing them to roll out the Covid vaccines to Florida’s large elderly population. DeSantis immediately took to conservative media outlets to refute the charge, saying that it was a hit piece designed to throw him in a bad light. That this was because of his “up and coming” status in the Republican party. He has been touted as a possible presidential candidate in 2024, mainly due to his handling of the Wu-flu. 60 Minutes did not back down, standing by their story as a factual representation of what DeSantis did. The issue, according to DeSantis was that 60 minutes only used about 1 minute of an almost 3 minute response he gave to the CBS reporter, and they deceptively edited it to make him look bad. There are transcripts of his entire response, and the part that 60 Minutes used on Politifact[1] and I have listened to audio recordings of both his original statement and the 60 Minutes version. 60 minutes responded to DeSantis’ claims of a hit job by saying that the edits were done for “clarity”. If that were all there was to the story, it could possibly be dismissed as a sort of “he said, she said” kind of thing. However, two other persons, both Democrats, have come forward to repudiate 60 Minutes version of the story, Florida Emergency Management Director Jared Moskowitz, who said the 60 minutes story was and I quote, “bullshit”. The other was Palm Beach County Mayor, Dave Kerner who verified DeSantis’ account of what happened with the vaccine rollout using the Publix stores[2] Redstate published an article that revealed emails sent from Moskowitz to 60 Minutes that back up DeSantis’ claims and refute the narrative of 60 Minutes.[3]***

Why did 60 Minutes push a story they knew to be false? Why didn’t they use the statements of Moskowitz and Kerner? The answer, at least in my humble, “common man” opinion is obvious. 60 Minutes had no concern for the actual truth, the actual truth didn’t accomplish their goal of trying to discredit DeSantis. They fully believe and trust in Winston Churchill’s quote. You can judge for yourself. I actually think that their strategy has backfired, as the actual truth of what happened shows CBS to be “Manipulating Liars”.

The next story deals with how divisive rhetoric can manipulate the truth. Joe Biden came out against the new Georgia voting law that mandated I.D. requirements and signature verification on absentee ballots. He called it “Jim Crow on steroids” and “it makes Jim Crow look like Jim Eagle” whatever that is supposed to mean. Why did he say something that was so inflammatory, when he campaigned as a “uniter”? Did he maybe forget the atrocities that the Jim Crow laws inflicted on black Americans for 100 years? I don’t think so. Whether or not you believe that Biden is calling his own shots, the motive here seems obvious. Use inflammatory rhetoric to inflame your base constituents, something the major media accused Trump of doing repeatedly, and to be truthful they were not wrong in doing so. The Civil Rights act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, and the Fair Housing Act of 1968 effectively ended all of the Jim Crow laws.[4] has a great piece about the sordid history of the Jim Crow period. I think it’s safe to say that the Georgia law in no way imaginable relates to anything about Jim Crow. In fact, I think that it is actually racist to think that it does. The argument always put forward by the progressives is that requiring I.D.’s is discriminatory to African Americans. Carry out that logic out. What they are saying is that they are either too stupid or too ignorant to get an I.D. I saw one of those “man on the street” interviews. The reporter asked students at a college campus in New York, I believe, if they thought the Georgia law was discriminatory because of the I.D. issue. Now I realize that the answers recorded were probably not a fair representation on the student body at this college, maybe they were. These students were all Caucasian and they only used a half a dozen of them. All of the responses were yes, they thought the law discriminated against blacks. Then the reporter then went and interviewed a half a dozen African Americans on the street, asking them if they knew where the D.M.V. was, and if they had some form of identification. These people looked at the reporter as if he was from another planet, of course they know where the local D.M.V. is, of course they have an I.D., how can you get or do anything these days without one. Too suggest that any group of people in America today is somehow incapable of acquiring one is completely racist from my point of view. Yet, black democrat leaders in Georgia followed in lockstep with Biden’s proclamation that the law was “Jim Crow on Steroids”, putting pressure on corporations and Major League Baseball to boycott Georgia. How could they, in good conscious do this? The loss of the MLB All-Star game will cost the state, by one estimate over $100 million in lost tourism revenue[5], plus the financial damage done to black owned small businesses in Atlanta, which has a 51% black population, and were counting on the game to bring in profits lost by Covid lockdowns. MLB moved the game to Denver which has a roughly 9% black population and voting laws that are very similar to the new Georgia law. Why did they do this? The most obvious answer is they don’t care about their constituents, they only care about retaining political power. The corporations and MLB displayed their own version of “hypocrisy on steroids”. Marco Rubio called out MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred, asking if he would give up his membership at Augusta National, and sever ties with the C.C.P[6]. Coca Cola and Delta Airlines who also have extensive ties to the repressive, tyrannical, genocidal, communist regime in China joined in with MLB. Now, if you think they are going to risk billions of bucks on possibly pissing the C.C.P. off, then I have some swamp land in the Sahara desert to sell you. They are all “Manipulating Liars”.

The final story is undoubtedly the saddest and most tragic of all. Whether he will admit it or not, Joe Biden did say in the debates that if elected he would not deport anyone trying to come to America. I understand that I’m paraphrasing him, but all you have to do is look at the pictures of the people wearing Biden t-shirts coming across the border to know that at the very least that is how they interpreted it. (By the way, something I’ve been wondering since the day I saw those pictures of all the illegal immigrants marching to the border, where did they get those Biden t-shirts? Who paid for them?) Biden’s administration has resolutely refused to call it a crisis, telling reporters at one point that they will be allowed to see the facilities when they are ready to be seen. Meaning when we get it to a point where it doesn’t look as bad as it is, we’ll let you check it out. To say that this is a humanitarian crisis, understates the problem to the extreme. On this issue, there can be no equivocation, there should be no debate. What is happening at the border is just plain EVIL! Kamela Harris was tagged to deal with the issue, to date she has not visited the southern border, neither has Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas. The catch and release program has been reinstituted, allowing thousands of illegal immigrants to pour across our border. The answer to why this is being allowed to happen seems obvious as well, these immigrants are potential Democrat voters. Allowing them in will change the demographics of America for years to come, maybe permanently, insuring Democrat party rule for the foreseeable future. I certainly believe that this is part of the reason, but I also believe that there are far more nefarious explanations of why this tragedy has been allowed to happen, and it has to do with American “corpratocracy”, the One World Government people, terrorists and child trafficking. The latter, child trafficking, is by far the most heinous of all. Today, I read a story of children being sexually abused in the San Antonio facility, a FEDERAL FACILITY![7] I’ve heard stories, too many to count, of how these children are often raped on their way to the border. Parents willingly sell their children to Coyotes to bring them across the border where they give themselves up to the border police. The drug cartels control the Mexican side of the border and they are getting richer than ever by trafficking these children[8]. These kids who are literally being stacked together, looking like a bunch of baked potatoes in facilities that are overcrowded, by some estimates of over 600%. The figures speak for themselves, the highest level of unaccompanied children during the Trump administration in 2019 was half of Biden’s, surging to well over 18,000[9]. This is a humanitarian atrocity. Yet not a negative word from the likes of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who blasted Trump’s “concentration camps”. This policy by our current administration is sure to have far reaching ramifications, not just here, but in the countries these immigrants are coming from, as they are losing important segments of their own population. Instead of being able to use their own people to build their own economies, they are now becoming reliant on these immigrants sending back money to bolster their economies. Still, that pales in comparison to the trauma that is being inflicted on these children. Only time will reveal what the true human cost of these policies ends up being.

I realize that all of these stories are from my own political perspective. I welcome any and all perspectives and stories from other worldviews. “Manipulating Liars” are prevalent on all sides. They are not exclusively left or right. It comes down to questions of, was it worth it? Is it worth telling lies to advance propaganda? Is it worth sacrificing children at the altar of political power? Is it worth selling out your own people to advance your warped ideology? Is it worth freedom? Is it worth your soul? In the end we all have to answer these questions, if not to some higher power, as I believe, than at the very least to ourselves. In the end only you, yourself, can answer these questions, and, in my humble, common man opinion, that answer will determine whether you are good or evil. What it really boils down to is, are we going to be free, or slaves to “Manipulating Liars”.

As always, and with my utmost sincerity, PEACE AND LOVE AND ROCK ON Y’ALL!


[1] Politifact. “Unpacking the edits in 60 Minutes report on Ron DeSantis, Florida Vaccines” 4/07/21 [2] Fox News “Florida Dem claims he told CBS DeSantis story was bullshit…” 4/07/21 [3] Redstate “Emails between 60 Minutes and DeSantis’ office make things even worse…” 4/07/21 [4] “Jim Crow Laws: Definition, Facts & Timeline” 2/28/18 [5] CNN “MLB’s decision to move its All-Star Game out of state of Georgia will have $100 million [6] Newsweek “Marco Rubio challenges MLB commissioner Rob Manfred….” 4/05/21 [7] ABC News “Texas investigating child abuse allegations at temporary migrant facility…” 4/08/21 [8] KXAN Austin “Border Patrol: Mexican cartels charging every person that comes across…” 3/27/21 [9] CBS NEWS “Biden officials defend border response…” 4/08/21

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