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Let's Go Brandon

I wrote on my blog last week that I was calling an uneasy truce between myself and the NFL. I explained it was because so much has been taken from me and I felt the need for some sort of familiarity, some kind of continuity before “bizzarro-world” (BW) came and changed everything. Before BW I was a huge sports nut, especially for pro football. I was a big SF 49ers and Oakland Raiders fan, at least I was a Raiders fan in the 70’s before they moved to L.A. I worked at a local deli near where the Raiders used to have their training camp in Santa Rosa, and was able to meet a couple of my Sunday afternoon favorites. Guys like Matt Millen and Big John Matuzak, when they stopped in for sandwiches. It was totally cool. I was able to see Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Tom Rathman and Roger Craig play at the ‘Stick a couple of times and those are memories that will never fade. Then came Colin Kaepernick, or as I like to call him Colin Crapernick. For his first couple of years, he was one of the most exciting players in the league, taking the Niners to the super bowl, before losing to the Baltimore Ravens. From then on it was all downhill for him. Opposing defenses had figured out he was pretty much a one trick pony, and his performances went steadily downhill. Then he decided to become a spokesman against what he felt was white oppression, namely white on black police shootings. He started the whole kneeling before the national anthem thing and once wore socks with pigs on them to denigrate the police. Like a lot of fans, I found his actions totally disgraceful and misinformed, but I let it go because I feel that people have the right to express themselves, right or wrong. Still, I also felt that it was wrong to do it the way he did, on his employer’s time. I felt a more proper way would have been to gather likeminded athletes and buy their own T.V. time to preach their message, they certainly have enough money to do that. Doing it during a game only served to divide the public. To me that was so contrary to what pro sports has always been able to do, which was bringing people of different ethnicities and political beliefs together, even if only for a few hours. Uniting, not dividing. It’s funny, I just read a recent report that said Crapernick wants another chance to play in the NFL, that’s a laugh. While he is correct that the league black-balled him for his politics, there isn’t going to be any team that will employ anyone so divisive and frankly not very good. I’ve also found it hilarious how the league has been so quick to get rid of John Gruden, but players who have committed domestic abuse and other crimes continue to play. What was touted by the league as “This is going to be one of the greatest seasons ever”, is rapidly disintegrating before their eyes, that’s just too bad, I feel so sorry for these hypocrites and frauds. If they think John Gruden is the only one with issues, then they are truly blind. I bet if league officials took a look at all the emails from not just the coaches, like Gruden, but the owners especially, I think they would unveil a culture that isn’t that far removed from any of John Gruden’s emails. Gruden’s mistake was criticizing the commissioner Roger Godell, an unforgivable sin. While they are at it, (by the way aren’t these private emails?), why don’t they take a look at the players emails as well? Maybe the agents could use some scrutiny, if you’re going to invade someone’s privacy you might as well go “whole hog” as the saying goes.

Fast forward to last year, the Covid year. The NFL decided to let players express themselves by putting messages on the back of their helmets, and having “social justice” banners in the end-zone. This was partly done by the league to deflect the damage done by Crapernick when they settled his lawsuit, and partly to appease the BLM tyrants. It only exacerbated the problem however, by alienating a core group of fans (like myself). The worst, at least for me, was when New Orleans QB Drew Breeze, who was rightly regarded as a hero in New Orleans for his tremendous work after hurricane Katrina, apparently had to have his spine removed and backtracked on his "controversial” statement that “all lives matter. Think about that for a moment, “all lives matter” being controversial. But with all the Black Lives Matter madness which had sprung up over the summer of 2020, it was understandable if not acceptable. Then the Jacob Blake incident happened, and there was a picture of Breeze with “Jacob Blake” on the back of his helmet. It was the last straw for me and the NFL. Jacob Blake, like George Floyd were criminals, the fact that they encountered the police was because of their own actions, it had absolutely nothing to do with “systemic racism”. I was done with the whole phony BLM narrative. Once again, I will state my position on racism. I firmly believe that ALL LIVES MATTER! It doesn’t matter what color your skin is, or what your ethnicity is, or for that matter whether you have been born or not, ALL LIVES MATTERS! For me there is only one race, the human one. If BLM really actually cared for black lives, they would be doing something about the black-on-black violence that occurs on a daily basis in cities like New York and especially Chicago. Maybe they could take on planned parenthood, who somehow decided to put the majority of their abortion clinics in black inner-city neighborhoods. Something I’m sure their racist founder, Margaret Sanger had a hand in. BLM is nothing more than an Anarchist/Marxist, anti-family, anti-American, movement, they could care less about black lives, or any lives, other than their own, as evidenced by the lavish real estate holdings one of their founders managed to acquire using BLM funds.

So, because of all the pandering to BLM by not only all the major pro sports leagues, and their athletes, but also the major college ones as well, I couldn’t in good conscious continue to watch this crap being foisted on me. I started actively rooting against the teams I used to support. I loved reading reports of big ratings losses, especially by the NBA, who I have developed a huge dislike for, not just because of the BLM thing, but also because of their unapologetic ties to the CCP. (I still will NEVER, EVER watch another NBA game). I did watch a couple of college football bowl games, and laughed at how they had to pipe in crowd noise because of the Covid seating restrictions, it was all so phony. I loved it when the reports came in about the massive financial losses the leagues experienced due to their plummeting ratings, and no crowds, the saying “go woke, go broke” really summed it all up for me, and frankly, still does.

Then, this summer I started just keeping track of the SF Giants. At first, I was rooting against them, hoping they would also be paying the price for their “woke-ness” as it were. After a while though, I started to pay more attention, watching a game or two, here and there. It was actually kind of cool, fans in the stands, no political bs anywhere, and a bunch of players who seemingly played for a love of the game, so I made peace with the Giants. It wasn’t like it was before though, my passion was gone, but at least I did get some enjoyment from watching the games. I tried to do the same with the Niners, and for a while it was ok, but than I saw the BLACK LIVES MATTER, slogan on QB Trey Lance’s helmet. From what I saw, I could be wrong, he was the only player to do so, talk about being a team player. So, instead of going back to rooting for the Niners, I went back to rooting against them, and sure enough they are losing, three games in a row lately. I love it when Karma displays itself.

I am still a sports junkie and I had to find something to get my fix, so I went back to NASCAR. I’ve been a casual fan of NASCAR for years, when I was working for Ford, I’d always root for the Ford cars and Drivers. I was even able to catch a couple of races at Sears Point, and it was amazing! You don’t appreciate what these drivers actually do until you see it in person. The road course at Sears Point is an intense race, up hills, around tight corners, drivers getting on two wheels going around a turn, the thunder of the stock car engines rumbles in your chest. The crowd, everything, it really is a fun experience. I encourage any sports fan to check out a NASCAR race, you won’t be disappointed. I looked past the whole Bubba Wallace fiasco, chalking it up to a sign of the times, and to their credit, NASCAR didn’t go fully woke, like the NBA and the NFL. Although I no longer work for Ford, I still maintained my loyalty to the Ford cars, but as the season wore on, it became obvious that the Chevy’s and Toyota’s were the class of the field. Still, there were a lot of very exciting races, and what was even better, great crowds, patriotic crowds, flag waving proud American fans, it was so great to see.

Then in August, College football came back. I was interested to see how they would proceed after the Covid year. Would they continue to reduce crowd size, would they blast political slogans all over the place? To my amazement they didn’t. There may be stuff out there, but the games I’ve watched have been remarkably free of political slogans, like the NFL, players can display political messages on their helmets, but I just haven’t seen a lot of that. What I see now, are crowds of students and fans with almost no one wearing a mask, and certainly not practicing social distancing. There has also been a backlash, and it can’t help but bring a smile to my face. The MSM certainly doesn’t want to cover this story. I’ve seen where they are saying that it’s just a small group of students, or some of the videos are not real, but once again, they are lying. The chants of college students yelling “F**K JOE BIDEN!” are increasing in frequency, volume and mass. More and more you see large groups of students and fans chanting “FJB” at not only college football games, but in other venues as well, like NASCAR. Which brings us to the latest chapter of this story. Brandon Brown is a driver on NASCAR’s Xfinity circuit, kind of like their “B” league. During an interview he did after winning a race, in the background you can hear the crowd chanting “F**K JOE BIDEN”, and the interviewer tried to spin it as “Lets Go Brandon” even though it was quite obvious what the crowd was yelling. Since then, it’s started to explode, now there are choruses of “Let’s Go Brandon” as well as the “FJB” chants. What I think is the best part, is its college students who are leading the charge. Over and over, you see reports on how our kids are being indoctrinated by colleges and universities. The insane, racist, communist professors teaching our young adults to hate America, and all She stands for. It is so heartening to see not all of these kids are buying the program, at least some of them can see what’s really going on. They can see what the Biden/Obama agenda is doing to this country. They can see the censorship, the lies, the outright disdain for the people who don’t kowtow to the edicts of the progressive left. I really think that this movement has taken the progressives by total surprise. Academia has been a bulwark for their propaganda for a long time. When they see more and more of the “FJB” and now “Let’s Go Brandon” chants on college campuses, along with the collapsing poll numbers for their Biden regime, they have to be getting pretty nervous. Thanks to our brave college students, sports is once again becoming a mechanism for unification, although not how the progressives imagined in their worst nightmares. This is something that even spokes-worm Psaki can’t spin, although she is certainly giving it the old college try, bwahahahaha.



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