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A Fly On The Wall

(I’ve often wondered what it would be like to be “a fly on the wall” when these progressive-globalists get together to strategize about their plans to rule the world, I think it would make Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers movies look sane, but hey what do I know)

(The names have been changed to protect my sorry a**)

In a basement located somewhere in a nondescript building, leaders of the prog-glob cabal have gathered via a super secret encoded zoom call to discuss the state of the “Great Reset”. Todays participants are W.E.F founder, Klaus Schwabenneger. Former humans, Hilliarly Rottenham and Whos’sane Obumer. Billionaire philanthopist and mediocre software designer, William (Bill) Dors. Resident Pedo Pete, professional Canadian asswipe Dustbin Castro, Chinese ruler and head executioner, Xi Sumping, and (staring at a reflection of himself in a mirror, Herr Dr. Mengela-Slouchi, known to himself as “The science”.

In that nondescript basement we see Klaus Schwabennegger talking to his chief minion Noah How’am’i, off camera. “Zhat muzzerf**ka Obumer! He promised zhat he could keep Pedo Pete in line, at least until ve achieved total control! Vhat a f**kstick, talk about an empty suit! And vhat ze f**k is vith his wife? I thought all ze rumors vere bullshit, but zhat bitch has broader shoulders zhan Ahnold! Michelle my ass.”

(How’am’I, sounding quite a bit like the old actor, Peter Louri) “Yes, we overestimated his usefulness, but all is not lost, we’re still hoping that we can salvage something, there are still some who buy his bullshit”

(Schwabenegger) “Vhateva, I vonder if Pedo Pete ever gets tired of Obumer’s hand up his arse, probably not! Mwhahahaha.”

(Zoom call goes online, Klaus goes first) “Guten Morgen! Damen und Herren. Ve are gazzered here today to discuss ze status of ze Great Reset. As all of you are avare, ve have made great progress in achieving global control. Howeva certain events have transpired, zhat have made some changzes to ze plan necessary to achieve our goal. Ve underestimated ze actual strength of ze humans vhich ve had previously deemed expendable, in fighting back against us. Ve had been assured (glares at Obumer) zhat especially in ze U.S., ze population was under complete corporate/media control and vould be incapable of mass resistance, and even if zhere vas a substantial resistance, our complete control over zheir media und elections would nullify any change to ze existing government. While zhat still may be ze case, ze reports ve are receiving give us great cause to vorry.”

(Obumer) “Don’t worry! Klaus my man! I got this one in the bag! All I got to do is show my handsome face, speak some hate whitey bullshit, and all those white liberal soccer moms will eat me, I mean eat it, up. Look I realize Pete is a problem, let me tell you, you’ve haven’t been in a room with him lately, let’s just say, sometimes Depends ain’t so dependable, know what I mean? All that aside, I know the people love me, I’m the 1st black president!”

(Hillairly Rottenham, muttering under her breath in her fake southern accent) “Y’all’s only half black, ‘sides Billy Jeff has always been called the 1st black president.”

(Obumer) “I heard that bitch, watch out or I’ll have Michael, I mean Michelle, go over and bitch-slap yo big fat ass.!”

(Hilliarly) “Got to get a man to do a boy’s work, eh Obumer”?

(Obumer) “You racist piece of shit, when I’m done with you even Keith Olberman won't touch you, bitch”

(Klaus) “Now zhats quite enough.” Lets get on to try and figure out how ve are going to deal vis dis mess.”

(Xi Sumping) “We could always do what we do in China, starve them, kill them, imprison them, genocide them, force them to abort all their daughters”….

(Klaus) “Zhanks, Sumping for all of your great ideas, not every country abuses ze people like you do, by ze way, may I say I’m a huge fan? Outstanding verk, ser gut”.

(Xi Sumping) “Danke sheon, mein Herr”. (Klaus smiles in appreciation)

(Dustbin Castro) “ I know what we could do, we can force them to watch CNN or MSNBC all the time, and outlaw every news outlet that doesn’t agree with us, like our good friend Zalenskevich did. Heck he even imprisoned his opposition and shut down networks that spoke against him, and our media still call his backwater shithole a democracy, Putin should take lessons from him.”

(Schwabenegger) “A very interesting proposal, Dustbin. By ze vay has

anybody seen Zalenskevich lately? He’s probably doing some stand-up comedy routine in ze Catskills, for all he is vorth.”

(Obumer) “That’s hilarious, have you seen his routine, he suuucks with a capital S, he should stick to being Pedo Petes favorite laundry man. Oh, by the way has everyone received their Ukrainian dividend this month? I know I haven’t, what’s up with that Klaus?”

(Schwabennegger) “Don’t vorry, ze check is in ze mail.”

(Obumer) “Yeah right, that’s what some Czechoslovakian dude told me about Michelle.”

(Hilliarly) “Can we cut the crap and get on with this, I’m late for my adrenochrome, did you see the way I looked on tv last light, Billy-Jeff damn near threw-up!”

(Pedo Pete suddenly joins in) “Sorry I’m late everybody, my wife wouldn’t let me out past my 5 o’clock bed-wet.., I mean bedtime ameiouchruticjts.”

(How’am’i) “ What did he just say?”

(Obumer) “No one knows, and no one cares.”

(Pedo Pete) “Come on man, I’m the leader of the free world!”

(Unbridled laughter from the rest of the zoom call participants)

(Schwabennegger) “Zats funny, maybe you should give up your day job and join your buddy Zelenskevich on his comedy tour, you’d be a hit.”

(William Dors) “I’ve heard about as much of this as I can stand, listen I’ve got another virus all set and ready to release, those folks over in Boston say this one has an 80% mortality rate, just give me word and I’ll release the Kracken.”

(Pedo Pete) “What? Don’t say that, it gives me the willies ever since that lawyer found out what we did in 2020.”

(Schwabennegger) “Vhich brings me to ze reason for zis discussion. Herr Obumer, you guaranteed ve vould have no problem keeping ze U.S. government under our thumb, vhat is ze problem?”

(Obumer) “I know, I’m sorry, even I didn’t think Pete could f**k things up this badly, I told him to stay in his basement in Delaware and keep his trap shut, but like I always say (everyone joins in unison) never underestimate Pete’s ability to f**k things up!”

(Schwabennegger) “Yes, ve all know vhat a f**k-up he is, my question is vhat do you intend to do about it?”

(Obumer) “Well, we are going to have to try and steal the election again. Thanks to Pete’s incompetence he’s awakened the people, now they don’t trust any of our media outlets, and now that Twitter is no longer under our control, actual truth is getting out to those stinking, gun toting, bible believing, deplorables. So, now they think they have a shot at taking back control of the U.S. government.”

(Pedo Pete, waking up from his doze) “Did somebody mention my name? Let me tell you about this bad dude, we called him Corn Chip, bebafunga mosstresit….” (audible snoring)

(Schwabennegger) “Good grief, could somebody get his nurse and put zhis imbecile to sleep.” “Permanently,” (muttered under his breath) “You assured us zhat, even if zhat happens, you vill be able to control zhem, just like all ze other sewer rats in D.C.”

(Obumer) “Well we thought we could, but there are some newbies out there that actually believe they can change the status quo, it’s going to be difficult to coerce them.”

(Herr Dr. Mengela-Slouchi) “Have they been vaccinated?”

(Schwabennegger) “Glad to see you could pry yourself from your mirror and join ze discussion, Herr Doktor. Vhy vould ve care if zhey got your shot?”

(Herr Dr. Mengela Slouchi) “Because if we wait long enough, it won’t matter, they will all be dead!”

(Schwabennegger) “Vishfull thinking Herr Doktor, but it can’t happen soon enough! At any rate, I’m afraid zhat you have outlived your uselfulness, you may not have realized zhis, but ze people no longer buy your lies, so zhis is goodbye Herr Docktor”..

(Herr Dr. Mengela-Slouchi) “No wait! You still need me! I’m the science! I’m still adored world wiiiiiiiiiiiideeee………”

(On screen we see the good doctor slowly evaporating)

(Schwabennegger) “Nice vork, How’am’i, Is zhat ze new technology you vere telling me about?”

(How’am’i) “Yes, It’s a byproduct of our transhumanism experiments. Shall we say, we deleted his program!”

(The rest of the zoom callers laugh maniacally )

(Schwabennegger) “Herr Obumer, you are telling me zhat ve have to rely on your old tricks to deceive people zhat are already onto our bullshit? I’ve heard zhere are people vatching ze ballot boxes, state governments have instituted measures to counter voter fraud. Our dear friend Georg Soreass, who couldn’t be here tonight, he’s getting his veekly blood and adrenochrome transfusion, has said zhat ze backlash he’s received over his funding of crooked district attorneys is very disturbing and zhat his color revolutions have not been as entirely successful as he had hoped, ze people are revolting!”

(Hilliarly) “You can say that again!”

(Schwabennegger) “Cut ze comedy crap, zhese revolting people might just be coming for us soon, if ve don’t find a vay out of zhis mess.”

(William Dors) “Just give me the word! I can make it so the only people left are the ones who will be serving our every want and desire. Come on! You know you want to. Just think! All those useless idiots who believe in some abstract ideas like God and freedom, will be removed from the gene pool, leaving only us godlike benefactors to rule for eternity. Just give me the word and I’ll make it all happen!” (William can be seen wiping the drool from his lips.) “Come on, Let’s do this!”

(Schwabennegger) “Geez Villiam, you sure you’re not Satan’s bastard son?”

(Dors) “Ah Klaus, that the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me!”

Suddenly the zoom call is disconnected due to some sort of software glitch, after all its running on a Windows platform.

(Schwabenegger) “Zhat goddamned Dors, he can’t even get software right, and ve expect him to be able to do vhat he says? How’am’i, I think it might be time to delete his program.”

(How’am’i, now sounding like Dracula’s slave Renfield) “Yesssss, masssster, yesss………”

Like I said before, man plans and God laughs,

Rock on y’all!

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How in the world did that video slip past YouTubes (((algoyrithm)))?

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