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Identify As Non-Binary

Right from the start, this isn’t going to be an essay into the transgender stupidity that is becoming more and more of a story lately. This is going to be a sort of re-hash of a blog I wrote a while ago, about abolishing political parties, in other words to be non-binary politically. Comedian, actor and podcaster Russel Brand recently made a U.S. tour, making appearances with Bill Maher, Ben Shapiro, Tucker Carlson, Dave Rubin and Greg Gutfeld. The Gutfeld show I thought was particularly interesting because his opening monologue detailed some very strident animosity the two had towards each other back in 2014. Despite that, Brand agreed to appear on the show, and it was one of the funniest and most interesting shows Gutfeld has done. Brand is a very interesting character, if you notice he doesn’t use qualifiers like “um” and “ah”, his brain fires on all cylinders. The hard left now thinks of him as a conservative, because he doesn’t strictly follow leftist orthodoxy. Still, I don’t think any hard line conservative would call Brand a right-winger, it’s sort of what Bill Maher has been saying, “my beliefs haven’t changed, the left has simply gone off the rails.” Gutfeld, Brand and the rest of the panel were talking about being non-binary politically, basically the same thing my previous essay was about. Political parties have become a noose around the neck of freedom, repositories and distributors of massive amounts of cash that pervert our whole political structure, widening the division happening in today’s society. The two parties in America foster this divide, fooling the people that there is a demonstrable difference between the two, which is ironic because for all intents and purposes, they’ve devolved into what’s been dubbed the “Uniparty.” In actuality we don’t have a two party system, so why should we keep pretending we do?

Brand pointed out and I agree, that there are probably far more people from the left and right that agree on basic issues then disagree. It’s the vocal minority on either side the purposely reinforces the divide. The hard core on the right and left will not tolerate dissension in the ranks, that was made very evident in last weeks House hearings, where liberal journalists Matt Taibbi and Michael Schellenberger were trashed by the Demonrats on the Twitter weaponization committee and Tucker Carlson was scolded by Bitch McConnell for having the temerity to expose the truth about Jan 6th. Brand likens them to the center of a circle, the core, with everyone else is on the periphery, on the outside looking in. I think that a very astute observation. The core of each side thinks they are righteous, and the other side is evil, but it simply isn’t as cut and dried as that. To think that every Repupican is without fault, or is telling the whole truth about anything is ludicrous. There has been a clip of Brand on Maher’s show where he is having a discussion with John Hellerman, a weasel from MSNBC who said that Fox is nothing but a right wing propagandist network, Brand countered with the absolute fact that MSNBC is the same thing, only a left wing propagandist network, they are both the same, two sides of the same coin, to which the idiot from MSLSD tried unsuccessfully to argue that it isn’t. They are at the core as well. They all lie, they all try to persuade you to follow them by only speaking partial truth if even that. My point is that modern main-stream media, social, print and video have become completely propagandist, and therefore unreliable for the whole truth. It’s podcasters like Joe Rogan, Tim Pool, and Russel Brand, who although they have been called right wingers by their detractors, are simply liberals who aren’t afraid to hear something that might run counter to their beliefs. Who are willing to change their mind in the face of new facts, taking the chance of getting “red pilled”. They are the ones on the periphery. Tucker Carlson gave an interview with former Fox coworker Clayton Morris where he stated that all he cares about is telling the truth, now some on the left may disagree with that, vehemently, and others may have a problem with his characterizations of certain public figures as morons, but I’ve found that the news he puts out there can be factually proven. He also stated that he is not beholden to the Repupican party, and in fact has been very critical of some Repupicans, particularly the Neo-Cons. Carlson is on the periphery, he’s an exception in the MSM, which has to include Faux News, he is a conservative no doubt, and approaches his stories from that point of view, but he has always shown the willingness to listen to other points of view. That’s the key. There will never be a world where everyone is either a conservative or a liberal. However, these days it seems like people on the right are far more willing to engage in a discussion, then people on the left, and are far more tolerant. There needs to be more voices like Rogan, Brand and Maher, for example who are willing to deviate from leftist orthodoxy and say that the emperor has no clothes. I’ve said this time and time again, you will never be able to convince me that more than 5% of all people, on the left or the right, that think there are more than 2 sexes, that pedophilia is ok, that following Ukraine into WWIII is a good thing, that basic human morality is white supremacy. Speaking for myself, I have no problem with an adult who wants to live a progressive lifestyle as long as they don’t try and shove it down my throat, but that is exactly what the left is trying to do. Certain issues are non-starters for me, the whole transgender thing where the left wants you to accept that basic biology is wrong, where they advocate the sexual mutilation of kids, or try to indoctrinate them with twisted ideologies before they are mentally capable of understanding them and pedophilia, are some of those issues. However, I think a meaningful discussion can be had about issues like drugs, homelessness, policing, prisons and the environment. A non-partisan discussion where ideas, not rhetoric are voiced, a non-binary political discussion. If political parties were abolished. such a discussion could take place, but in today’s political climate it’s just not possible. Can you imagine if a person was elected to office on the basis of their character, their actual beliefs, not party doctrine? As I wrote in my earlier blog, the core will resist the idea of abolishing political parties, because most of them, in one way or another make a living from political parties. I just don’t think that there are any insurmountable problems implementing the idea, especially if both sides can put aside partisanship and come together in a meaningful discussion. If we realize that there are far more issues that the left and right agree upon, and start from that basis, instead of focusing on the differences, then a meaningful, purposeful conversation can begin. Brand and Gutfeld buried the hatchet, Gutfeld appeared on one of Maher’s programs, Brand did a Carlson and Rubin interview. To me that’s proof that people from the left and right can have meaningful discussions. I think it would be great if Carlson could interview Chuck Schumer or McConnell, if Anderson Cooper interviewed Steve Bannon. Have Rachel Madow and Sean Hannity face off. Joy Reid against Jason Whitlock or Neil deGrass-Tyson vs Jordan Peterson. Wouldn’t it be great to see Dr. Mengela-Fauci and Dr. Brix go against Dr.’s Peter McCullogh and Robert Malone? They would have to be done in a forum where you aren’t allowed to talk over someone else and show respect with no name calling or ad-hominem attacks, in other words they would have to act like decent adult humans. One of the most exasperating problems we have today, is that one side won’t or sometimes can’t speak to the opposite side, for instance I hear Carlson say on multiple occasions, “we reached out to so and so for their opinion, and haven’t heard back from them.” Unless we can put aside ideological differences and have a meaningful discussion there can be no way to solve any of the existential issues facing humanity today. That means now more than ever, is the time to get this right, to change our path and turn away from the abyss it’s hurtling towards at breakneck speed, and we can only do it if we break from the core and work together in a non-binary political world where we are able to work out our differences and remain a free people.

Food for thought, My brothers and sisters.

Rock on Y’all

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