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Originally, I wanted to title this blog “The End Of Hopium” (part 2). To be truthful the reason is twofold as to why I chose this instead. My first reason is that I’m sick of all the notifications from various conservative blogs, podcasts, YouTube and Bitchute channels that scream this same headline only to talk about news that’s either days old, or inconsequential. The obvious reason being to get clicks and likes, I get it. Like a lot of bloggers or civilian journalists or whatever you want to call us, I’m trying to build an audience. I’m fairly new to this game and really have no idea what I should be doing to develop my following, other than going on line and trying to figure it out, sort of flying by the seat of my pants. One thing I noticed when I started getting some decent, well decent from my point of view, viewership from places like The Rumer Mill was that the title of my blog has a big effect on how many people view it, (duh) which is my second reason for the title of this blog. (Sorry for trick to get the click)

The first blog I did on “The End Of Hopium” has actually been my most read article, getting over 1,200 views. I know, small potatoes, but it felt really good to get over 1,000, something I haven’t managed to accomplish since. I re-read it again in preparation for writing this blog, and I feel it is still relevant even after a few months, in fact maybe even more so, given the results of last Tuesday’s elections. Another source I watched to prepare myself to write this, is Tucker Carlson’s documentary “Patriot Purge”, it’s very, very good, I strongly encourage everyone to watch it, (I was able to access it from Citizens Free Press so I didn’t have to subscribe to Fox Nation). I wrote in the first blog how I thought the whole “Q” conspiracy theory might just be a plot by the deep state to stop people from protesting. In Q world we’re told to “trust the plan” and that this is all “a movie”, Anons post with interpretations of cryptic Q posts, always saying that this or that date is a 1, 2 or 3 year “delta” about something a “Q drop” predicted would happen. Q is supposed to be some sort of intelligence group possibly founded by John Kennedy, who somehow, miraculously survived the assassination in Dallas. Also, his son JFK Jr is also supposed to be alive and well and will reemerge as Trump’s vice president when he is reinstated into office. One of the most fascinating Q inspired pages was one where this fellow connected Q posts to a defense manual called “The Law of War”. I watched the whole thing and have to admit it is very convincing. A couple of my favorite channels are the “X22 Report”, along with “Beach Broadcast News”. These sites do give actual news and events, Beach Broadcast was following the AMC, GameStop stock manipulation story very closely and she did some really excellent reporting on it, and Dave from X22 does an extremely good job reporting on news that the mainstream media absolutely will not cover. I read Judy Byington’s report on The Rumor Mill, daily, I really like what she does, which is a mix of provable, factual news, with news from the Q world, much in the same way as X22 and Beach Broadcast. The Q theory is very well done, juxtaposing facts with Hopium, its very convincing and it has a lot of people believing it.

I have come to realize, after watching the “Patriot Purge” documentary that all of this Q business is part of the deep states overall plan, just like the phony insurrection on January 6th . The protest on January 6th was obviously not what the MSM has always maintained it to be, which is that it was “as bad as 9-11” or “the most serious crisis America has faced, since the Civil War”. That has been obvious from the start. As soon as pictures of what looked like Antifa members changing clothes to look like Trumpers started going out over the internet, I knew it smelled like yesterday’s diaper. It’s become increasingly obvious that the FBI along with the CIA and the NSA, are all part of the deep state. Pond scum like the Bush’s, the Clinton’s, Obama, Comey, Brennan, Clapper and McCabe are all part of the monolithic bureaucratic monster that is actually running this country. I don’t think it’s too far-fetched to conclude that they colluded with the CCP (amongst others) to put Biden into office. Biden’s ties to the Chinese government have been well documented, making him the perfect stooge to install as a puppet for their purposes. As a side note, have you noticed how T.V. networks have all these programs that portray the FBI as such good guys? Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure that the majority of rank-and-file FBI agents are dedicated law enforcement professionals, but it is obvious that the agency as a whole is thoroughly corrupt.

Then came the reporting from Revolver News which revealed that most of the people involved with Michigan Governor, Gretchen Whitmer’s kidnapping plot were FBI agents and informants. Revolver News also revealed that some of the protestors shown in various videos of the January 6th protest have not been arrested while others have been persecuted as political prisoners for doing far less, speculating that these individuals were also either FBI agents or informers. This is nothing new, Glen Greenwald has done a lot of investigative journalism over the last few years about the FBI and its sordid history of using informants and agents to entrap people, getting them to commit crimes they wouldn’t have done if not for the involvement of the FBI. Then in another report, Revolver exposed a fellow named Ray Epps who is shown on multiple recordings encouraging protestors to storm the Capital building. This guy has not been arrested but his name was removed from the FBI’s most wanted list. Hundreds of American citizens have been either charged or arrested in the “shock and awe” DOJ campaign to arrest and prosecute “insurrectionists” for doing far less than what Ray Epps has been clearly shown on video actually doing. (Isn’t it interesting that nobody has actually been charged with insurrection?) The conclusion from this is obvious, and “Patriot Purge” drives the point home without explicitly calling Epps an FBI tool, which is what he undoubtedly is. Carlson’s documentary lays out the case that the January 6th “insurrection” was a ploy used to facilitate the purging of civilians and military personnel that do not agree with the Biden Regimes policies. Why else would the Capital Police, the National Guard, Nancy Pelosi and Chucky Schumer not prepare adequately for it, even though they had been forewarned. Those that have been arrested are nothing less than political prisoners who have been beaten, tortured and held without bail in solitary confinement in the hell-hole Gulag in D.C. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what’s going on here.

The same deep state argument can be made about the whole universal vaccination mandate. It makes absolutely no sense medically to require everyone to get the jab. Things like natural immunity, herd immunity and alternative treatments, make the vaccines totally unnecessary. So why are governments around the world pushing so hard to get every human jabbed? The answer to that is contained in an article by Emerald Robinson who was suspended from Newsmax for publishing it on Substack. She looked at the patent for Moderna’s vaccine and found that it contains something called Luciferase. Luciferase is an enzyme that can produce bioluminescence, used in the biomedical industry to track cells and proteins. The thing that’s very, very disturbing is that the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is fighting with Moderna over the ownership of the vaccine. DARPA wants to be able to deploy an implantable biochip, something called a hydrogel using nanotechnology, that can send a signal to a cell phone ap. If everyone is jabbed, then everyone will be able to be tracked. Apparently, Luciferase can do this exact thing. If that isn’t enough to scare the hell out of everyone, I don’t know what will. (By the way, Moderna somehow omitted it from their list of ingredients, but if you look at their patent, it’s there.)

Over and over again Q and the Anons provide dates on which certain events are supposed to happen, and yet they never do. There is always an explanation or excuse, with the caveat that we have to trust the plan. Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and John MacAfee are on Telegram purporting to have all the information to take down the deep state, promising “all will be revealed” in a few weeks, well a few weeks have gone by and guess what? Nada, zip, zilch. What are we supposed to make of all this? It’s the little boy who cried wolf, after a while nobody can possibly take them seriously anymore, especially when all of them are encouraging you to buy “Trump coins”. Can you say “scam”? I knew you could.

The thing I found most interesting about the “Patriot Purge” documentary was the part about “psyops”. Psychological operations. Historically, these have been done by organizations within the defense dept. to destabilize an enemy through the use of irregular, psychological warfare. The documentary does an excellent job of showing that January 6th was a in fact a psyop. Planned and executed by agencies within our federal government (read deep state) against U.S. citizens. To my thinking the Q theory fits right into the psyop plan. What better way to infiltrate and control dissidents than to do it from within, to use the truth of a stolen election and an innate distrust of the federal government to instigate and control frustrated patriots, just like the January 6th protest. If you look at everything that has happened since 2019, it all falls into place. Remember in 2019, everyone was predicting a Trump landslide, the economy was great, employment numbers for women and minorities were at historically high levels, Trump’s America was respected by her allies and feared by her enemies. One of those enemies is the deep state, along with the progressive/globalists and the One World Order cabal. This part of the Q story has some truth to it, as these are real, actual enemies of America. These enemies had to do something to stop Trump from being re-elected. Enter the Wu-Flu, concocted years ago, with illegal bioweapon technology funded by Dr. “Mengela” Fauci and DARPA in conjunction with the CCP for use at the appropriate time. Under the guise of the “pandemic” corrupt governments around the world were able to seize extraordinary power over their people. This enabled the stealing of the U.S. presidential election, the installation of the Biden puppet regime and getting the goal of world domination back on track. Now the Biden regime has full reign to purge political adversaries from the government, the military and the civilian populace. By using the bioluminescent technology of the vaccine, they will be able to track everyone who has received it (at least those who haven’t died from it). By using the psyop of Q they have effectively slowed down any possible rebellion amongst those patriots who might be willing to take up arms against the tyranny of the enemy. Think about it, “trust the plan”, “it’s a movie”, “the war has already been won”, all of these have the effect, at the very least, of stalling the people from taking action against forces that want to destroy America.

This is all very disturbing and also very depressing. Like the “hopium” addicts, I am praying and hoping that something can be done to save this country, to save freedom, to stop the “depopulationists” and the absolute evil of the One World Government crowd from taking total control, sending us into a hell that will make Orwell’s 1984 seem like paradise. I have prayed and hoped that the Q phenomenon might possibly be true, because the alternative will be the end of America and the world as we know it. Like I said earlier, parts of the Q story are true, and that’s what makes it so effective. There is a deep state, there is a cabal of world leaders in government and businesses trying to control the world, it can’t be denied, there is just too much proof of it. The question then becomes what can be done about it? Part of the Q theory says that Trump was elected with the help of patriots within the military and intelligence communities to thwart the plans of the cabal and the deep state. I don’t believe that, I think in their hubris, they just didn’t think Trump could pull it off, and so the election manipulations that they have been pulling off for years weren’t enough to stop his election in 2016. They were far better prepared in 2020. The facts of the elections, “The Big Lie” the MSM constantly blabs about, are real, the election was obviously stolen. I think everyone who has actually looked at the events on election day 2020 knows that it was, if they deny it, they are either lying to themselves or are just plain delusional. Which makes what happened last Tuesday perplexing. I expected Virginia to be exactly like California’s recall election, rigged. I thought there would be no way McAuliffe could lose, and yet he did. WTF? Did someone forget to flip the switch? How did that happen? Well maybe I’m off base, maybe my whole line of thinking on all of this is flawed, but I believe the left has been “Jurassic Parked” (see my prior blog “The Poll Bubble” for a definition). In other words, shit happens, life finds a way, God works in mysterious and wonderful ways.

Hopium is a lie, an addictive lie, a psyop lie. What is true however, is the strength and resiliency of the American people. That resiliency was shown on November 2nd. I’ve said numerous times that Americans at heart are the most generous, tolerant and for the most part, peaceful people on earth. But there is only so much that we will take. Actually, looking at all the protests going on in other countries, there are a lot of people who feel the exact same way. The only way to defeat the enemy, and this isn’t just an enemy of America, but an enemy of global freedom, is for We The People to fight back. It was very heartening to see that an election could still accomplish some good, I was skeptical that it would. That doesn’t mean that future elections will be free from cheating, I think it’s probably safe to say that they won’t. What it does mean is that they haven’t completely won the war, that freedom still has a fighting chance. What we have to realize is that THIS IS NOT A MOVIE, WE HAVE NOT WON THE WAR, THERE ARE GOING TO BE BATTLES AND FIGHTS THAT HAVE TO BE FOUGHT AND WON! We, The Free Peoples of the world, must join together to defeat this evil. It can still be done non-violently, At least I still pray fervently that it can, Tuesday’s elections gave me some small hope for that. But given the nature and determination of the enemy, I fear the worst. So, give up on Hopium, but don’t give up on hope. Have faith in God, or if you don’t believe in God, have faith in mankind’s need to be free. (That comes from God by the way, just saying). America is still a Christian nation, despite what you hear from the MSM. The majority of Americans believe and have faith in God and that is far better than anything Hopium could ever hope to offer.






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