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Goodbye America

I’ve been having a hard time getting back to writing my blog after the mess of the midterm elections. I was angry with myself for believing that there was a chance to stem the tide of progressivism and sanity could be restored. I believed the polls, which were showing Repugnicans had a real chance to gain control of congress and stop the disastrous policies of the progressives. I wrote in my final blog before the midterms that the left would pull out all the stops to try and steal another election, but I held out hope that a massive turnout could possibly overwhelm the cheating. What an idiot, I am ashamed of myself for thinking that was even a possibility.

Back in 2020, I was out walking the dogs with my wife one November day, talking about all of the obvious shenanigans of the farce that installed Biden in the White House. I told Marie that if this bovine fecal matter is allowed to succeed, America is done. The whole Covid scamdemic plan to enable mass voter fraud with millions of easily harvested, easily manipulated votes worked to perfection. By using the contrived health emergency, the left co-opted power to supersede state legislatures and constitutions, and change voting rules. Even though they were blatantly unconstitutional the courts willingly went along with the scam. This is when America entered its terminal phase. They had accomplished something authoritarian dictators always dream of, rendering individual voters meaningless. It was a perfect example of Stalin’s famous quote “it’s not who votes that counts, it’s who counts the votes”, or what counts the votes as in the case of voting machines with hackable internet connections.

The moment “The Big Lie” as the mainstream media called it, became some twisted Orwellian dogma, America as we have known it, entered into a terminal phase. The weird thing is that she didn’t realize it. In a coma like dream state, America thought that she was actually winning, that allowing this election fraud was a necessary process to rid herself of a malignant infection, illuminating the disease for what it truly is, so that when the people saw how evil the disease was, in the end she would be better than before. Meanwhile parts of America were fighting back against this overwhelming sickness, like valiant white blood cells fighting off a powerful virus, believers in the American ideal fought back, striving to wake American out of her coma and restore her well-being. For a fleeting moment America seemed to recover, the infection abated, and a regrowth started. But the infection regrouped and mutated into a cancerous tumor that rendered all the efforts of the believers meaningless, because they were simply too late to help stem the tide.

If the 2020 election didn’t prove that Stalin was correct, then the one a couple of weeks ago should have sealed the deal. As the results came in, (I read somewhere that Rupugnicans outvoted the Demonrats by some 5 or 6 million votes, and that took all the mail in b.s. into account). It was easy to see that the fix was in, and this time the thieves didn’t even have to try so hard. The mail in ballot scam enabled the harvesting of easily manipulated votes, completely overwhelmed anything then hapless establishment Repugnicans tried to do. I can just imagine the Demonrat caucus laughing hysterically that someone even more brain damaged then Slow Biden got elected in Pennsylvania. On the other side the utterly useless and craven Repugnican establishment proved once again that they could give a rats ass about America or the people, but for them it’s okay because the establishment weasels McConnell and McCarthy will still be in charge so you can be certain that there will be a whole lotta talk and not much action. Meanwhile the metastasized cancer that is the progressive left will continue to eat away at the rotting corpse of what used to be known as America. To be sure there are those parts of her that continue to fight on despite overwhelming odds, dancing around like a chicken with its head cut off, unaware that it is actually dead, but the progressives have done such a masterful job of dividing and conquering the opposition, that conservatives seem unable to unite together for the common good of the country. The Mcleadership of McDaniel, McConnell and McCarthy blames Trump, Trump blames them, Trump rips DiSantis and the Demonrats just sit back and laugh, much the same way the enemies of America around the world laughs at us, as they plan for a future without American superpower.

Meanwhile people go about their business, oblivious to the abyss that is fast approaching. Food, and energy shortages loom on the horizon, a possible railroad workers strike that would further cripple an already weak, inflationary economy is only weeks away. Yes, it could be diverted, but do those in power actually want it to be? Our government seems dedicated to the complete destruction of America, and they are succeeding. It’s reached the point where the only thing that might actually get peoples attention, is if all of these chickens that the left has unleashed on America finally come home to roost. If people in the northeast start dying because of being unable to heat their homes, if food shortages become so severe, because of the destruction of food processing plants and the looming railway strike, that the lower middle class starts staving to death. When crime reaches the point where it effects the rich liberal elites and they start to feel the effects of their lunacy, and everyday people start taking the law into their own hands, then maybe the people will finally wake up.

The old America is dead, but maybe that isn’t such a bad thing since it has become a fat incompetent behemoth, incapable and unwilling of properly taking care of its citizens. It hasn’t been able to do so for quite a long time as Americas politicians, most of whom are bought and paid for servants of special interests, have long since abandoned their duty to be representatives of the people, in favor of attaining political power and massive wealth. In the case of America’s enemies, specifically China, it is the result of decades of planning to crush American and become the predominant world super-power.

Can a new America rise like a phoenix out of the ashes of her former self? To be sure there are some in congress that believe in the American ideal, but they are very few. The white blood cells of freedom if you will. It is possible, the great part is that we already have a magnificent blueprint to form a new America. If a new government is formed based on the designs of old America’s founders, using the original constitution and bill of rights, where the federal government is limited, where there are 3 coequal branches of government, and where the president’s power to use executive orders is extremely limited. If that is used along with the lessons learned from our past mistakes, implementing things like term limits and a balanced budget, then a new America could arise and reassume her role as the true leader of the free world.

The ideological divide in America as it stands right now would seem to preclude that from happening. That divide is the abyss that America is hurtling towards, and the inertia, the momentum that propels her off the cliffs of destruction seems impossible to stop. I don’t see progressives giving up their death grip on American society. Getting a brain damaged communist like John Fetterman into office, shows they will stop at nothing to retain power. I also don’t see true conservative patriots giving up their individual freedoms to accommodate the godless desires of the left, without a fight. I know I’m not giving up my God given rights and freedoms. If there can be no compromise, then there is in reality only one alternative, and we all know what that alternative is. Prepare for the worst scenario and pray for the best outcome is all I can say. The holiday season is upon us, and most people are distracted from reality by Thanksgiving and Christmas, or just the day to day struggle to survive. However, dark days are upon us, don’t look to politicians to save America, in reality only we the people can, and only then with the grace of God. I will never give up hope for a non-violent peaceful revolution where the peoples will, by a show of overwhelming protest against tyranny, force change, sometimes the threat of violence is more effective than the real thing, because our enemy is at heart, cowardly. It’s a dream, maybe an impossible one, but I truly believe the vast majority of real America loving citizens, from the left and right, actually agree on the basic issues, it’s just the lies that have been perpetuated to divide us have been hugely successful, and we all kniow who is the father of lies.

The king is dead, long live the king! Old America is dead, long live a new America, a country based on the premise of the Declaration of Independence and the original constitution, that everyone is created equal, and are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It can happen if we really want it, it can’t happen without a struggle, but if our founders were willing to stake their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to establish a true representative democracy, then we should be equally as willing to reestablish a new America.

Rock on my fellow freedom lovers, the fat lady ain’t sung yet, but she’s getting her vocal chords warmed up, the time is now!

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