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Faux News And The Law Of Unintended Consequences

Like everyone who regularly watched Tucker Carlson, I was blown away by the news that he was fired by Rupert Murdoch’s Faux News. Those who have read my blogs know that, despite what my daughter keeps accusing me of, I am no fan of Fox News. I started really questioning their reliability years ago, when despite their claim of being “fair and balanced,” it became increasingly clear that Fox News was another of the insidious lying cable news networks. Maybe even more insidious than the others because like Bitch McConnell and Linseed Graham they pretend to be conservative. Sure, they have tolerable opinion hosts like Hannity and Ingraham, and Greg Gutfeld is a refreshing change from the unwatchable late night shows but the actual news division at Fox is as reliable as CNN, MSNBC and the rest. Back when I lived in California, I would listen to talk radio and they would have 3 minute news breaks at the top of the hour from Fox News, and they were reporting almost verbatim what ABC was saying. The straw that really broke the camels back was when they prematurely called Arizona for Biden in the 2020 election, after that I wouldn’t even trust Faux News to give me a weather forecast. Tucker Carlson was different, while it was obvious that even though he was functioning under the constraints of Murdoch and his sons he was by far the only one willing to test the boundaries. Still, a lot of the stories he “broke” were actually old news to those of us who had taken the time to try and find out what was really going on. For us “conspiracy theorists” we knew from the get-go that the Jan 6th narrative being pushed by the MSM was complete b.s., there were tons of videos that showed the shenanigans going on. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to realize the truth about Covid, the Wuhan lab and the jab, you just had to look beyond what they were saying. Still for what it’s worth, Carlson’s show was a breath of life for cable news.

It has become obvious that both mainstream and cable news has been so corrupted by the corporatocracy that it can in no way be relied upon to tell the truth. The idea of actual journalism by anyone in either the legacy media, mainstream print organizations like the Washington Post, The New York Times or even the Wall Street Journal or the cable news is now officially dead. Anyone who thinks they are getting the real story by reading or listening to any of these platforms are deluding themselves. Carlson’s show was the exception, he had reporters from Revolver News on his show, he had the Chinese Virologist who had proof that the Wuflu came from the lab on his show. Alex Berenson and others who would never be allowed on other networks were frequent guests on his program. Over the last year especially, Carlson looked like he was paying more attention to what non mainstream voices were saying and shared those opinions on his show. That, I think was a major part of why he was let go.

While there has been rampant speculation about why Rupert Murdoch would fire Fox’s most popular personality, The most obvious conclusion I come to is that, this is a world war between good and evil. A world wide war like no other, that has been going on since the beginning of the 20th century and has been progressing at warp speed the last few years. Carlson came out on the side of good and that couldn’t be tolerated. In a speech to the Heritage Foundation which I believe happened shortly before he was dismissed, Carlson said, and I’m paraphrasing, that what’s going on today isn’t a left vs right battle, it’s a war between good and evil. I don’t want to get all preachy about this, as I’ve written before, I’m not a priest, pastor or anything like that, but what’s been going on lately goes far beyond political partisanship. Fox News along with all the other behemoths in corporate media are run by evil people. They may or may not even realize that they are evil, they may think they are on the side of good, I watched a clip of Jon Stewart saying that he believes that what Carlson is doing is manipulative and evil, needless to say, I don’t think that Stewart believes he’s evil, but the only thing positive about Jon Stewart is his activism for veterans, otherwise he is an apologist for the evil that is consuming the world. Stewart’s beliefs are akin to those in the corporate media that don’t believe what they are preaching is bad, they believe they are on the side of “victims.” In this day and age anyone can claim victimhood, pedophiles are not disgusting pieces of trash, they’re simply misunderstood. The transgender lunatic that murdered 6 people in Tennessee was a victim of transphobia, and therefore justified in taking the lives of 3 young children, on and on it goes. I imagine a lot of people watched the CBS Leslie Stahl interview with Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene. Stahl asked her why she makes so many “over the top” allegations, such as the Democrat party is the party of pedophiles. Greene’s response was perfect, she replied it’s because they support the sexualization of children and that is what pedophiles do, the look on Stahl’s face was priceless, she had no response. The thing is, there are Republicans who support “gender affirming care.” There is no defense for the sexualization of children, but Stahl and her corporate media bosses are actively promoting “gender affirming care”, better known as the genital mutilation and sterilization of kids. If that ain’t evil, I don’t know what is, and it crosses party lines. I think that at that moment, Stahl may have made that realization, but who knows.

So, the question becomes, how can these people be so blind to the evil that is happening right before their eyes, how can they not recognize evil for what it is? I like to compare what’s going on in society today, especially in America, with the Old Testament book “Judges.” The parallels are interesting. In Judges, the Israelites fall away time and again from God’s teachings and start worshipping false gods. God lets them do this for a while until they start bemoaning the evil they have brought upon themselves and pray for God to rescue them. God rescues them by sending a “Judge” or a leader to bring them back to righteousness, but the Israelites fall back time after time into worshipping false gods, and keep repeating the pattern of disobedience to Gods Law. That is exactly what is happening today, especially here in America, where an increasingly large percentage of people adhere to what can only be called as the religion of Secular Humanism. Like Christianity, Secular Humanism has many sects, you have the Climatologists, the Depopulationists, the One World Order believers, outright Satanists and all the Agnostics and Atheists, who are all preaching that man can exist without God, some actually believe they are godlike, with the ability to change themselves into whatever version of themselves they feel like. So many people have been blinded by the lies and mis-directions from our supposed leaders and “experts.” Just like the Israelites in Judges they have fallen away and are worshipping false gods. If you listen to Carlson’s speech, he gives a Biblical truth in how you can differentiate good from evil, and it comes from Matthew 7:16-18 which say “You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistle? Even so every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit nor can a bad tree bear good fruit.” While Jesus was referring to false prophets, and how to tell if their message was good or evil, his message was plain, and Carlson identified it, check the results, check the fruit. The fruit of today’s false prophets in politics and the media, are division and hate sown by their lies. Their policies promote the sexualization and mutilation of children, resulting in sterilization, and often, depression leading to suicide. Their advocacy of abortion has resulted in the slaughter of millions of innocent babies, Carlson called it correctly in his speech by calling it child sacrifice. They engage in useless and unnecessary wars, with the obvious results of death and destruction of not just soldiers, but innocent civilians caught in the crossfire. The only thing they care about is maintaining their power over other people, if anyone can call this good fruit, I’d like to know how they came to that conclusion. In Biblical times, people like Carlson might be called prophets, maybe that’s a bit of an over-exaggeration, what I like to call him and others like Jason Whitlock, Matt Walsh, Ben Shapiro, Dave Rubin, Joe Rogan, Russel Brand, Glen Beck and Tim Poole to name a few is “Truth Tellers.” You can bear witness to their fruit by the way the regime and the corporate media attacks them. In this battle between good and evil, there have to be people who aren’t afraid of telling the truth. The good news is that, more and more people are not getting their news from corporate media, younger people especially, are getting their news from independent sources, sources that aren’t tied to a corporate narrative, and therefore aren’t obligated to obey the company line. Still, even in independent media there are evil people, liars who are in lock step with the corporate narrative that at its heart is meant to enslave and corrupt. A lot of people won’t venture out of their comfort zone to search for real truth, because the possibility of finding out that everything you thought was true was actually a deliberate lie is too hard to handle. You have to continually practice discernment, be a “fruit checker” if you will. Tucker Carlson repeatedly butted heads with his corporate lizard kings at Fox and the corporate/media complex and when they had had enough of his lack of obedience, they fired him. The people on the left shouted with glee, the screeching harpies on “The View” sang and danced, AOC congratulated herself, narcissistically thinking she had something to do with it, officials in the Biden regime and especially in the defense complex were overjoyed. They are either complete morons (which may be true, certainly in the case of AOC and The View harpies), or they are incredibly short sided. It’s the law of unintended consequences, when Carlson was at Fox, he was part of the “controlled opposition” which is precisely what Faux News is, a corporate controlled “adversary” to the CNN’s of the world. As part of the controlled opposition, he in turn could be controlled, at least to some extent. Now that he’s free from the corporate shackles, he will be free to do and say whatever he feels like, and he will get paid substantially more than he was before. I can’t wait to see the looks on AOC and Joy(less) Behar’s faces when they realize the unintended consequences of their hatred of Carlson. His influence will be far greater than when he was at Fox. Right now, all the major independent platforms are in a bidding war. Carlson holds all the cards, although he is still under contract to Faux News, that won’t last forever and when he is free from their grasp, I think you can rest assured he will “unleash the Kraken!”

One thing about criminals and evil-doers is they almost always make a mistake that gets them busted. A lot of these mistakes come from sheer laziness or stupidity, but they also come from being arrogant and overconfident. Our lizard king overlords think the people are too lazy and stupid to wreck their nefarious plans. They believe that either God is dead or non-existent or that they themselves are gods or at the very least, the equal of God. I believe that arrogance will be their downfall, by turning away from God and embracing evil, they have forgotten one simple fact, in the end God wins. Yes, it’s very possible that God may allow the world to sink further into the abyss of evil that’s threatening to engulf humanity, and while this might give some brief hope to the Secular humanists, remember English theologian Thomas Fuller’s famous saying “it’s always darkest before the dawn.” We will most certainly experience trials and tribulations in the dark days that lie ahead, if nothing else to teach humanity that the pursuit of evil always ends in death, hell and eternal separation from God. But, to borrow a line from Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway To Heaven”, “and a new day will dawn to those who stand strong.” What we need to do is to constantly pray for those leaders and Truth Tellers who are fighting the good fight, to stay strong. We also need to pray for those who knowingly or unknowingly practice evil, we should pray for our country and especially for those that wish to destroy it, pray for their repentance and that they turn away from darkness.

Rock On Y’all!!

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