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Driven To Distraction

It’s always interesting to me when a news story starts getting tons of attention on all the mainstream broadcasts. The latest is the issue of transgenderism and the sexualization of our kids. Don’t get me wrong, this is obviously a very serious issue, but I would seriously doubt that more than 1% of people actually think the transgender crowd represents American values and morality. So, it becomes a question of what stories are the MSM not covering, or underplaying. What are they trying to distract us from? One is the protests happening in Europe. I was unaware of them until my wife brought them to my attention. I scan the news every day, but with all the crap happening here in America, Europe sort of went to the back burner. Europe is facing a winter of death and misery as energy prices soar so high that people can’t afford to heat their homes, inflation so bad they won’t be able to feed their families. There have been massive protests in Belgium, Czechoslovakia and France. Belgium’s Prime Minister Alexander De Croo stated his belief that in just a matter of weeks “the European economy will just go into a full stop”. A quick search of CNN shows nothing. Even Citizen Free Press and The Bongino Report had nothing! Why is this story being put on the back burner? For instance, in France over 140,000 people filled the streets, in Prague some estimates say over 1,000,000 people have participated in street protests. Why? Well for the MSM propaganda arm of the DNC it’s because it might have a negative impact on the Biden Regime and hence the midterms so they need to keep people in the dark as long as possible. I don’t know about you, but I think that this is a kind of a big story.

It all makes me wonder if the average Joe knows the Biden Regime has used the strategic petroleum reserve for purely political reasons. To stave off increasing gas prices in a desperate attempt to mitigate the damage his incredibly stupid economic policies have inflicted on the American economy. Do all of these people flying Ukrainian solidarity flags know that he’s given so much of America’s arms and munitions to Ukraine that some military experts are saying we are incapable of winning any conflict we may encounter? That’s a hell of a thing when the Biden Regime is trying to start WWIII. If you looked at CNN, MSLSD or ABC, CBS, or NBC you would think that it’s no big deal, there’s nothing to worry about, we have to keep sending arms to Ukraine in perpetuity to stop the evil Putin. Apparently however we’ve run out of howitzers, because they’ve all been sent to the most corrupt government in Europe.

The midterm elections are another story that is garnering headlines. If the polling data is to be believed, the Democrats are looking at an ass kicking of biblical proportions. There is all the hand-wringing from the left, and hopeful optimism on the right about the potential of a “red tsunami” sweeping Republicans into control of congress. It’s a big story, an important story, but a far more important one is the increasing frequency of young people suddenly dying from what’s called sudden adult death syndromes or sudden arrythmia death syndromes, known by the acronym SADS. SADS has been around in the medical profession since at least 1990, it’s the term given to someone suddenly dying and there being no discernable reason why. A lot of talk on the internet speculates the jab is responsible, but a quick search of sites say that there is no correlation between SADS and the jab. The problem is that #1 no one trusts scientists and doctors these days, thanks to Herr Dr. Mengela-Fauci and #2 the data used comes from those bastions of truth at the C.D.C., and #3 all of these people had received that jab, but that’s just a coincidence. Also, SADS is not reported on the VAERS system. Furthermore, the data conflicts with data from insurance companies that show a dramatic rise in “excess deaths”, meaning the number of deaths that exceed normal expected mortality rates. I watched a video from Mark Styne on GBNews that was horrific, clip after clip of healthy looking people just keeling over, either dead or going into spasms, it’s very hard to watch. If you couple that with the recent film adaptation of Robert Kennedy Jr’s book “The Real Anthony Fauci” a logical thinking person can only come to one conclusion, the clot shot is the cause, I don’t care what the medical establishment says, they’re the same ones who told everyone the jab was safe and would prevent the Wu-Flu from spreading, so forgive me if I don’t put a lot of trust in them. Big pharma pours billions of bucks into advertising on all the major networks and publications so obviously there’s nothing to see here, right? As Tucker Carlson says constantly “just shut up and obey”. Now the CDC is going to change the school vaccination rules to make the Clot-shot part of the school vaccination protocol? If our beloved MSM actually did their job, instead of censoring or ignoring such vitally important works like “The Real Anthony Fauci” the public outcry over injecting our children with a completely unnecessary poison that was tested on 8, count them 8 mice, would be deafening. I believe the leftists intentionally over-promote stories like the whole transgender LBGTQRSTUVWXYZ issue because they know it’s basically a non-starter. Oh, they would like all of their transgender/child abuse wishes to come true, after all it is a part of the depopulation agenda. If you indoctrinate, sterilize or traumatize enough kids then they won’t or can’t have kids of their own. In their grand scheme of things however, it’s not on a level of say, killing of millions with a lethal “vaccine” or mass starvation or nuclear war. For the left it’s probably more of a sacrificial lamb used to distract the people from real issues. Besides they’ll still be able to practice pedophilia and their deviant lifestyles, it’s not like anyone’s stopping them now, is there? (Right Pedo-Pete? Oh get your hands off that little girl, and stop sniffing her hair, eeew).

When you watch political ads for Democrats, they are uniformly using abortion as their main talking point. It’s an issue to be sure, but a large majority of Americans think things like inflation, crime and border security are far more important. They are using abortion and transgenderism to try and distract the people from these real issues. I do find it astounding that they think murdering babies, and mutilating children are winning arguments. The leftists see what’s going on in Europe and around the world and they’re in abject fear people aren’t lying down and taking it anymore. They know it’s going to spread to America. The Proof they are getting desperate is evidenced by Stacy Abrams trying to make abortion an economic issue, saying it’s a way to beat inflation! You can’t make this stuff up! I also read an article on abortion being a way to alleviate the diaper and baby formula shortages. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? Everything is being accelerated, they know they don’t have much time to implement their satanic agenda before it’s too late and the whole world wakes up to their evil. I don’t think they believed that Europeans would protest. I truly think the globalists were counting on Europeans sacrificing themselves on the altar of climate change, and accepting the purposely done energy shortages, food shortages and inflation as a necessary price to pay to stop “man-made global warming”. Unfortunately for them, Europeans are not that much different from Americans, they like to be warm in winter, cool in summer and be able to put enough food on the table so they won’t starve to death. Who’d a thunk it?

It’s all like a horror film version on “The Wizard of Oz” where we are told to not look behind the curtain. Once we do, we see that the Wizard is trying to kill us by using whatever means he can. Yes, the transgender grooming, sexualization and mutilation of children is horrific. The censorship of free speech and the Gestapo policies of our Dept. of Injustice strike fear in the hearts of every patriotic American. The cancel culture of the woke mob is terrorizing everyday people into cowardice and subservience. The constant race baiting has become something like a national pastime for the left. My point is that as awful as all of these things are, we need to look behind the curtain and realize that these progressive-globalists want to reduce the human population by 95%! It’s not like any of these other issues exist in a vacuum, they are all part of an overall plan. It has become incumbent for people to dig for the truth, and more and more are awakening to the truth every day. At a recent Trump rally the crowd spontaneously started singing The Star Spangled Banner, Trump nailed it when he called it a protest because that’s exactly what it was, thousands of people singing together in protest, just like the crowds in Europe protesting the globalists and their demonic ambitions. It’s happening, I hope it’s not too late.

Just for fun and I’ve seen videos of this and the reaction is amazing, start singing our national anthem when you’re in a long line at a store, see what happens, one thing for sure it’ll separate the wheat from the chaff if you know what I mean.

Rock on, brothers and sisters, Rock on y’all!

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