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Deep State Secrets Revealed!

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Life In The (Sur) Real World

(the following is a transcript of a secretly recorded event that took place on a remote island in the Caribbean)

Welcome to the Depopulation Institute’s Convention Kickoff and Symposium (DICKS). We have to say it’s so refreshing to finally be able to reveal ourselves publicly. You have no idea how hard it is to keep silent with all of those wacky conspiracy theorists disparaging us, calling us evil and satanic, when we just have humanities best interests at heart. The truly astonishing growth we’ve experienced since those heady early days in November and December of 2019 when we launched our final plan for the implementation of The Great Reset has been amazing. Who would have thought that sheeple, people would have put up with all the bullshit we pulled on them. It went beyond our wildest dreams. Granted there were some of us who thought after 2 weeks of lockdowns back in March of 2020 to “slow the spread”, (lol) there was a definite possibility of open protests against closing businesses, and ruining lives, but those naysayers were quickly brought back into the fold after if became increasingly clear that we could prolong this crap indefinitely. For that we owe a big thank you to our corporate cronies, big tech and social media allies for their superhuman effort to censor truth and propagate and control our narrative, we couldn’t have done it without you. The incredible success of the lockdowns world-wide can’t be overestimated. All of our projections made with Bill Gates and his foundation, all of our plans to globally spread a man-made virus, and then vaccinate the population with a lethal, DNA altering experimental drug, exceeded our expectations, exponentially. Of course, we couldn’t have done it without all of those cooperative heads of state, especially Justin Trudeau-Castro, who really took the ball and ran with it, can we get a big round of applause for all his hard work in turning Canada into a fascist paradise. Let’s give a big hand to Justin, ah, we see your wearing your black-face makeup, way to stick it to the man, hahahaha. Early on, we had an idea how much the fear of a biological scamdemic, pandemic, could possibly create, but we had no idea how effective our

programming/indoctrination/manipulation/plan, (PIMP) which used Hollywood to make movies and tv series showing the horrors of a biological Armageddon would actually work! Unbelievable! We will admit there were some sceptics among us who thought that you can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all of the time. We don’t know where they got that stupid idea, because all you have to do is convince around about 30% of the sheeple, people to achieve the desired mass formation psychosis. Silly wabbit twix are fo kids, bwahahahahaha.

We can’t give enough thanks to the corporate/social media complex for their essential role in keeping the sheeple people in line. Thanks to your constant messaging, and censorship even in the face of obvious and sometimes hysterical lies and omissions, you helped us achieved a control over the populace that Marx, Lenin, Mao, Stalin, Hitler, hell even Obama would have been proud of! Can you believe there are still people wearing masks? Outdoors? Bwhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, we can’t stop laughing at these idiots, especially the ones’ wearing them alone in their cars, it’s beyond belief, they are still falling for our b.s. It blows our mind there are still some people that believe a stupid cloth mask will stop a virus, its hysterical, and that’s because of you, congratulations on a job well done.

After the incredible success we achieved with the successor to operation Mockingbird, operation, social/corporate/human/makeover/utilizing/cultural/kinesthetics (schmuck) The window was opened wide to see what else we could pull over on the ignorant masses. Australia was a fertile ground for some of the more, shall we say, experimental, measures we floated out as “trial balloons”. To be sure we knew they would work on the poor lab rats in China, they were under complete control of our minion Xi, is he here tonight? Ah yes right over there sporting a very fashionable Mao jacket, nice! We weren’t sure if they would work in a so-called “free-country”. Thanks to those good ol’ Aussies, we found that you could actually imprison quarantine thousands of law-abiding harmless citizens and get away with it! A few of the unindoctrinated uneducated did do some meaningless protesting but overall, the experiment was a huge success, thanks Australia! An honorable mention has to go to New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern who rightly earned her title of the “wicked witch of the west”. Her inventively draconian policies have ensured the New Zealand will not be a problem for us in the foreseeable future, great job Jacinda! And by the way that pointy hat you’re wearing looks absolutely divine, you’re really embracing your “witch-hood”

Oh for sure, it hasn’t been an easy road. Despite our total control of the mainstream corporate/social/media complex, there have still been a few rouges and renegades who have somehow escaped our plans. Plans which as we said before, truly only have their best interests at heart. We mean, you could argue with “in the future you will own nothing and be happy”? In the end you’re happy, right? Or what we define as “happy”. So, there are a few mistaken fools who think that freedom is preferable to being “happy”, but rest assured we are coming for them, and it won’t be long before they are imprisoned relocated to one of our fabulous re-education centers, where they will (be forced) learn the truth. After all what is the real truth anyway. That may be the best thing about the whole plan, making truth a sellable commodity, since for all intents and purposes, we have bought and paid for our version of “truth”, our truth is the now recognized as the official truth globally. That enables us to cancel anyone with the audacity to deny it. At this point we want to give a special shout-out to the American Attorney General Merrick Garland. Do you prefer Attorney General? or can we use your official title of Oberfuhrer Garland, now that everything is out in the open. Your achievement of turning one of our greatest enemies into one of our most effective weapons against those so-called “freedom Fighters” cannot be overestimated, thank you Merrick your contributions will not go unrewarded. Thanks to your untiring dedication, it doesn’t matter what anyone says or does anymore, we can actually go on record saying what we actually want to do, and the people just have to accept it, or go to “ze cooler”. One of the best things we came up with, We swear this cracks us up every time, is we have persuaded the sheeple people they need to use different pronouns for umpteen-million different genders! We have totally convinced them to abandon real science! To the point where a supreme court judge can’t even define what a woman is, I mean you can’t make this stuff up, well, we actually did make it up, but you get the point. The credit for that has to go to Dr. Anthony Fauci and his tireless worker bees at the FDA, CDC, NIH, NAID, DARPA and all of you deep state bureaucrats without which we could have never achieved such remarkable results. Go Deep State! Great Job! When good ol Tony said “An attack on me is an attack on science” that earned him an academy award nomination for best performance by a psychopath. Just like our dear leader Obama said about uncle Joe, you know “never underestimate Joe’s ability to fuck things up” never underestimate Tony Fauci’s narcissistic megalomania, to promote death and ensure profits for our pals at big pharma, hey we still have our St. Fauci coffee mugs, we use ‘em to drink our daily measure of adrenochrome, yum yum.

We know some of you have heard some disturbing rumors about this nonsense called the “Great Awakening” or some such bullshit. Have no fear, it’s all just propaganda from all those Christian zealots who think some dead God is going to save humanity from our best intensions. They obviously haven’t got the message from our faithful servants at the World Economic Forum, that humans don’t actually have a soul, and in the future they will be happy programable trans-humans, at least those that are left after we reduce the number of humans needed to serve us, make the earth into the “green” utopia we have always planned.

At this time, we feel the need to acknowledge the driving force behind all of our accomplishments, Beelzebub, or as we like to call him “Beeezy”. Who better than the father of lies to teach us how to successfully lie and manipulate humanity into its own self-destruction than our lord and master………Lets give a big round of applause to SATAN! Yes, thank you Lucifer for fooling people into thinking abortion is a woman’s “right to choose” instead of murder, that teaching children to believe that the color or their skin makes them inferior or superior, and best of all make all of those kid fuckers out to be just normal “minor attracted people” (wink-wink) that one was a masterpiece. The list of your deeds and accomplishments could go on and on. Hell, fooling drooling idiots like Joe Biden into starting a world war is a piece of cake compared to overwriting the basic survival instinct of the human race with all the deviant sexual lies and propaganda you spread like so much bagel schmeer on an unwitting and gullible population. That one will go down, (and you know what I mean by that) in history.

In closing we would like to remind you all that the only thing we need to fear, oh give it up we have nothing to fear, Ah ah wait a moment. (taps on microphone) We’re getting some sort of interference to our sound system. It sounds like a, distant trumpet call. Oh our…… GOD! Wow! Certainly, doesn’t look dead to us, certainly doesn’t look happy either. Hey is it us, or is it getting a little warm in here? Does anyone else smell Sulphur? (Static noise………………………………………….) end of transcription.

“Behold he comes, riding on a cloud, shining like the sun, at the trumpet call”.

Man plans and God laughs

God ALWAYS wins, brothers and sisters, don’t lose heart and always

Rock on Y’all

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Nov 03, 2022

Oh boy this was a fun read! Well done!

On top of the 50+ genders that young impressionable minds and brainwashed adults were told to accept as objective reality by our overlords, they also managed to convince those same people that obesity is healthy! It truly is an inverted world.

Nov 04, 2022
Replying to

Thanks, my first try at total satire, had a lot of fun writing it, especially the acronyms.

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