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This is a poem I wrote that appeared earlier this month on These are actually lyrics for a new song I'm writing. I hope y'all enjoy!

Why should it matter, why do we care, it’s all so insane, it’s all so unfair

To judge someone by looks, the color of their skin, classified by their melanin.

I Don’t believe in race, we’re all human beings, so I just can’t believe all the things that I’m seeing

We are all different, but we’re still all the same, yet we divide over color, we’ve only ourselves to blame

Colorblind, Colorblind

Why must we be so unkind

We have to realize we’re all human kind

Leaders whose only desire is to rule over you

Divide and conquer is what they always do

Spreading lies so that we hate one another

So, we’ll turn on our friend, turn on our brother

Say that our differences are things we should hate

Instead of being things that we should celebrate

Content of character not black or white

Should be the truth of what’s wrong or what is right

My brown skinned brother, my red skinned friend

My yellow skinned neighbor. God it never ends

It makes no difference to me if you’re, white or whatever

Only doing right and not wrong is really the measure

I can’t think of anything that is so insane

Like caring bout skin

Instead of the state of your brain

Just be kind to each other, show some respect

Some kind of sympathy, instead of neglect

Colorblind, be colorblind

We are we always so unkind

We have to realize we’re all humankind

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