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Civil War?

I started writing this on Monday Sept. 13th, one day before the recall here in California. Already there have been reports of the usual shenanigans that will undoubtedly lead to a no vote on getting rid one of the worst Governors in America. The lack of election integrity is only one of the reasons for the anger boiling over amongst freedom loving Americans. We’re growing tired of being lied to, of being manipulated by what we KNOW is an illegitimate regime. A regime that is doing its best to divide the American people. Divide and conquer. Always a great strategy when trying to win a war. In my blog “The End Of Hopium” I wrote that the last thing I wanted to see in America was a violent uprising, a new Civil War. I wrote that what the progressives are actually doing is trying to foment a civil war, so that the military, or the U.N., or maybe even China, can step in to quell the rebellion. Thereby achieving their real goal of changing America into a socialist state. I also speculated the possibly that the whole “Q” thing might just be a ploy by the deep state to lull people into a false sense of security, with all the “trust the plan”, and the war has already been won, hyperbole. I haven’t changed my opinion about any of these thoughts. The deep state, the federal bureaucracy just like the government in California will do anything and everything they can to maintain power. I still don’t see anyone in the House or Senate with the possible exception of Marjorie Taylor Greene (MTG), taking a real stand against the traitorous actions of Bidens administration, just a lot of “hot air”, Washington D.C.’s largest export. At least there have been some Governors taking a stand against the unconstitutional and dictatorial vaccine mandates. South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster, for instance, saying “…rest assured, we will fight them to the gates of hell”. You ARE seeing people across the globe protesting against lockdowns, vaccine mandates and governmental over-reach. We are also seeing snippets of news filter through the censors, that show that more people are awake than the corporate media, or big tech would like you to believe. The best are the videos coming from sporting events with groups of people shouting “F—K JOE BIDEN”. I printed a couple of sheets of stickers with that message that I’m going to post around town. Although I feel a bit guilty about the profanity, I want to try and do whatever I can to help people wake up.

As I continued writing this on Tuesday, a lot of stories have come out. The biggest bombshell being that General Milley has finally been called out for the traitor he is, inadvertently it seems, by Bob Woodward of all people, in his new book, which he co-authored with a fellow named Robert Costa. The problem is Woodward has become known as a serial exaggerator, and no transcripts of the call Milley allegedly made have been released to the public, so the timing of this seems suspect. That being said, if General Milley did in fact make a deal with the CCP to notify them if we were going to attack, well, that sure sounds like treason to me. What do I know? I’m just a common man seeing all the insanity swirling around like a category 5 hurricane. If this is true, like I said, it hasn’t been verified, but it sure sounds true, since the White House and all their minions in the mainstream media are defending him, it’s treason! He usurped the power of a sitting president, and apparently Pelosi and Schumer knew all about it. So, basically, it was a coup. Then again, I guess I really don’t know what qualifies for treason these days. Hunter Biden's laptop verifies that Traitor Joe is a CCP puppet, and his family has profited handsomely from the selling of political influence. 85 billion dollars of military equipment left in Afghanistan, some of our most highly advanced weaponry is now in the hands of the Taliban, who I’m sure will have no problem letting the CCP reverse engineer everything. (Which is happening by the way, according to Lara Logan, who has spent a great deal of time in Afghanistan). The manner in which we left Afghanistan in the first place, and the fact that General Milley thwarted Trump's effort to get out of Afghanistan earlier, all amount to ACTS OF TREASON. They are only the tip of the iceberg, yet the only one in congress even asking for impeachment, let alone treason, is MTG. It’s appalling and it’s sickening, their refusal to indict Traitor Joe is as treasonous as his actions. Every day, I get more and more fed up with all the lies and misinformation being shoved down our throats. Monday morning, I turned on my T.V. and there was Rochelle Walensky on NBC talking about children getting the jab. This was right after my wife showed me a clip of a baby in a hospital, suffering seizures because the mother was forced to get vaccinated before giving birth. Of course the doctors denied any connection, but nothing else makes sense. They are going to force pregnant mothers to get the jab, even though there have been NO studies on the effects of the vaccine on pregnant women, or on their babies. There is plenty of anecdotal testimony about what is happening to women after they have been vaccinated however, and it isn’t a pleasant picture to say the least. The government’s own VAERS system is reporting over 12,000 deaths worldwide. The CDC is saying their own website’s info is unreliable, and to a certain extent that is true. The VAERS system IS only a reporting system, and the reports have to be verified. Given the fact that hospitals and doctors have been paid for Covid cases, as well as shots administered, along with all the “get the jab” propaganda, it leads me to the conclusion that adverse vaccine reactions are probably being under-reported! On Monday I saw a thread on Facebook that had a dozen people just in Detroit, talking about people they know who have either died or have had serious medical issues with the jab. The CDC finally admitted that natural immunity works, but they are still advocating that everyone needs to get the shot! WHY? One theory really fits the bill, DEPOPULATION! Remember Bill Gates’ claim that we can reduce the worlds population by vaccinations?

The anger out there is overwhelming. Every day there are more and more stories that generate genuine rage. Children dying from the jab and hospitals full of VACCINATED people with the Wu-flu, while the CDC maintains that it’s the unvaccinated that are spreading the bug. Israel, which has 80% of the adult population vaccinated but is seeing a tremendous spike in cases, is being all but ignored by the mainstream media. Reports that show vaccinated people have up to 241 times the viral load of the Wu Flu than unvaccinated people are being ignored or censored as well. Spokes-worm Jen Psaki refusing to answer why illegals don’t have to get the needle, or for that matter why Congress, the White House staff and the USPS are exempt as well. Traitor Joe issuing directives to OSHA to stop reporting on adverse vaccine reactions in the workplace, back in February and March, then redirecting them to enforce the unconstitutional vaccine mandate. How the State Department REFUSED to give permission for rescue flights from Afghanistan to land ANYWHERE! George Bush, (who I am totally ashamed of saying that I voted for twice), calling the January 6th protestors domestic terrorists. (I read a letter from Ashli Babbitt’s mother to George Bush, that absolutely excoriated this worthless P.O.S.). It doesn’t surprise me though. After researching what has been going on lately, I’ve found out that a lot of what I used to believe was an outright lie. Lies, like the Bush’s are good people, and Cheney and Rumsfeld as well for that matter, along with John Bolton and the rest of the Neo-Cons. There is a quote from George H.W. Bush, were he said “If the American people ever find out what we have done, they will chase us down the street and lynch us.” He purportedly said this about the Iran-Contra affair, but I think that quote is a bit more telling than that. They are as involved in the deep state as anybody and as treasonous as any of them. Anthony Fauci, the fraud, the mass murderer, maybe the most evil creature on earth IS STILL ON THE AIR, IS STILL EMPLOYED! Here in what used to be the great state of California, there were ads with Obama urging people to vote no on the recall. Every time I see his traitorous face, it literally turns my stomach. You see the pictures of the Bush’s and Clinton along with Obama with their smug little smiles and you realize they are all in it together, just like the putrid scum in congress, the “Demicans” and “Republicrats”, two sides of the same coin. Then you have creatures like Fauci and Arnold Schwarzenegger telling us to give up our freedom because of a virus that has a 99% survival rate. I call them creatures because they don’t qualify as humans, more like parasites.

The anger out there is real, and it’s growing. For me it isn’t growing fast enough. All the “trust the plan” crap I’ve endured for the last 2 years has worn out my patience. For a lot of us, we’ve been enduring the deep state menace since Trump was elected in 2016, but for a lot of patriots, who were branded as conspiracy theorists, they have been dealing with all this since Reagan, some even since Eisenhower.

I will still exercise patience, for a while. The deep state has been around for a LONG, LONG TIME. It reminds me of “Hydra” in Marvell’s “Agents Of Shield” T.V. show. Like “Hydra” the deep state has tentacles everywhere and has permeated every level of society and government, not just in America, but worldwide. If the Q people are right, and I’m still extremely skeptical of all things Q, it will take time to dismantle what has been going on for decades and decades. However, I don’t trust the plan, mainly because at the end of the day, the plan isn’t going to save America, WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE ONLY ONES who can truly save our country. So, while I will stand down for the time being and exercise patience, waiting for more Americans to wake up, my patience, and the patience of a great many of my fellow patriots is reaching an end. I have seen some very interesting polling lately that leads me to believe that more and more people are waking up. One poll, that admitted it skewed slightly Republican, showed that an overwhelming majority of the people are against vaccine mandates. Another showed that a plurality of the people think that the protestors from January 6th are in fact political prisoners. You see strikes by truckdrivers. There are nurses and pilots walking off the job, rather than take the shot. Traitor Joe being booed and heckled whenever he wakes up and decides to make an appearance. The “F-Joe Biden” chants are spreading, and more and more of our mostly useless congress-critters are calling him out for being the puppet that he is. Like I keep saying, and I’m positive that most Americans feel the same, we don’t want another Civil War with blood being shed. The fact of the matter however, is that we are already in a Civil War. Right now, it’s an “infowar” to steal a phrase from Alex Jones, but if something isn’t done soon, I fear it could turn into a real war. If it does, God forbid, I know one thing, I WILL FIGHT FOR AMERICA, I WILL STAND AND FIGHT FOR FREEDOM! I believe so will my fellow patriots. I don’t know if the progressives realize this, or maybe have forgotten it, or even possibly just taken it for granted, but we have the truth, righteousness and God on our side, (also, we have guns as well, General Milley). I’m ready to do WHATEVER is necessary.



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