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I admit I don’t have a lot of liberal friends, one or two, and some family members, but not very many. Mainly because whenever I get into any sort of political discussion with one, they always revert to name calling or saying that I’m a gullible, ill-informed idiot, brain washed by Fox news. When I inform them I don’t watch Fox News, the response is always the talking points they heard on CNN or MSNBC. It really is like trying to have a conversation with a five year old. The question I want to ask the leftists now, is if they have heard about the protests going on in Shanghai, Beijing and other large cities in China. I wonder if the average Democrat knows about their shameful zero Covid policy. A policy that enforces strict lockdowns. In China a lockdown is exactly that, you are locked in your home, you can’t go out and the doors to your residence are locked from the outside. So, when a fire occurred at a high rise in the city of Urumqi, which has been on lockdown for over 100 days and (according to Chinese officials) 10 innocent people burned to death (probably a lot more) the Chinese people understandably got pissed off. There have been massive protests all over China in the largest display of retaliation against the CCP since Tiananmen Square in 1989. China took immediate steps to limit communication among the protestors by getting Apple to delete the airdrop function in their latest I-phone update. Airdrop allows users to communicate without the need of cell towers therefore bypassing the Chines government, but Apple only deleted the function in China. That wasn’t the only problem Apple faced in China as the workers at their Foxconn I-phone manufacturing plant, an all encompassing factory where all the workers live and work in one huge facility, protested about wages and working conditions, complaining that they were lied to about how much they were supposed to be paid. The protestors overran Foxconn security forces who then called on China’s goon squad riot police to quell the uprising, savagely beating the protestors. Apple has gone on record as saying the pay issue was a technical error and has since apologized, saying that workers would be paid as promised, but I think that’s only because they got caught with their pants down by the protests. The response from the Biden Regime to these protests was ridiculous, and only makes sense if they are taking their marching orders from the CCP.

Another question I would like to ask everyday Democrats is, now that the last holdout, CBS, has finally admitted the Hunter Biden laptop is real, and Elon Musk has released the Twitter files that prove that “Old” Twitter colluded with the DNC and the Democrat party to censor the story, in violation of the 1st amendment, how do you rationalize these crimes? I’m not talking about Hunter Biden’s depravity with hookers, guns and drugs, but The Biden Crime Family’s treasonous business dealings with Americas foremost adversary, China. How will the left spin this story into something the average everyday Democrat can accept? You know their propagandists in the mainstream media will do whatever is asked of them, but do average Democrats actually hate their own country this much, that they suspend disbelief over the traitorous acts of “Slow” Biden, his brother Jim and his son Hunter? Does the average Democrat think that China should be a role model for the rest of the world? World Economic Forum leader and certifiable snake, Klaus Schwab certainly thinks so, there is video on YouTube where Herr Schwab extolls the virtues of the CCP for their role in establishing a One World Order. The link to that video is https// I would also like to ask the executives of the NBA, Apple or Nike, and other organizations and companies how they feel about doing business with a country that enslaves its own people, commits genocide against Muslims, performs live organ harvesting of political prisoners, and has a history of forced abortions in the name of population control. A government which now allows its citizens to be burned alive in their desire for complete societal control, masquerading as a zero Covid policy. Is your profit margin worth having a skinny dip in Hell’s proverbial lake of fire?

What I wish I could make leftists or even just a-political normies understand, that what we are experiencing is classic misdirection. The leftists use the media to whip up a frenzy, like the whole transgender grooming issue, which don’t get me wrong, is thoroughly vile and horrific, to get us to look away from what’s happening in other parts of the world, events like the protests in China, Brazil and Europe, that threaten the official narrative.

The midterm elections were another case of misdirection. The illusion of a free and fair election, a red wave or that Repugnican control over the House of Representatives will stop the agenda of the left was propagated to distract us from the fact that in D.C. its business as usual. Bitch McConnell will continue to subvert conservatism and you can rest assured that he will ram through a massive omnibus spending package with the help of his fellow Rino traitors to keep the federal government from running out of money. The Uniparty of Repugnicans and Demonrats will keep sending our tax dollars to Ukraine whenever Zelensky demands it. With almost 55 billion bucks given away so far, Ukraine is the worlds largest money launderer. You can certainly expect the money train to keep chugging right along without any serious auditing. All of the oversight committees the Repugnicans say they will use to investigate the Demonrats will amount to nothing but hot air, because for all intents and purposes with the exception of a few rouge congress-critters who can effectually change absolutely nothing, there is no real difference between the 2 parties, it is in fact, one political party, the Uniparty.

The whole Covid scam has been nothing but misdirection from the beginning. I’ve gone on ad-nauseum about all the lies our government has used to promote the panic porn that enabled the Uniparty to achieve total control. The effectiveness of the panic porn has been unreal, the fact that you still see people in their cars alone wearing the face diaper is a testament to how well it worked and how well it will work again if need be. HHS stooge Xavier Becerra just recommended you get a jab every 2 months! Ah excuse me, what about the news that confirmed the Wu-flu came from the Wuhan Institute of Virology or all of the people suddenly dropping dead? What about the statistics that not only show the clot-shot to be ineffective, but also show vaccinated people are now the majority of Covid deaths? Oh, you haven’t heard about these stories? I guess because they haven’t really been on the mainstream news. Misdirection.

The protests in China, Brazil and Europe should give all freedom loving people hope that a change is possible, and the reason these stories are not going as viral as they should is because they scare the hell out of the corporate/government complex that effectively controls everything. There is a YouTube video of the late great George Carlin called “How Wall Street Corporations Control America”. You can call Carlin a lot of things but conservative ain’t one of them. However, in this short 3 minute segment of his routine, he delineates exactly what is happening in America today. One of his points is that our government doesn’t serve the people, our government serves the corporate structure. That has never been more evident than now. When an American based company like Apple align themselves with a country run by the evil psychopaths that rule China and fear no retribution from the American people, you know who’s running the show. Does the NBA, Nike or any of China’s American corporate confederates care about genocide, their murderous zero Covid policy, or any of the government sanctioned atrocities in China? I don’t think so. The only thing they see and worship is money and power. The corporate/government complex will provide us with a matrix like reality where there is just enough outrage allowed to keep up the illusion of freedom in order to misdirect us from actual reality, look over here but not over there. The true reality is where everyday people are basically meaningless expendable cogs who are useful only when they facilitate the accumulation of wealth and power of the progressive-globalists elites who couldn’t care less about them.

The CCP is getting busy effectively shutting down the protests, and they are very good at it. They will not last very long, and unfortunately the Chinese people will once again become the victims of mass murder by their own government. The proof is in the pudding as they say, the Biden regime had a chance to prove that they care about freedom and human rights, but they basically sat on their hands and said and did nothing, meanwhile thousands upon thousands of Chinese people, some of whom were chanting “give me liberty or give me death” are sure to be exterminated by Xi Jinping. In Brazil we could have come out in support of Bolsonaro and denounce the illegitimate and unconstitutional election where their corrupt courts overturned convicted criminal Lula De Silva’s sentence so he could run for office. Instead, the Biden regime endorsed the leftist criminal, even sending CIA agents to warn Bolsonaro to not challenge the results. This allowed China to install another controlled stooge in the Americas, Monroe Doctrine be damned. In Europe, we could help them through their energy crisis by becoming a net exporter of energy as Trump proved was possible, instead we choose to rely on countries like barbaric Saudi Arabia and tyrannical Venezuela to supply us with energy we could generate ourselves. That’s why the left needs these stories of world wide protests to be censored and shut down. It’s also the reason why the only solution to the corporate/government complex is a global rebellion against them. There are organizations that are trying to do so, one of my favorites is I’ve mentioned them before, they have a step by step process under their link so like minded people can join in the fight against tyrannical globalism. The latest step includes printable pamphlets and a documentary intitled “State Of Control” detailing how dangerous are the new digital I.D. programs being instituted by the E.U. and Canada among others, in their assault on personal freedom. Another great site is check them out. The plain fact of the matter is, we don’t have to do what our slave masters tell us to do, once the vast majority of the world’s freedom lovers realize that, then the power of the globalists will cease to exist. We don’t have to have an Apple phone, we don’t need to watch the NBA or wear Nike shoes, or drink Coke or Pepsi, (they’re bad for you anyway). We don’t need to patronize national chain stores like Walmart who advocate woke policies. Disney suffered incredibly when DiSantis called their bluff, CNN is laying off a large part of their workforce, so it can work. We just have to unite to fight these assholes, we have to be unafraid to mock them, authoritarians have no sense of humor, and absolutely hate being made fun of. We must be unafraid to be called libelous names and cancelled by woke lunatics who think they are somehow morally superior than your average Christian who believes in the sanctity of life, freedom and that we’re ALL created in God’s image. Yes, I realize that people who have stood up to the woke mob have suffered, either from job loss or social alienation, but some of those who have fought back have won their cases. We cannot waiver in our resolve, or be fooled by some politician’s empty promises. We can’t count on phony conservative networks like Fox to tell us the truth, hell even Tucker Carlson won’t touch certain stories. The only way to bring down the corporate/government complex, aside from outright violent revolution, is to hit them where it counts, which is their bottom line profit margins. The first has to be Apple. I’ve only owned 1 Apple product and that was years ago, and it was given to me. They need to pay for their support of the murderous regime in China, there needs to be a world-wide boycott of Apple, don’t let them get away with their sanctimonious lies, threats against free speech and mis directions, it needs to start now!

Rock on my brothers and sisters, and lets take a bite out of Apple, and then we’ll deal with Microsoft, Nike the NBA and the rest, we are the silent majority, but we can no longer remain silent.

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