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A Separate Reality

I remember when the movie “The Matrix” came out and the church leadership where my family was attending at the time, strongly advised against seeing the movie, because of its decidedly anti God sentiment. In all the Matrix movies God is an afterthought. I decided to watch it anyway and came away with a different take on the movie. While I agreed that it didn’t have a positive Christian message, I thought it had a very necessary message, that if we give in to technology and abandon humanity, love and spirituality, something like this is within the realm of possibility. I’ve been a fan of science fiction since I was a kid, authors like Isaac Asimov, Frank Herbert and Ray Bradbury wrote about the future in possibilities that stretched the imagination, and the thing about science fiction is that in a lot of instances it became non-fiction, authors like Asimov who were trained in science could offer plausible future realities much like what The Matrix depicts.

So in my usual roundabout way, I’m going to try and tie this blog together. We’ll start with all the revelations from the Twitter Files about the FBI and CIA colluding with big tech to censor conservatives opposed to the policies of the Criminal Biden Regime. Together with Tucker Carlson’s story that the CIA was involved with the JFK assassination, it has to make you wonder how long has this been going on. Like any decent conspiracy theorist, I’ve read about the CIA ops such as Mk-Ultra, Paperclip and Mockingbird, so nothing the intelligence community does comes as a surprise. In 1961 on his farewell address, Dwight Eisenhower warned us about the probability that the military industrial complex which emerged after WWII and Korea would sustain itself by involving the U.S. in foreign wars. Every conflict America has been involved in since WWII has proven Eisenhower was correct. The ongoing debacle in Ukraine is the clearest example of a war where America’s only real interest is in laundering money and reaping huge profits for the defense industry. The establishment is not even trying very hard to hide it, Zelenski is an arrogant, obnoxious clown, he was installed as a puppet to oversee the money laundering operations and to do whatever his globalist masters tell him to do. The “saving democracy in Ukraine” argument is as hollow as “Slow” Biden’s head. There is no way in hell, that Ukraine could be even remotely considered a democracy.

If you look at all the rationale used to justify American military action since WWII, a strong case could be made that none of these conflicts warranted any American intervention. Our involvement required a national outrage at a perceived enemy. There is an old conspiracy theory that purports FDR knew about Pearl Harbor before-hand, and did nothing about it in order to change public opinion about entering into WWII. You have to remember at that time America was very isolationist politically in the aftermath of the first world war. Public sentiment was decidedly against getting involved into another war in Europe until after Pearl Harbor. I have no clue as to whether the conspiracy theory is valid, but the premise of that theory has become a blueprint for further American involvement in foreign conflicts. Stopping the “Domino Effect” of communism in Southeast Asia, nation building in the middle east, spreading democracy around the world, justice for 9/11, ridding Iraq of WMD’s were all reasons used to justify American intervention in foreign countries, to me it reads a lot like FDR’s playbook, with the difference being the nature of our enemy. I believe that while there may be some truth to those justifications, the real reason, the bottom line reason for all those actions was the need of the military/industrial complex to feed itself. We certainly didn’t rid southeast Asia of communism, and what were we doing spending 20 years in the hell hole that is Afghanistan. Afghanistan was and still is a lie, a lie the military/industrial complex continually uses. Exploiting patriotism to perpetuate and sustain an industry that feeds off the blood of real patriots and heroes. Think about that, and you can’t help but feel repulsed, bitter and disgusted with the ruling class of America, a societal class which has totally abandoned the ideology of our founders, in place of outright greed and evil.

This leads me to the question I’ve been searching for an answer to, and it’s something I’ve struggled to come to grips with ever since I started this journey. That is, what is true and real, and what is not. Was 9/11 what it was purported to be, a terrorist act perpetrated by zealous, fundamentalist “Islamo-fascists,” or did our own government kill 3000 people to hide the fact that a TRILLION or so dollars that was supposed to be in the WTC went missing. Is Trump just another weird “program” in the globalist Matrix? As I wrote earlier, were all of these wars America has become involved in since WWII really necessary, or were they just a scam to enrich the military/industrial complex. An entity which has evolved into the deep state that is now in effect running our government. So many things that I thought years ago were true, are now in doubt. Our news media has been caught telling so many lies that nothing they say is trustworthy. It calls into question everything they’ve ever done. We’ve gone from William Randolph Hearst’s “Yellow Journalism” to big tech social media giants censoring and manipulating thought, news and opinions. It isn’t like this is some new phenomenon, but the growth of social media, and the compaction of mainstream media into a homogenous conglomerate run by 7 companies has resulted in the overwhelming magnitude of media manipulation going on today is something that Hearst could only dream of. I’ve been re-watching the Prime-Video series “Jack Ryan”, loosely based on Tom Clancy’s main character in his series of books that started with “The Hunt For Red October.” I’ve been a Clancy fan ever since I read that first book. One of things that came to my mind while watching the series, is that in light of all the manipulations the CIA has perpetrated not just in America, but world wide, the whole project Mockingbird stuff, and the depth of Clancy’s knowledge of military and intelligence apparatus and operations, is it possible that he was in fact a CIA psy-op? One that was designed to get Americans all gung-ho about fighting the war on terror and demonizing America’s enemies. Were all of those shows that depicted Muslims as terrorist barbarians, bent on establishing a global caliphate, just propaganda to further the desires of the military/industrial complex? I realize that this sounds insane, but how can you trust anything we’ve been told, when we’ve been fed a pack of lies for so long. The vast majority of Muslims all say their religion is one of peace, I realize this is strictly anecdotal, but I’ve never met a person from the middle east who wasn’t nice and polite. If you look at things from their perspective, it isn’t that difficult to see why they may be pissed off at America. Just how much has the American public been manipulated so that fat cats in the defense industry can get rich, is a question that needs to be answered. On a Mark Levin show a couple of years back, he made the point that the average American rank and file soldier, as a rule doesn’t want to go to war, they do it because of their patriotic duty, they believe in the chain of command. They trust that the leaders in charge are telling them the truth, and because of that sense of duty and trust they are willing to lay down their lives for our country, they rightly believe it’s their patriotic duty. It’s the defense contractors, Generals and political leaders that want war. Now there may be good reasons for them to want to commit our troops in a military conflict, but what if there isn’t? What if there were non-violent ways to solve a situation that weren’t utilized in favor of military action. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a pacifist, I believe in fighting for what’s right and just, fighting against evil. However, If our leaders are ok with sending hundreds of thousands of soldiers to fight and die for dubious and deceitful reasons, do you think they would have an issue with murdering a few thousand civilians on 9/11 in order to hide the truth? There is a quote attributed to Bush the First, were he said “if the people were to ever find out what we’ve done, we would be chased down the streets and lynched.” It was supposedly in reference to the Iran-Contra affair in the 90’s but I think it goes far deeper. Bush the Second proved that. The whole Q theory also smells like another CIA psy-op. Is it so hard to think the deep state could come up with something like this? The result of the Q theory is that patriots have stood down from taking action against the globalists, because they’ve been assured by Q and his anons that the war against the cabal is over, good has already won, we are, for all intents and purposes, just watching a movie. So, there you have it, there is no way to tell what is real and what’s an illusion. The plain fact of the matter is that the American public is being constantly manipulated, and has been for decades. It’s exactly like “The Matrix” where the vast majority of people live in obeisant servitude to the Matrix Master blissfully unaware or possibly uncaring of how they are being controlled. The whole Covid Scamdemic proved this beyond a shadow of a doubt. Americans willingly surrendered their freedoms and rights, went along with masks, lockdowns, hospital and funeral restrictions and social distancing. It sometimes seemed like government and health officials were just making up shit as they went along to see what they could get away with. In L.A. certain beaches were off limits, and you couldn’t surf, casinos and bars were deemed essential, but going to church was verboten. On and on the lunacy continued and still does to this day, mask requirements are being re-implemented in certain cities, even though it’s been proven they do more harm then good. As the world spirals down like a slow boiling frog towards a depopulated dystopia, everyday people, just try to make it through each day, content to sit in front of a TV, after a hard days work, having their brain washed by a Mockingbird Media who have perfected the art of media manipulation. You see it everywhere. A prime example is CBS, which has 3 shows extolling the virtues of the FBI, which in reality is under the control of the deep state and has become nothing more than the American Gestapo.

Eisenhower’s speech was prophetic, but like most prophets his words were not taken as seriously as they should have been. A reading of the text of his speech should be required reading for all Americans, here is a link to that speech address The military/industrial complex has become an integral part of the globalists agenda that has made governments and therefore their citizens, slaves. A global corporatocracy run by people like George Soros, Bill Gates and the like, tell governments what to do. Apple, Nike and the NBA have no fear of government retribution for their servitude to the CCP. I read an article the other day that said all the major auto manufacturers use Chinese Uyghur slave labor for some of their parts. Three fourths of the world’s supply of Cobalt, used in the production of lithium batteries found in virtually every form of technology used today, come from The Congo, using child and slave labor in total violation of existing laws, and basic human rights, but the corporations that exploit these people who work in hellish conditions for virtually nothing, have no fear of any government. The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation has made Africa their testing ground for drugs that could never be subject to trials in the U.S., the African governments may protest, but that hasn’t stopped the corporate monster that is Bill Gates. George Soros funds elections and “color revolutions” with the goal of installing governments, politicians and D.A.’s aligned to his twisted agenda for ending America and enabling his vision of a one world order.

The Matrix like world the globalists have constructed is pervasive, it has ensnared every aspect of everyday life. They’ve accomplished this by using coercion and propaganda, doing whatever it takes to make sure that any opposition is crushed. Still, just like in the movie there are people who will not submit, who will fight till the end to stop this assault on individual freedom. Individual freedom is the Kryptonite for the globalists, a red-pill for the “normies” who have yet to be awakened. Try as they might, the desire for individual freedom can never be extinguished, it’s as much a part of human DNA as the color of your eyes. More and more people are waking up to the realization they have been lied to for a very long time, and the freedoms they used to take for granted are being stripped away. I’m just waiting for them to get pissed off enough to do something about it.

I want to be clear about one thing, while I question our leadership and the reasons for our involvement in military actions since WWII. I will never question the bravery, courage, conviction and fortitude of the finest warriors on the planet, the American soldier. They deserve our utmost gratitude, and should want for nothing after they have completed their service to our country. The facts of veteran homelessness, and suicide are a national disgrace, especially as we sending billions of dollars to a foreign dictator.

Food for thought, my brothers and sisters, and as always, ROCK ON Y’ALL!

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Jan 24, 2023

Another banger! Well done!

Someone on YouTube I believe named Marc The Messenger gave an interesting interpretation of The Matrix. He suggested that after Keanu took the red pill which brought him closer to truth, demons started attacking him. As you and most, if not all of your readers are aware and have likely experienced, once you get closer to truth you will be attacked by the masses.

Off topic, but thought you all should watch this video:

Another score for conspiracy theorists whose only crime was telling the truth and noncompliance.

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