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A Proud Conspiracy Theorist

While it’s been somewhat gratifying to finally see the truth come about topics I’ve been blogging about since March of last year, I don’t want this to be an “I told you so” blog. I’ve written about, what a monster Fauci is, how the jabs are dangerous and unnecessary, how Jan 6th was a plot by the progressive/globalists, how the MSM, along with Big Tech and those same progressive/globalists have conspired to bring an end to America, and initiate “The Great Reset”, and how the whole “Q” theory is probably a deep state psyop. So far, the only one that hasn’t been proven out is my “Q” theory, and on that one I hope I’m wrong.

That being said, in the last few days a couple of stories caught my eye, and I thought of some conspiracy theories that might explain them. I thought it might be interesting to see how these theories of mine play out. The first is about a tweet that appeared in USA Today and then was immediately taken down after an intense backlash. The tweet tried to normalize pedophilia, by saying that sometimes abused children are not actually abused, they could be in a loving relationship with what has been termed a “minor attracted person” or MAP. I don’t want to get into that, pedophilia is abhorrent, disgusting, it’s absolutely evil. I agree with Jeanine Pirro when she was on the Gutfeld show saying that pedophiles should be castrated. I think it should go further than that, they should either face the death penalty or life in prison without parole. The point I want to make is, we have all seen how the left and their allies are trying to indoctrinate our children with overtly sexual classes and literature, things that they are totally unprepared for. I believe it’s possible that tweet was sent out as a sort of trial balloon to see what the public’s reaction would be, to see how many people would come to the defense of pedophiles, thankfully that didn’t happen. Now, I have said on numerous occasions that I have serious doubts about the veracity of the “Q” theory. In addition, I have also said that to make the theory seem plausible there have to be some aspects of it that are in fact, provably true. The Bill Gates aspect is one of those. Gates is a “depopulationist” (mass murderer), his infamous Ted talk proves that beyond a shadow of doubt. Another aspect of the “Q” theory is that there is a group of pedophiles in high places of government, business and the media that are sex trafficking children worldwide. I spent a lot of time researching the whole “Pizza-gate” story. I don’t want to get into the specifics of this particular theory, it’s just too disgusting, if you have a strong enough stomach, do some research on your own. Of course, it has been thoroughly debunked by the MSM and all the mainstream fact checkers. There are components to the story however, that defy the debunkers, the Podesta brothers being the most glaring example. Another red flag is the debunkers themselves. They are the same ones who told us the Russia hoax was legit, that Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation, the Wu-flu did not come from the lab, and the election of Biden was the most secure election in history. Suffice it to say that when I see all these people saying the same thing, I believe the exact opposite is probably true. A blog I wrote Back in April of 2021, called “A Blind Eye” talked about the horrific stats on human trafficking and child sex trafficking, “800,000 to 1.2 million people per year. Over 2000 every day. 1 every 40 seconds. Sold for sex 20 to 30 times a day. A $150 billion dollar per year business”. These figures have been well documented and confirmed. I have also written that the whole mess at our southern border brought about by the criminal Biden regime, is not just about bringing in a demographic change to enable the left to win elections in perpetuity, it certainly is, but what is really going on is human trafficking on an unimaginable scale. “Unaccompanied minors” are illegally crossing into America by the thousands. Now a lot of these are teenagers, or adults passing themselves off as teenagers, but the vast majority are children. I saw one report where a truck packed with something like 29 or 30 people was stopped by the border patrol, who said they paid the coyote $16,000 each to cross into the U.S. It made me wonder how much does it cost for a child? It also made me wonder why seemingly no one in Washington D.C is calling this out for what it is, which is essentially state sponsored human trafficking. There should be an uproar about this that should shake the pillars of the Capital building. Is it because, like the “Q” theory says, Washington D.C., Hollywood and the progressive/globalists are filled with pedo’s? Seems like the most likely answer to me, if not, then they are nothing more than evil monsters preying on human suffering to enrich themselves, either way it is so disgusting and reprehensible that it defies my understanding. By floating the USA Today tweet out there, are the pedo’s in the “elite” class desperately trying to see if their desire to normalize their disgusting behavior is working, so that when the truth comes out they won’t be taken out and “drawn and quartered” like they deserve to be? It wouldn’t surprise me at all. To me, looking at all the news stories coming out about porn in school libraries and it being shown and taught in elementary classrooms, how teaching about transgenderism has become a focal point for leftist teachers and administrators , there is an obvious intent to sexualize our youth, to make “MAP’s” somehow socially acceptable. For the record, I have no issues with transgender people, I do have a huge problem with letting underage children getting life altering surgeries and medications without parental notification. If someone wants to undergo gender transformation, that’s fine, but they should be mentally developed enough to make an informed decision, and study after study has shown that a person’s brain isn’t fully developed until sometime in their 20’s. To allow a child to make that decision, especially if that child is being coerced by progressive teachers and social media is incredibly wrong. Also, I have a solution to the whole transgender issue in sports. There is one fact the transgender proponents can’t escape, it’s called biology, they may say that there are multiple genders, but there are only 2 biological sexes, male and female. Why not do this? An athlete can be whatever gender they want to be, but they have to compete as whatever biological sex they are, that would put an immediate stop to these gutless guys trying to pass themselves off as women just so they can win, seems pretty simple to me.

The next conspiracy theory I want to put out there is in regard to the “crying congressman”, Adam Kizzinger. He tweeted about a meeting Ray Epps had with the Jan 6th commission. Epps apparently assured them that he hasn’t and isn’t working for any law enforcement agency. Tucker Carlson made the point that Kizzinger’s statements were rather bizarre and incongruous, in light of his denouncements of all the January 6th “insurrectionists”. Carlson was spot on in his analysis that Kizzinger is either lying outright or lying by omission. The interesting thing is that Kizzinger’s admission that the Jan 6th commission had actually talked to Epps, brought Mr. Epps into full focus. Why hasn’t he been arrested, while others who were standing next to him, but who weren’t shouting to breach the Capital as Epps has been clearly shown to be doing, have been? Could it be that Crying Kizzinger isn’t the moron Carlson has portrayed him as being? Remember when the Jan 6th commission was being put together by Pelosi, and congressmen Jim Jordan and Jim Banks were ousted because they threatened to ask real questions? What if they went to Kizzinger and said, we’ll get you on that committee and then you pretend to do and say all the right things, so that you are accepted by the Dems, and then under the cover of being stupid, (Dems think all Republicans are either racist, stupid or both), unwittingly undermine the whole insurrection narrative. There can be no doubt that the whole Ray Epps thing is starting to implode the progressive’s narrative of an insurrection. Also, the denial that the gestapo (FBI/DOJ) played a part in it fell apart when Senator Ted Cruz questioned the gestapo representative who said that she couldn’t answer his questions, instead of flat out denying his accusations. That tells me that the gestapo, like all of us conspiracy theorists have maintained for 12 months, planned, instigated and participated in the whole “insurrection”. Kizzinger, with his bizarre “thank you” to Ray Epps, Epps, who should have been one of the first people arrested, tells me that once again something fishy is going on. Could it be that some Republicans have finally started playing the same Machiavellian games the globalists have been playing for decades? On this theory it doesn’t really matter if I’m right or wrong, Kizzinger is either a Republican plant or he is, as Carlson has called him, a moron. Either way Ray Epps has been pushed out of the shadows and into the spotlight, where maybe, just maybe, the real truth behind what happened on Jan 6th will finally come out.

The stories we proud conspiracy theorists have been maligned about for months on end are now proving to be true. For instance, the truth is slowly, but surely coming out about the Wu-Flu scamdemic. I’ve finally gotten around to reading RFK Jr’s fantastic book “The Real Anthony Fauci”. It confirms everything I’ve been saying about him and much, much more. I think this book should be required reading for every single research scientist, doctor, nurse, hospital administrator and government official, whether they are elected or a bureaucrat. To me it is obvious that Fauci’s alliance with Bill Gates proves his belief in depopulation. There really can be no other answer for his actions. Surely enriching himself is part of the equation, but Fauci and Gates were already very rich before the scamdemic. The only thing that makes sense is that they both truly believe there are just too many people on planet earth, and therefore they are justified in reducing the earth’s population by the millions. This, like the child trafficking tragedy, is an undeniable crime against humanity, it’s mass-murder on a scale that make Hitler, Stalin and Mao pale in comparison. Rand Paul and others are calling for Fauci to resign. Don’t get me wrong, I applaud, wholeheartedly, Senator Paul’s efforts to get rid of this monster. I understand the limitations he faces in dealing with the cabal of the MSM/progressive-globalist/big tech/medical complex that is hell bent on destroying America and imposing a One World Order with “The Great Reset”. Exposing Fauci and Gates for what they truly are, has to be done on a step by step basis, or else Senator Paul will just be labeled as a conspiracy theorist and dismissed a lunatic. Dr. Anthony “Mengela”-Fauci needs to be charged with mass murder and summarily executed, it should have happened a long time ago, after his handling of the AIDS epidemic, but the sooner the better, before many more people, perhaps millions more, die needlessly. Gates, Fauci, and the rest must think they are some kind of gods, with the power of life and death over millions of living, breathing humans. The satanic actions of Herr DR. Mengela-Fauci, Bill Gates, Big Pharma, the CCP, CDC, FDA, WHO, The World Economic Forum and to a lesser but no less damning extent, the criminal, treasonous Biden Regime, along with the cowardly governments world-wide that caved into the demands of the Big Pharma/medical/industrial complex, pushing an unnecessary, poisonous, experimental gene therapy, when low cost proven effective treatments were readily available, needs to be brought out of the shadows and into the harsh light of truth. Just like the Wu-flu, which can’t survive in sunlight, they will not be able to withstand the people’s outrage when their crimes against humanity are finally revealed, and that light of truth exposes them for the hideous, scum-sucking, maggot dung they really are. “The Real Anthony Fauci” is an absolute must read. Robert Kennedy Jr. is one of the few liberals out there who isn’t afraid to tell the truth, and because he’s a liberal, he can’t be dismissed as just another conservative, Trump supporting conspiracy theorist. If you have don’t have a copy, get one today! If you do have a copy, give it to a friend or neighbor, or better yet, buy them a copy. Ask your doctor if they have read it, and if they have and still believe in “Fauci-ism”, then maybe it’s time to look for a new doc. The health system of America was once the epitome, the envy of the entire world, now it’s become a force for evil the likes of which the humanity has never seen. For all those courageous doctors and scientists out there, like Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Peter McCullough, to name but a few, who are fighting against this corrupt and demonic cabal, I pray for you constantly, as you may be the last stand in this war against humanity.




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