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A Price Too High

I had originally thought I would begin this blog by relating what a huge sports fan I used to be. I wanted to write about all the fantastic experiences I had being a San Francisco Bay Area sports fan, which I still am, but it’s nothing like it used to be, and for that I thank the athletes and the leagues for injecting politics into the world of sports. I’m not saying that athletes shouldn’t be allowed to speak their minds, unlike the fascist leftists I believe in the axiom that while I may not agree with what you’re saying I will defend your right to say it, because, until recently, we’ve had free speech in America. With that being said, the whole Brittney Griner story presents a conundrum. She certainly has the right to spout whatever anti-american crap she wants to, just as I have the right to call her out for those beliefs, that’s what makes America what it is. I also believe that if you asked the Marine left behind, Paul Whelen, if he would trade himself for Griner, I believe that being a Marine he would more than likely say no. He’s a soldier and she’s a civilian, being a Marine, means you sacrifice yourself for the good of civilians, of course that’s just speculation, but it makes sense. So, was this the right choice? In my mind it was not even close.

Even if there was a choice as was initially reported by Andrea Mitchell of NBC, Griner would still be the likely candidate for the Biden Regime. Andrea Mitchell’s first version of the swap said both Whelen and Griner were on the table to be exchanged for Viktor Bout the so-called “Merchant Of Death” arms dealer. Her story was pulled down and replaced as fast as the Paul Pelosi story that got long time reporter, Miguel Almaguer suspended by the same network. Mitchell said her source was a highly placed Biden Administration official. Mitchell, who has been with NBC since 1978 knows what she was doing in reporting a story, so it’s not like this was some rookie mistake. Her story was changed for the same obvious reason as Almaguer’s story was deleted, they didn’t align with the official narrative. Its de-facto censorship, a clear violation of the first amendment, because you won’t convince me that the Biden regime or Nancy herself in the case of the Almaguer story, didn’t pressure NBC to delete Almaguer’s story or change Mithell’s. It’s no different than what Elon Musk’s twitter file revelations have exposed.

Tim Poole made a very astute observation in a recent broadcast. He opined that the Biden regime had no qualms exchanging Viktor Bout, a convicted arms dealer, a man responsible for untold death and misery, for someone like Griner. Griner, is a leftist black lesbian who checks all the boxes of a leftist Biden supporter. whereas Whelen is a white heterosexual male who voted for Trump. Poole reasoned they did this because they simply do not care or even think about anyone who might think that this was a bad idea. Swapping Griner for Bout was simply the Biden Regime pandering to their constituency. It’s akin to what Apple is doing in China, Apple doesn’t care about any backlash they receive for their traitorous support of America’s true enemy, they are simply doing their masters will. The radical left is “Slow” Biden’s master, they don’t care about releasing an enemy of America, because they hate America. With Bout scheduled to be released in 2029 what’s a few more years of him dealing weapons of war. Biden will do whatever his puppet masters tell him to do. In both cases they fear no real retribution because they control the messaging. You see it on ESPN, CNN, MSNBC and all the rest of the usual suspects, all praising the swap of Griner without acknowledging any of the negative issues associated with it. The MSM hailed it as a victory for the LBGTQRSTUVWXYZ, alphabet mafia community, when in fact it was a clear victory for Russia. They got a person who can and most assuredly will, help them kill Ukrainians and foreseeably U.S. soldiers some of whom will be black soldiers. America gets someone who hates their own country and leaves behind someone willing to die for it, yeah that sounds like a win for America to me.

The WNBA is subsidized by the NBA to the tune of around 10 million dollars a year to cover their annual loses. Their TV ratings, while showing some growth last year, (I love how all the MSM players are extolling ratings that to me, seem pretty equivalent to CNN) it’s nowhere near what the behemoth NFL or NBA garner. Anyway, their lackluster ratings aren’t the point, it’s their ties to the CCP loving NBA. The NBA’s ties to China are worth billions, effectually rendering the NBA a subsidiary of the CCP. So, we swap a murderer for someone who is anti-American, who plays for a league in cahoots with a country that seeks dominion over America. Then, factor in The Biden Crime Family’s deep financial ties to the CCP. It becomes clear who is calling the shots, and it sure ain’t anyone with America’s best interests at heart.

The other aspect of this story is what I wrote about in my last blog, which is mis-direction. What are our attentions being diverted from while we argue about Brittney Griner. One obvious one is the Twitter Files, which of course the MSM is downplaying as being old news, a “nothing-burger” of a story, or just ignoring altogether. GrabienMedia twitted out a chart using the keyword “Twitter files” that show both ABC and CBS news not mentioning the story once, with NBC mentioning it one time. The MSM has every reason to be afraid of this story because it proves their complicity in perpetrating election rigging. The reaction of legacy media towards the Twitter Files should come as no surprise, after all they have no problem with the fascist censoring of opposing views, and it is old news for them because they have been doing it for a long time. The Twitter Files are the exact opposite of a “nothing-burger”, every American who believes in fairness, justice and the rule of law, should be outraged at what the files reveal. The Democrat party, with the cooperation of the FBI colluded with big tech to tip the scales in a presidential election. That is now beyond dispute and is nothing short of treason, especially when you once again, consider Biden’s subservience to the CCP. If you put it in conjunction with all the other issues of the 2020 election that the MSM has consistently ignored, “The Big Lie” has been, to use the leftists favorite word, debunked. It’s no wonder Trump called for disregarding the constitution and getting a do-over. Of course, that ain’t gonna happen, but how do you rectify what has now been proven beyond all doubt to be a complete sham. How do you punish the FBI for their role in this travesty? I know what I think should be done. Anyone and everyone involved with this should be tried for treason. However, you can rest assured the Repugnican side of the Uniparty will do their part in this misdirection. They’ll blow a lot of hot air, create some useless committees to investigate the Demonrats, which will accomplish nothing except the spending of even more tax dollars. They will stomp their feet and shout about how evil the Demonrats are, but they don’t really want to do anything about it, it would disrupt the status-quo, and imperil their phony-baloney jobs.

I’m not saying that there is nothing to the Griner story, it is an outrage, especially when I read that there are something like 16 people still being held in Russia. The fact of the matter is that Griner in yet another example of a spoiled, highly paid, (although by NBA standards she/he is a pauper), entitled baby, who was too stupid to think that Russia wouldn’t enforce her own laws. In one respect you can see why she thought that way, after all in her home country they don’t enforce their own laws, but to think that Russia would just slap her on the wrist, especially in light of all the political problems between Russia an America shows a narcissistic stupidity beyond compare. Whelen was convicted of spying, but by all accounts was entrapped by Russian police so they could have a bargaining chip to get Russian prisoners exchanged. To let someone as evil as Viktor Bout to be released should have been a non-starter for the Biden regime. What it does show is an utter contempt the Biden Regime has for citizens who didn’t vote the “right” way. As much as I want all Americans incarcerated in foreign jails to be repatriated, the price for doing it has to be something we can afford, and a monster like the Merchant Of Death, is a price way to high.

I wonder how Griner will feel when someone is killed by a weapon that Viktor Bout supplied. My guess is that she will feel nothing, except maybe that the person deserved it, because they were white, or believed In America, or didn’t embrace her twisted ideology. I could be wrong, it may be that Griner’s experience will be life changing. Maybe Griner will reassess her priorities and realize that maybe America isn’t the racist, oppressive country she thinks it is, after all America was responsible for getting her out of Russia. I have the feeling her opinions and beliefs won’t change a bit, only time will tell. Griner now has been given years of freedom, by the same country she despises to contemplate her hatred. Let’s pray that she uses the time wisely.

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Rock on Brothers and Sisters

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