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A Pandemic of The Ignorant

One of the great axioms of our legal system is “ignorance of the law is no excuse”, I would like to paraphrase that in the context of what is going on around the world in regard to the Wu-flu scamdemic. “Ignorance of the truth is no excuse for accepting tyrannical authoritarianism.” Because I live in California, I’m inundated with an over-abundance of sheeple, who blindly follow whatever insane restriction or policy our one party state and local governments shove down our throats. For instance, despite overwhelming evidence that the cloth masks 99% of us use are completely useless, our county’s “health officer”, Dr. Sundari Mase, implemented more mask mandates and a 30 day shelter in place recommendation. Now I don’t know Dr. Mase personally, I hope to never, ever make her acquaintance, but she is either a complete idiot, or a complete ideologue. Since she has a degree from U.C. Berkeley I have to assume she’s not stupid, so there you go. Still, her decrees and recommendations are completely moronic. The only thing I can make of them is, being the ideologue she is, she is trying desperately to hold on to the authority she acquired in the first days of the scamdemic, and is counting on the ignorance of the sheeple, so she can retain her power. Since “ohmygodicron” started, and Dr. Mase issued her recommendations, I see more and more people following along, wearing the useless masks outdoors in the sun! I see more and more people wearing them, alone in their car! They can only be described as willfully ignorant. I watched the Joe Rogan/Dr. Robert Malone interview on Rogan’s podcast, where he talked about “mass formation psychosis” (MFP). While MFP is not an officially recognized phenomenon by the psychological establishment, the evidence of it is clear and unmistakable, here in Sonoma County especially. So many are unquestioningly doing whatever idiocy our leaders are requiring, the mask issue is perhaps the most telling. I would venture to bet that all of these sheeple firmly believe that they are effective. I can see it on their faces when I’m walking my dogs, they think I’m some sort of evil virus-spreader. They bought the initial lie about their efficacy and never bothered to find out the truth. Even when the psycho health Nazi on CNN, Dr. Wen said they didn’t work, even when Herr Dr. Mengela-Fauci and a CDC spokes-worm said the cloth masks everyone wears don’t work, people continue to wear them in the ignorant belief that they offer some kind of benefit, when in fact, it’s been proven they actually cause more harm than good, especially in children, who have been coerced into wearing them all the time, indoors and outdoors. It’s insane, it’s immoral. It seems our “leaders” are hell bent on harming, even killing our children. The stats on suicide and drug overdoses in children are staggering and yet we keep these ridiculous restrictions in place, and the sheeple ignorantly just follow along, blind to the harm they cause. They have become programmed into compliance, and like someone who belongs to a cult, they need to be deprogrammed from only thinking of themselves and believing all the lies they have been sold. I walk my dogs past a local high school, and I would estimate that upwards of 90% of kids I see walking home at the end of their day are wearing a mask outdoors, despite the fact that the chances of catching Covid outside are so small as to be almost non-existent, and even if they get it, the odds of surviving it are 99.97%. They have been indoctrinated into this cult of fear. They are purposely not told the truth, and since critical thinking is not taught in schools anymore, they are unaware of their ignorance.

A couple of things I’ve noticed as I observe them, first a lot of these kids are overweight. Now I can tell you from personal experience that being depressed can cause overeating, couple that with the processed junk that we all eat, and it’s not hard to figure out why these kids are overweight. Secondly, and this ties into my first observation, is that a lot of these kids just don’t look like they’re happy at all, it’s hard to tell because their faces are hidden behind the masks, but when you look at them, they seem to be sort of robotic, programmed. The consequences of the crap inflicted on our youth will be felt for a long, long time, and like the jab, it's totally unnecessary, causing far more harm than any perceived benefit they are supposed to provide.

I remember reading about a Gallup poll done in September of last year, that said that 60% of Americans thought that anywhere from 10 to 50% of people who had contracted the Wu-flu needed to be hospitalized. It reported that 69% of Democrats thought the figure was between 20 and 50%, and 51% of Republicans thought the same, when the actual figure was between 1 to 5%. Man, the "powers that be" did a great job in selling fear to the people. Think about it, almost 2/3 of the American public have no idea about the real story of Covid hospitalizations. Even the 1 to 5 % figure has to be vastly overstated when you factor in the CDC’s admission that a large number of Covid hospitalizations were counted using bad data, patients were hospitalized with Covid, not because of Covid. Also, the fact that flu deaths in 2020 dropped 97% puts the real number of Covid deaths into serious doubt, especially when you consider the PCR test used to detect Covid is unable to tell the difference between the flu and Covid, or any coronavirus for that matter, it just tells you whether you have had a virus. Remember the report from the CDC that said only 6% of Covid deaths were from Covid alone but was buried by the MSM? In other words, by their own statistics, 94% of reported Covid deaths were because the patient had a co-morbidity. Factor in that hospitals were incentivized monetarily by reporting someone dying from Covid, even though they actually died from some other issue, and I would say that 6% figure is vastly overstated. I would bet my house that a vast majority of people where I live think “ohmygodicron” is as bad as the Delta variant, when according to all the available, reliable information, it’s about as severe as a common cold. The sheeples willful ignorance, which is like an addiction to being afraid, prevents them from even wanting to find out the truth. I talked to one guy who had it, and he compared it to a case of bronchitis, a neighbor of mine has it, and he said it was no big deal, It was very mild. The point I’m trying to make is not that our government and health officials are lying to us, that’s pretty obvious. My point is, why are so many people unwilling to find out the truth, or unwilling to accept the truth that is there, right before their eyes? The MFP diagnosis is one possible answer, but even if it is an answer, it can’t be used as an excuse. The time has come for everyone to realize what has been going on for a long, long time. We can’t hide behind ignorance, thinking that it will all work out in the end and we can go back to living the way we used to before 2020. It just ain’t gonna happen. The ignorance of the masses is leading the world into a tyrannical, totalitarian one world government. Hell, CCP President Xi, just said that he thinks a one world government is a great idea. Of course he does, because the way things are going now, he would be the president of the world. Most ordinary people haven’t heard about the mass protests going on worldwide against the authoritarian tactics of their respective governments. Our Pravda-like MSM does such a great job in censoring any story that doesn’t fit the narrative. I hope it will only be a matter of time before we start seeing them here in America, as more and more people wake up to reality. I thought it would happen long ago, but I totally underestimated how the parasitic progressive/globalists have imbedded themselves into every facet of American society, turning good, well intentioned people into misinformed, ignorant, almost drone-like, zombie sheeple.

The main tactic the progressive/globalists use is division by fear. I read some stories that came out recently that sent shivers down my spine. The first one was from the Salt Lake Times in Utah, that advocated using the National Guard to keep the unvaxxed in their homes. Can you say fascist? I knew you could. The other was a Rasmussen pole that said 29% of Dems are in favor of taking kids away from their unvaxxed parents, 59% of them favor house arrest for the unvaxxed, and 48% think that people should be jailed for questioning the jab online. There was a recent story on the Bongino Report about Howard Stern, who has obviously gone completely mad. Stern said he thinks that hospitals should refuse to admit unvaxxed patients, that they should go home and die. And the MSM called Trump a Nazi, a fascist! WOW! To think that this kind of thinking is alive and well here in what is supposedly a free country, makes it quite obvious that the strategy of spreading fear and divisiveness seems to be working. The globalist/progressives have to know that the jab doesn’t work. They have to have seen the reports of myocarditis in young men. They have to have heard about all the stories of young, healthy athletes suddenly dying days after they got the jab. I know a lot of people don’t read books anymore, quite obviously Stern doesn’t, but when a lifelong Democrat, RFK Jr., writes a tell all book about what an evil monster Fauci is, and what the Pharma/Big Tech/Medical/Corporatist complex is doing to us, why is it ignored? Why? Because they have succeeded in dividing the people, and therefore we are much easier to manipulate. They think their lies are necessary because they are willing to do or say anything to keep the narrative alive, and keep their agenda going forward. As I’ve said repeatedly, they fully believe the ends justify the means.

Willful ignorance of the truth can no longer be a refuge for anyone anymore, the stakes are too high. The ruling elites of the world want to institute “The Great Reset”, where “you will own nothing and be happier”. They have stated this out loud, they aren’t trying to hide it, we are just ignoring it, hoping that somehow, sanity will prevail and we can go back to our normal lives, sorry folks, we’re way to far down the road. These days, it feels like the world is on a precipice, I imagine people felt exactly this same way when WWII started. I don’t like extreme change any more then the next guy, but sometimes it is forced upon you. You have to make a decision, are you going to be the person that tells your grandkids “I stood up for freedom, and against tyranny”, or are you going to be the one that did nothing, that hid your head in the sand. You must ask yourself how long you can tolerate tyranny, remaining passive and compliant, while your neighbors, your fellow countrymen and women, your brothers and sisters all over the world, are sacrificing their lives, their fortunes, their sacred honor. Patrick Henry said it best “Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it! Almighty God! I know not what course others may take, but as for me GIVE ME LIBERTY, OR GIVE ME DEATH!” One thing is sure, there is no natural immunity to The Great Reset, sooner or later, no matter what side of the political spectrum you fall on, unless you can shed the chains of ignorance, you will be mowed over, and forced to comply with tyranny. The time is now, take the real vaccine, the vaccine of freedom. Unlike the “Clot-shot”, this vaccine isn’t free, the cost has been paid with the blood and lives of patriots and freedom fighters throughout history and it will require more payments in the future. That, my brothers and sisters is the cure for the Pandemic of The Ignorant!

Peace and Love, My fellow freedom fighters

Rock on Y’all!

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