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A Blast From The Past.

There has been a great deal of talk on conservative websites these days about a variety of issues from “systemic racism”, Critical Race Theory, the 1619 project, the “woke” culture, election fraud, human trafficking, the lies of the mainstream media, the Orwellian socialist policies of the new administration, to “The Biden Border Crisis”, and the Covid “scamdemic”. All of these things frankly scare the hell out of me, and more than likely millions of my fellow Americans who are seeing us go down a path that leads to the end of this country as we have come to know it.

The one issue I want to address with this blog is that America is systemically racist, that all white skinned people are inherently racist. While all of these issues I mentioned previously are very important and very critical to the survival of our country, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about this one in particular. The reason for this is because, in a sense for a long period in this country’s history it was undeniably true. I might take some flak for this, so I want to explain what I’m trying to say. It might take a while, and seem somewhat convoluted, but please bear with me. The other night I started watching a movie called “I Tonya”. It’s the bizarre story of Tonya Harding and her journey to the Olympics. In the movie she calls herself “poor white trash”, and nothing in the movie disputes this. The movie depicts the white trash culture in a very accurate way, I’ve both known and met people who are exactly like the people in the movie, and trust me these folks meet the definition of poor white trash. I came from a very white, very middle-class suburban family, but I had a unique involvement with white trash culture. My first wife certainly qualified for that designation. The reason I bring this up, is that the white trash segment of society that I was exposed to was extremely racist, their hatred of minorities was ingrained in everything they said and did. Oh, sure there was interaction between them, they had to because they were in competition for government benefits and jobs etc., and I’m sure that was part of the hate that was aimed at them. But it went far beyond that, it was in fact systemic, ingrained and inherent in that segment of society. The thing is my very white, very middle-class segment of society was every bit as racist. My father and brother especially, just in a different, more upscale way, so to say.

So, to give a little perspective to this, I’ll share some of my personal history. I was born in 1959, the last of the baby boomer generation. I grew up in a very rural town called Chester in northern California, before we moved to Petaluma in the San Francisco north bay area in 1970. Both of these communities had very, very few minorities, I didn’t see my first African American until I was 6 or 7 years old at a basketball game in Portola. In Petaluma I was exposed to a larger minority population, but it was still extremely small. The prejudices of my family shaped how I viewed minorities for the first few years after we moved to the bay area. This is the point in time where I agree with the systemic racism claim, looking back, I can clearly see that minorities were definitely being discriminated against. The thing is, is that although my family, my father in particular, were, what anybody in today’s society would deem racists, certainly I would, their attitudes were very mainstream and typical at the time. My dad didn’t just hate minorities however, he hated “them damn hippies” and homosexuals as well, really reminding me of the Archie Bunker character in “All In The Family”. What was really odd, was the fact that he loved the show, and he didn’t really see himself as Archie. I started seeing this more clearly as I grew older, and because of this I started to lean more to the left in my political beliefs. I bought into the propaganda that Reagan was a war monger, that abortion was ok, that all Republicans were racists, and that they were the party of the rich and the corrupt military-industrial complex that had involved us in unnecessary foreign wars. (that part was actually true) All of these views were supported by the counter culture that I had embraced wholeheartedly. My love of music, especially all the protest songs that were so abundant in the 60’s and 70’s shaped my politics, as well as the Vietnam war itself. I remember watching the hearings on the Nixon debacle, and thought the movie “All The Presidents Men” was exceptional, and I became a very vocal opponent of the “establishment”. There were other movies that played an important part in reshaping my views as well, movies like “Blazing Saddles” for example, showed me the insanity of racism. TV shows like the aforementioned “All In The Family” and “The Jeffersons” along with my personal favorite “WKRP In Cincinnati” went a long way in reshaping America’s overall attitude and perspective towards a lot of these social issues. The thing I discovered however, was that as I became more and more ensconced in the liberal left wing philosophy, the more I saw how disingenuous, how deceitful it actually was. I still believed in the anti-war movement, I still do, don’t get me wrong I am a full throated supporter of our troops, but the military-industrial complex is another story altogether. I began to see how the left was every bit as racist and homophobic as the right, they just did a better job of concealing it. I realized that all of the people I talked too who agreed with me, on social issues, were still telling the same racist, homophobe jokes that I heard when I was a kid. I realized that they were just playing the game of social acceptance, giving lip service to left wing ideals, while in their heart of hearts they were every bit as bad as the “evil republicans” they decried. The leftist frame of mind still continued to shape my beliefs throughout the 80’s and 90’s. I will admit I voted for Clinton in 1996. Then something extraordinary happened. As I wrote about earlier, my first wife was, shall we say, an embarrassment, I know my family sure felt that way. The only good thing that came out of that was my amazing son, Robert. We divorced in 1988, and I assumed custody of him, and moved to Fremont in 1989, where I spent a year. In 1990 I moved back to Petaluma and met Marie, my soul mate, at a day care center. We married and became a blended family as her daughter was the same age as my son. She helped me to realize that we needed to instill some morality and discipline in our children, and encouraged me to go back to church. We were both raised Catholic, and didn’t have very good experiences with the Catholic church. I was against any organized religion, feeling that it was hypocritical, basically spreading propaganda to get you to conform to regular society, and that it was responsible for most of the wars throughout history. So, we went to an evangelical, non-domination church that some dear friends of ours were attending. It was then that I became “born again”. I began to take Bible study classes and playing guitar for the worship team. Studying the Bible made me realize not only how much of a sinner I was, and still am, for that matter, but also, it made me realize that we are ALL sinners, and that ALL sin is equal, and no one sin is worse than another. It was also around this time that my father in-law, an awesome man, was diagnosed with Parkinsons, and had to have home nursing care. His nurse, a fellow named Steve, was what used to be called a “flamer” obviously gay. This man, took such good care of my father-in-law, he was just a compassionate great human being. His homosexuality was no bigger sin than any of mine, and my judgement of his sin was entirely hypocritical. I realized, and accepted, finally, in my heart, that we are all brothers and sisters, we’re all sinners in need of God’s grace. Most importantly was the realization that the concept of race is absurd. Since, we are all brothers and sisters, there can be only one race, the human race.

I’m telling this story because, that it was around this time in our country’s history, we turned our back on “systemic racism”. I will go on the record as saying that, the left, the mainstream media, movies, news, music, all of it was essential in changing the course of the American story. You started seeing more and more minorities on T.V., in movies, politics and in the main stream culture. The parochial, backwards culture of my parents was disappearing from the landscape. More and more of my friends were accepting that America was changing for the better, and that the beliefs they once held dear, were just plain stupid. The evangelical movement was part of the evolution as well. God doesn’t care about the color of your skin, just the state of your heart. The evangelical movement grew and grew during this time, becoming a major force in conservative politics, and transforming the Republican party, from its rich elitist perception, to a party more representative of the common man. Meanwhile the left became the party of special interests, crony capitalism and most importantly, racial and social division. Hillary Clinton’s famous quote “it takes a village to raise a child” epitomizes the progressive march towards the demonization of the traditional nuclear family. Their belief that the government could do a better job of raising your kids, became a plank of the Democrat party’s platform. They already had a foothold in reshaping how our children were being educated. Their unholy alliance with the teacher’s unions, and the transformation of universities into what could only be called indoctrination centers for teachers, paved the way for the woke culture of today.

In the late 90’s into the early 2000’s, America in reality, could no longer be called systemically racist. Obviously, there were, and still are, for that matter, racists. They come in every shape size and color, but instead of it being systemic, in was individualistic. Yes, there are still groups of supremacists, the “Aryan Nations” along with the “Black Panthers”, but by and large these groups have been ridiculed and ostracized from normal society. Then Barack Obama was elected. At the time I didn’t think he had a chance, and even though I didn’t vote for him because of his extreme leftist policies. (by this time I had become an avowed conservative), in a strange way, I was sort of pleasantly surprised that he won. If America could elect a black man as president, it truly meant we had turned the page on what is now called systemic racism. Although, I would have obviously preferred a conservative African American, it still marked a distinct change in American politics and society. Obama was a “community organizer” a true socialist who agreed with the teachings of Saul Alinski, he embraced the radical, racist ideas of his pastor Jeremiah Wright. In my humble opinion, I feel that he is more to blame for the escalation of our current problems, the rebirth of racism and the rise of societal division, than anyone else in our recent history. Obama was the spearhead of the movement to profit off racism, to legitimize race hustlers like Jessy Jackson and Al Sharpton, to reignite the racial hatred that America had come so far to overcome. All of the progress that had been made since the 60’s seemingly vanished in 8 years. His brand of socialism, his vision of fundamentally changing America was embraced wholeheartedly by the mainstream media. The counter-culture, anti-establishment crowd was now the establishment “woke” culture. The people who marched for free speech in the sixties were now the ones applauding censorship. The “separate but equal” doctrine that was so horrendous, was now being brought back to life in the form of “equity”. Now, there is a danger of America becoming systemically racist again, only this time it’s being done to divide and conquer the American public, with the overall objective of the fundamental reshaping of America into a socialist state, and ensure progressive political control over America. The radicle left progressives are using racism to fight racism, it’s insane. The only logical answer is that they don’t actually believe that America is a racist country, it’s just an end to a means, and the means justify the ends. It doesn’t matter how many lives are destroyed, or sadly, ended, as long as the capitalist system is overthrown, and the equity of socialism replaces it. You see it all around us. The first step is to control the education of our children, to indoctrinate them into socialist dogma. The next step is to demonize our nation’s founding fathers, and history. Then, control the media. This is a crucial step, by controlling the narrative, by controlling the news and what people watch and read, they can slowly but surely shape public opinion to their opinion. The progressives learned their lessons well from the 70’s, in how they could be a formidable force in reshaping public opinion. Next, divide the people, pitting them against each other by inflaming racial and class hatred. By changing the demographics of the populace, allowing unfettered illegal immigration, their goal of enlarging their voter base, would theoretically ensure them of election wins for the foreseeable future. The one thing you have to remember about communism/socialism is it has always been the goal of communists/socialists to achieve a one world socialist/communist government. To do that, America as it stands, has to be destroyed. Nikita Khruschchev’s famous declaration to the U.N. “We will bury you”, the USSR’s doctrine of using “useful idiots” to achieve this goal, are just a couple of examples of their beliefs and tactics they use to do this. Governments like the CCP in China will do anything to become the dominate superpower in the world. Their policy of unrestricted warfare confirms that strategy. That, I believe is why they were so willing to embrace the wests doctrine of “communist capitalism” with England’s surrender of Hong Kong, and China’s emergence from its old policy of isolationism. They never had any intention of embracing capitalism, they realized that the progressives in America are just “useful idiots”, they are simply a means to an end. The end being global dominance of the CCP.

If you listen to all of the news out there, and are someone who believes in the ideals of our founding fathers, this march towards the “fundamental change” the progressives are trying to foist on us, is very disheartening. We have seen an election stolen, with our courts doing nothing about the obvious fraud that happened. We have been demonized as racists, or conspiracy theorists. We have watched as our society became “sheeple” following the absurd mask, and social distance mandates of left wing politicians, whose obvious goal was to see how much crap the people would accept, and how much political power they could grasp. I was astounded by how long the people accepted all of this, how they let the government ruin their businesses and lives, I didn’t think it was possible, but it happened.

What I’ve noticed however, is that finally, there is a backlash starting against the progressive agenda. News stories are getting past the censors, like the truth about The Fraud Fauci, and the origin of the Wu-flu. States like California had to reopen, the recall of Governor Hairdoo, necessitated him doing that. Parents are rebelling against the idiocy being taught in their kid’s schools. Mainstream media news organizations are seeing their ratings plummet. The people are seeing that the emperor has no clothes, the scales are being removed from their eyes. Some very cool things have happened lately that I feel exemplify this backlash against the progressive agenda, and reaffirm my belief that America is not (yet) systemically racist. The first happened just this past Monday, when I played at a jam night at a club in Sausalito. I struck up a conversation with a young African American man who performed there as well, who goes by the moniker “Jaytunes” There was no feeling of racial animosity, there was no apprehension, we were just 2 guys who love music. This isn’t unique, I have found that whenever I strike up a conversation with someone whose skin color is different from mine, 99.9% of the time, there is no prejudice, we’re just Americans. It totally reaffirmed my faith in the basic humanity of the average American. We talked about his music, I loved what he did, a hip-hop kind of tune that had the whole crowd (all white skinned by the way) dancing and grooving. He dug my enthusiasm when I was playing my blues tunes, it was a very cool moment, and lifted my heart. Another thing was a video I saw of people at a Walmart in Texas, singing the National Anthem on July 3rd. That one actually brought tears to my eyes. The last example was a conversation I had had with a neighbor. This gentleman is a senior pastor of a church in Marin County. He is an African American, but most importantly he is an American, he doesn’t identify himself by the color of his skin, but by the “content of his character” I only mention that he is black to make my point. We had a short but wonderful conversation, about the times we are going through, I mentioned that I’m writing a blog, and he told me about a YouTube video he made with his son. I went home and watched it and I cannot recommend it strongly enough. You can find it under the title of “Father & Son Discussion: Race, Religion, and Family Structure in Black America”. It is just fantastic, everyone who suffers from “white guilt” especially should watch it, to get a real perspective of an average black family in America. Pastor Small and his wonderful family are what used to be called “the salt of the earth” just great, really authentic folks.

I see more and more that people are waking up, realizing the freedom that we have taken for granted is being taken away. We “are mad as hell, and not going to take it anymore”. Reagan said “freedom is never more than a generation away from extinction”, and the people are starting to take that statement to heart. The “sleeping giant” that Japanese Admiral Yamamoto warned his countrymen about in WWII, has been awakened. The silent majority is not silent anymore, we are tired of the progressive mantra of systemic racism, of being blamed for everything that is wrong with this country. However, the vocal minority, the progressives, are becoming even more vocal as they see their plans start to crumble, and they won’t give up their control without a fight. Freedom, and America, I believe will survive this, it won’t be easy, the left’s grip on our government and the mainstream media is strong, but like I said, Americans are seeing that the emperor has no clothes, (and has lost his mind) and they don’t want to deal with an incompetent naked emperor. They are fighting back against the insanity of critical race theory, and systemic racism. Against the propaganda from the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) declaration that “in the future, people will own nothing and be happier”, learning the truth about the one world governments “Great Reset” plans, and the evil it entails. The sleeping giant that won WWII and saved the world from Nazism, will save us from the one world government, with the grace of God having our backs. The progressive socialists think they have all the power, that their philosophy is the only hope for the future, but they are sadly mistaken. That philosophy is the path of destruction, and the end of individual freedom, ending in a world reminiscent of Orwell’s “1984” or Huxley’s “Brave New World”. Americans are not stupid. We are however, slow to anger, but once we are enraged and engaged there is nothing that can defeat us. America, for all its faults, blemishes and even its sad history of racism is still the best place on earth. The other night I watched “The Gutfeld Show” on Fox for a few laughs, one of the people on the show, a frequent guest, was a rather large African American fellow (6ft 7) who goes by the name of Tyrus, I really like a lot of what he has to say. One thing he said on that episode really resonated with me, he said that America was built on the backs of men and women of ALL colors and creeds. He is so right! They all played a part, good or bad. America has done the best of anycountry in history in creating a true multi-racial society, find me another country as tolerant as this one. Still we, as a people need to be on constant vigilance against the forces of evil, the one world government crowd, that seek to destroy what has made us what we are. John Lennon sang back in the 60’s “power to the people”. I sing “freedom for the people”, RIGHT ON!


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