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Identify As Non-Binary

Right from the start, this isn’t going to be an essay into the transgender stupidity that is becoming more and more of a story lately. ...

Vindictive Vindications

Definition of the verb vindicate; To clear someone of blame or suspicion. In light of all the recent news articles that have come out...

Tell Me Somethin' Good

My last blog, “Some Good News For A Change” ended up to be one of my most viewed articles. That in itself was good news, well at least...

Some Good News For A Change

These days it’s so hard not to get discouraged when you look at the news, which is what I do every morning. The pages of Citizen Free...

The Lyin' Kings

News Flash! “Slow” Biden is a pathological liar, a con artist and grifter who has had a very loose association with the truth for a very...

Medication Nation

“Don’t mess with a nation that needs medication.” Christopher Titus. “Depressed, overworked, job sucks, unappreciated, family problems,...

Preaching To The Choir

It’s always nice to hear from my readers. I don’t get a lot of people responding to my blogs but all the ones that have, have given me...

Close To The Edge

I have been watching YouTube quite a bit lately. Mainly to try and research new stories for my blog, but also just seeing what is out...

The Killer Elites

“The Killer Elite" was a movie released in 1975 and redone in 2011. I have to admit that I haven’t watched either one, I just thought...

A Separate Reality

I remember when the movie “The Matrix” came out and the church leadership where my family was attending at the time, strongly advised...

A Price Too High

I had originally thought I would begin this blog by relating what a huge sports fan I used to be. I wanted to write about all the...


I admit I don’t have a lot of liberal friends, one or two, and some family members, but not very many. Mainly because whenever I get...

Goodbye America

I’ve been having a hard time getting back to writing my blog after the mess of the midterm elections. I was angry with myself for...

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